Hello! This is the story of Wuthering Heights, in modern day America (gotta write about something I understand). Cathy and Heathcliff have been reborn, rewired, and totally revamped! Same plot, minor and major changes throughout. **Spoiler** I hate sad endings, and when I read Wuthering Heights for the first time I cried out of frustration and sorrow, and thought 'I'm changing things, this cannot end this way!'

I hope that I am able to honor Emily's characters and provide the readers here with an entertaining love story that's all Emily's words, but totally my idea.


*****disclaimer-I own nothing, except for the laptop I type on.

It was a beautiful summer night, the air was cool and calm. A cold front was coming in, and the hot and tired people were already grateful for the break from the merciless sun. It was the perfect night for a party.

Lights were hanging up everywhere, illuminating the pool area and barbeque pit. Three boys ran around laughing and chasing each other by the horses and cows, while their fathers discussed football games and drank and the mothers continued their idle gossips by the pool.

Hidden away from the festivities of the party, in the study of the man whose wife was hosting the party, were Henri and Kara.

There was no denying their attraction and immediate friendship. Henri was an eager 10 year old boy, excited to try new things and explore. Even though they were separated by three years in age, Kara had no problem keeping up with him.

"I see you lost your first tooth," Henri said with a smile as they entered the study and sat down on the leather sofa. Kara's father was an accountant for a major hospital chain and his office space was very luxurious and calming, complete with comfortable furniture, books and shelves of paperwork, and a desk with a private laptop.

"I look so dorky!" Kara replied with a mock lisp and an embarrassed smile, slouching down into the sofa.

"Ha-ha, well what did the tooth fairy bring you?" he asked, even though he'd never believed in such a creature.

"A dollar," she said with a small shrug. "Harrison wanted to trade it for a frog, I almost gave it to him, but I bought a ribbon instead."

"What a lousy trade, I would've beaten him until he gave you your dollar back," Henri never cared for Kara's older brother, Harrison, for he treated Henri with obvious contempt and irritation.

"You're a better brother to me than Harrison could ever be," she patted his shoulder and sat up. "But you don't need to beat him up over it," she kissed his cheek without hesitation, then regretted her movements and quickly pulled away, embarrassed. "I don't know why he dislikes you so much."

"Someday Kara," Henri said quietly, with a soft smile. "I'm going to marry you." A giant, smile covered Kara's face.

Their friendship was gentle, exciting, and almost magic.

Finally, the fathers noticed the absence of their loud children, and called them outside for dinner.

After the barbeque, Harrison's friend left with his family, but not before throwing rocks at Henri and Kara. So Henri picked up a decent sized stone and chunked it back to them. It hit Harrison's friend straight in the forehead and he fell to the ground like a tree when a lumberjack chops it down.

Henri and Kara ran off laughing hysterically while Harrison yelled for the parents.

Eventually, Henri and his family bid their farewells, his lasted longest with Kara, who hugged him tightly.

Henri was asleep in the back of the car, when a drunk driver crashed into them, instantly killing his parents. He woke up in the hospital three days later, unaware of his parent's untimely deaths. When the nurse came in to tell him the news, Kara's father appeared, looking grave and worn out. His eyes were bloodshot, from lack of sleep and mourning, and he told Henri that he was welcome to live with him and his family. That there was plenty of room in their house and heart, that-legally-Henri could move in with them, if he chose to.

Since Henri had no other immediate family, and no other choice than to move into an orphanage or foster care, he accepted. The fact that he'd see Kara, all day everyday, only resolved his mind further.

While he spent the next few hours in the hospital, waiting for Mr. Evans to fill out paperwork, he played with the green cast on his arm. Unable to feel anything, physically and emotionally.

Mr. Evans, Kara's dad, helped Henri pack up all his belongings over the next few days, while Mrs. Evans tried to contact family members and prepare a funeral.

Kara greeted him before her father even parked his car at the house, colliding into Henri like a mountain. After he cried out in pain, she backed off and tried once again to embrace him. This time, she was mindful of the cuts and bruises on his face, and his broken arm.

A toxic mix of feelings ran through her. First, joy and happiness at Henri's presence and the prospect of living with him. But also fear and immense sorrow for his loss. Her tears were of mixed origins.

At the funeral, Mr. Evans gave a wonderful eulogy. He praised and venerated Henri's parents with the highest of regards and love.

Henri neither spoke nor ate for months. Finding his only sanctuary with Kara and the horses. She would often times bring him food during the night, when his nightmares acted up, and ended up spending the rest of the evening in bed with him. Sometimes they would talk, other times they just found peace in each others presence.

Kara believed his silence was derived from his sorrow and gentle heart, but were actually a result of his temper and violence.

"You haven't cried," she said to him one night.

"I can't," he replied quietly.

"Why not?" she asked without thought. "I'd never be able to stop crying. You're much stronger than I am." She rolled over on his bed and looked at him. He brushed a strand of hair out of her face, deep in thought.

"That's why I need you," his words caught Kara off guard. "You are much kinder and compassionate than I am. You see joy where I only see problems, you feel when I only exist."

"I couldn't exist without you,"

Harrison gave him hell for a whole year before finally being shipped off to military school. He was a few years older than both Henri and Kara, and had a reputation in town of being the 'bad boy'. So Mr. Evans felt it best to get Harrison away from the drugs and direction that the boy's life was heading in.

Harrison's exile, by the father whom he'd felt abandoned by, only created more hatred and contempt towards Henri.

"You need to eat more," Kara pleaded one morning in late spring when they were out feeding the horses. "You going to get sick and die, Henri." She readjusted her beanie and gloves, and pulled her purple scarf around her neck to keep warm.

"I'll be fine," he replied solemnly.

"Come with me," she dropped her empty feeding bucket, shook the grain remnants off her hands and long black plaid skirt, and grabbed Henri by the hand, leading him into the woods that surrounded the back of the house.

She led him past the barn and trees, until they reached a clearing. There was a small creek that ran through the field, the sound of the rippling waters was hypnotic and relaxing.

"I found this a few weeks ago," she said, letting go of his hand. "I come here to get away from Harrison sometimes." She sat down on a big rock by the stream, and wrapped her arms around herself. Even though she was in a long sleeved shirt, a sweater, and had shorts on under her skirt, she still shivered.

Henri said nothing, but sat down next to her and pulled her into his lap.

"You can come here too now, if you'd like," her attempts at distracting him from his pain gave him a strange feeling in his chest, by his left rib cage. A feeling he could only interpret as hope.

"Thank you," he said finally, finally looking away from the young girl and towards the scene. "It's perfect."

Thank you for reading! I recently travelled to England with my familiy and fell in love with the country and its culture. Which, of course, provoked this mad craze I have for English literature and art now. My favorite being the story of a dark and wrathful, Heathcliff, and his tragic lover, Cathy.

I move in to college in less than two days, but plan to post a second chapter soon!