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"Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war…"

As winters faded into summers, and leaves changed their colors as the ocean tides changed, Henri barely noticed anything in the world…apart from Kara.

He undoubtedly loved her, even though he was becoming a man, reaching 18 years and she was only 14 and still childish in many ways-naïve and foolish in her thinking and reasoning. It wasn't a sexual love, because that would be very inappropriate and perverse.

Not to say he wasn't a passionate man, as he'd always had a dangerous passion inside him, but rather his love stemmed from a more dormant place in his heart. His love for Kara could only be described as agape-a love the Greeks defined as unconditional and more true and pure than the fabled "true love" of fairytales.

While they were growing up side by side, one could hardly notice the changes in Kara's physical appearance, but Henri noticed everything about her. As children, Kara had always been average looking at best. Short mousy brown hair, teeth that were slightly too big for her face, occasional acne breakouts, and a less than average body size-but still Henri adored her.

Up until the summer after 8th grade, Kara had been below the radar of any of her peers. Even though she maintained stellar grades, achieving academic excellence and recognition, and was a star athlete on the volleyball team. Nobody cared, and neither did she.

Of all the things that came together to form Kara's life, personal appearances never mattered. She couldn't however, prevent such things from mattering to other people, like her parents.

The summer before her freshman year, Mrs. Evans started a home-makeover for her only daughter, determined to give her a good experience in high school. Kara began taking etiquette classes and receiving weekly facials from a lady her mom met at the gym where she worked as a personal trainer. Shed gotten a little out of shape during the off-season of volleyball, but quickly bounced back into a slender and curvy mature body. Her once dull brown hair grew and became a darker, more sultry shade with dark red undertones which really brought out the golden flecks in her bright brown eyes.

Slowly, but surely, Kara's mentality changed along with her appearance. Henri of course didn't like it.

"What is happening to you?" he demanded one day after a month of silence. Kara was used to his silent spells, falsely chalking it up to his eternal sorrow of the loss of his parents, rather than his perpetually angry spirit.

As her body grew in appeal and maturity, she naturally became more confident and independent on her own and distancing away from Henri. She didn't really even notice her growing distance because of his continued silence, she just assumed he'd come back around like he always had before. While Henri hated the changes he noticed in her personality, he couldn't deny the growing attraction he felt for her physically. He'd never been physically attracted to any girl before, he'd never cared to notice and why should he? The one woman he knew he wanted was with him always, he simply had no interest even looking at other females.

"Excuse me?" Kara couldn't hide her emotions, as Henri had blatantly affected her with his harsh tone. Her whole life, Kara had been in awe of how handsome Henri was. His skin was naturally olive-toned all year round, and flawless of course. His eyes were a strange dark hazel that reminded Kara of the sky after a bad storm, his eyes always betrayed how he was feeling. They could be as green as the moss that grew on the trees on their farm during the spring, and in an instant they could grow dark and cold when he was upset.

"I miss you, Kara" Henri said with a bitter taste in his mouth, he'd never actually admitted to missing anyone, and he wanted to kick himself for actually saying it to her without thinking first. "You're changing. You're becoming different, I don't like it."

Kara's pain quickly faded when she realized what his words really meant. He's felt abandoned by his parents his whole life, the only person who has stayed by him consistently through the years was Kara, and when he felt her growing apart he didn't know how to react. She's the only family he remembers, the only one he cares for.

"I'm sorry Henri," she reached her hand up to touch his neck and rubbed her thumb along his cheek. Quietly, oh so quietly, she said "I'm not going anywhere,"

"Promise me," he snatched her hand off his face and held on to her tightly.

"Cross my heart," she stood up on her toes to playfully kissed the tip of his nose and with a smirk said, "I challenge you to a race."

The grin on his face matched hers, and for the first time in months, they raced each other on their horses all across the Evans' farm land, laughing and flirting like nothing had ever been wrong.

Even when Henri showed no verbal or physical signs of distress, Kara always knew how to calm him and make him happy again.

One day, back when she was in 7th grade and he was a freshman playing his last soccer game for the season, an opposing player tripped him and he landed face first unto the hard ground, losing the ball and the game.

Something snapped and the beast inside nearly came out, baring his teeth as he slowly rose from the earth, he pushed his teammates off him as they tried to help him up, and made his way straight to the jerk who'd clipped him.

Kara knew exactly what he wanted to do, even before he stood up, and she raced down the bleachers to the field and yelled for him to come over to her.

"Please Henri!" she cried. "Just come home, he's not worth it!"

People assumed she was his little sister, but the way he kissed her forehead when he turned away from the fight he wanted to start and reached to her only confused those who noticed. It was a lingering kiss, Henri closed his eyes and breathed deeply smelling her pomegranate shampoo and holding her close to him, before finally letting go and rejoining his team in the locker room.

It was hard for Kara not to notice the way other girls looked at Henri. The way they smiled at him, waved their little fingers at him in 'hello'… There was something undeniably attractive and captivating about his appearance. Perhaps it was in the darkness of his stare, often mistaken for intensity and deep thought, giving him the 'tall dark silent' conception.

Kara felt inadequate next to him, small and insignificant... All she wanted was to feel like she deserved to just stand next to him.

The last night before high school started, Henri and Kara sneaked out of their rooms late at night to go to their old secret meeting place, just as they had done every other night that summer and years before when Harrison was around.

Henri held Kara's hand closely as they quietly ran to the edge of the trees and into the darkness. The moonlight barely reflected off the stream, and the night was cool despite the heat from the day.

They sat down by the water, Henri leaded back against the large rock as Kara sat in the middle of his legs and rested against his firm chest. He wrapped his strong arms around her and brought his face closer to hers and kissed her hair and her cheeks as they sat in silence. Kara stared at the stars as Henri gently caressed and kissed her bare shoulders and palms, sometimes closing her eyes to relish in his touch.

"Have you done this with other girls?" she asked Henri straight forwardly. Her question made him chuckle.

"No." He continued to kiss her neck before she pulled slightly away from him to face him better.

"I - " Henri stopped her speech with his own mouth, grabbing her neck and pulling her face towards his. It the first time he'd ever kissed her on the lips.

Kara instantly wrapped an arm around his neck to bring him closer to her. Not satisfied, Henri picked her up and placed her in a semi-straddle on his lap. Her own butt was still on the earth, and their pelvises did not touch, but it allowed for their chests to collide and arms to wrap around each other.

Their kiss was like golden fire. So pure and passionate, so intense and shattering.

Both knowing that they couldn't take it any further, they finally ended their kiss and Kara fell into his chest trying to catch her breath as his arms pulled her tighter into him.

Kara could hear Henri's pounding heart, just as she could feel her own. Though the beats weren't in sync, they were both racing with velocity and excitement. Henri kissed her head and whispered gently into her ear, "I love you, Kara."

Not sure of what she'd heard, Kara sat up and looked him in the eyes. "Do you promise?"

"With all my heart," his gaze didn't falter, he voice didn't shake. Kara bit her bottom lip nervously, but did not look away from his deep green eyes.

"I love you, Henri."

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