Note: This is sort of like Sonny In the Kitchen With Dinner and the whole kiss cam thing, except it's Sonny and Chad.

Chad's POV:

"Sonny, are you ready?" I asked Sonny through her dressing room door.

"One minute!" she yelled back.

I waited. I was driving her to the basketball game tonight.

She opened the door, "Okay, I'm ready."

I just have to say that she looked really cute today.

During the car ride there, we were really silent because, of course, this was pretty awkward for the both of us. I tried to start a conversation.

"So…are you excited?"

"Yeah. Basketball game…you know." She said.

"…Oh, look we're here!" Luckily, because that card ride was killing me.

We watched the game until it reached half time.

Sonny's POV:

It was half time. Chad and I were sitting next to each other and we watched the kiss cam.

"I hope it doesn't look at us." I said, nervously.

"Quick, act like we don't know each other!" He said as he pulled his hood on and faced the other way. I quickly turned too.

We both took a peek at the kiss cam and saw the two of us. The crowd yelling, "KISS KISS KISS!"

Chad pulled off his hood and looked at me. We both shrugged.

The crowd kept yelling and they wouldn't give up. I couldn't stand the pressure any longer!

"Okay, Chad. I'm going to kiss you, but only for this kiss cam."

Chad looked surprised, but agreed. So we leaned in and kissed. It was really odd because, I didn't want to stop right away. I somehow enjoyed it. When we pulled away, it was like I just woke up from an amazing dream. I couldn't help but smile. Chad smiled too. The crowd simultaneously sighed, "Awww..."

Our ride home was again, maybe even more, awkward. This time, I tried to start a conversation.

"So…about the kiss…"


"It was just for the kiss cam."

"Of course it was." He smiled at me.

Chad's POV:

I parked outside her apartment building and walked her up to her apartment.

"It really was just for the kiss cam." She repeated, making sure that I understood. But I ignored her.

We were outside her door. She was leaned against the wall, I moved towards her.

"Ch-Chad…what are you doing…" She said nervously.

We were so close now; I could feel her breath on my neck. I kissed her.

"Just for the kiss cam." I said and smiled.

She had a really cute smile. I liked it. She waved at me as she opened her door, and then closed it. I was still smiling as I walked down to my car.

Sonny's POV:

I let out a huge sigh. But it was the good kind of sigh. He could really be a nice guy if he wants too. Most people don't see that side of him. And I thought about how weird today was because today, I went to the basketball game with Chad, kissed him, drove home with Chad, and kissed him again. What happens tomorrow? (:

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