The bacon sizzled in the pan. The grease bubbled around it. Quinn could taste it, salty with hints of maple and smoked hickory. Her tongue wagged. She could kill for a piece of bacon right about now. She flipped the channel.

"Quinn!" Puck yelled down the hall.

"I'm in here." She called. She had been in his bedroom, shades drawn, waiting for him to get home from work at Sheets-n-Things since she came home from school.

He opened the door. "What are you doing in here? It's so dark."

"avoiding your mother." Quinn mumbled.

"What? Never mind. Dinners done."

Quinn turned the TV off and tromped down the stairs. She was not looking forward to dinner with Puck and his mother. It wasn't necessarily Puck, he really did try. It was his mother.

"Latkes." His mother, Edith, said motioning to the potato latkes on the stove. Since Finn had thrown her out and she had moved in with Puck, Edith had done everything in her power to remind Quinn that they were Jewish. She tried even harder to remind Puck that Quinn wasn't Jewish.

The smell of the grease from the latkes made Quinn turn her nose up. "I'm not hungry."

Edith sat her fork down. "That baby needs food. Don't forget you're eating for two now."

Quinn shook her head. "I have some leftover breadstix in the fridge."

"Breadstix! See Noah this is why you need a good Jewish girl! That baby is being raised on garbage. Just random any. . . "

Quinn slammed the fridge shut. She ran upstairs back to Puck's room.


There was a knock at the door. "Quinn?"

She rolled over on the bed to face the wall.

"Quinn? Quinn talk to me." Puck said sitting down on the bed.

Quinn remained silent.

"Quinn, don't worry about her. She's just being her typical self. Nothing I do is ever good enough. Including you."

Quinn stifled a laugh. Puck's comment was so funny, yet he was being completely serious.

"Babe? Talk to me." Puck laid down on the bed.

Quinn cleared her throat. "Do you know what my parents would say if I had brought you home? He's Jewish Quinn. Not Catholic. This will never work. You need someone more, more like you."

She knew he was doing a confused look behind her back. "Is this supposed to make me feel better?"

"I would tell them you were everything I needed. You compete me, you make up part of me that makes me. . .me. You're the missing piece to my puzzle. I would Noah. I love you that much."

Puck snuggled up next to Quinn. "Quinn, I love you. You bring out the good in me. With you I'm not a Lima loser. I'm so much more. I'm someone who's loved, someone's boyfriend, someone's"

"Someone's daddy." Quinn replied.

"She's the best thing I've ever done."

"She loves the sound of your voice. She's kicking right now."

"Could I. . .Can I feel?"

Quinn took his large, calloused hand in her petite, soft hand and placed it on her swollen belly. "Right here."

Puck's eyes widened as he felt the baby kick beneath her skin. "Our baby."

Quinn smiled and pulled his hands tighter around her. "Our baby."