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Somewhere in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest…

In the pale moonlight a young man ran for his life. Running from something terrible in the dark, something wholly inhuman. His heart beat heavy in his chest, as if it were moments away from bursting from his sternum. The blood pumping through his limbs as he pushed his body to its limits. But that same blood was what 'they' hungered for. The very thing that gave him life and the strength to move on also betrayed him, for the things that now hunted him could hear and smell it miles away.

Up ahead he spotted what appeared to be an abandoned cabin and summoned one last desperate surge of adrenaline to force himself forward in the hopes that he could reach it before they reached him. But the gap between them was closing fast, he could hear them on his heels, they were right behind him snarling and growling.

With a mighty lunge he threw himself through the front door that was luckily wide open. His luck was short lived however as he sprang back up to realize that the door's knob was broken and it had no lock. He quickly shut it and put his weight against it, but it was to no avail as the creatures crashed through it sending him flying across the room. The first of them charged forward once inside ready to pounce upon its prey. But in the man's hand was a pickaxe, which he managed to swing up and bury into the side of his attacker's head. Unfortunately it became stuck there leaving him defenseless against five others that now piled in. He screamed as they leapt toward him.

It was then that the closest one to him was beset upon by something else as a tiny form suddenly fell from the ceiling onto its back. A pair of yellow blazing eyes could be seen, which were in stark contrast to the glowing red eyes of the predators. Moments later its head was ripped from its body. The remaining four stopped dead in their tracks as the small shape turned to face them, now standing between them and their intended victim. The man couldn't make out what it was in the darkness of the cabin, but it couldn't have been more than five feet tall. They proceeded to circle the diminutive being and then with a unified howl converged on it. But the petite silhouette moved with more speed than all of them combined as their attacks missed their mark time and again. The hapless human took advantage of the distraction to dart by them and rush back out the door, he just hoped that there were not more waiting for him outside.

Once outside he made it a few steps and then tripped as he hit the ground hard. He rolled over on his back as his ears continued to listen to the carnage inside. The horrendous sounds of ripping flesh and breaking bones could be heard as the human's stomach turned at the disgusting images that the sounds produced in his mind. Black blood and body parts splattered in all directions, with some of it spraying out of the cabin's windows. At one point another severed head rolled out the front door and right up to the man's feet, however the head was missing its bottom jaw. After a few more moments the commotion inside ceased and all was quiet.

Shortly thereafter, the young man's mysterious savior slowly stepped out of the cabin's doorway. Finally he could get a halfway decent look at the individual in question as the moonlight that was unable to pierce the blackness of the cabin's interior shined down. He immediately gasped as he gazed upon what looked to be a young girl who couldn't have been more than 12 years old. Her face though caked in the viscous and acrid blood of her attackers still projected an odd sort of innocence that belied her otherwise tattered and haggard appearance. Flowing from her head was golden gossamer hair with tinges and streaks of brown in it. Where her glowing yellow eyes once were there was a hazy blue now instead. It seemed unbelievable to the would be victim that this tiny girl could do what she had just done, he was understandably confused.

"Who-who are you…ho-how did you…wha-what are you?" He stammered.

She disregarded his question by asking one of her own.

"Are you alright?" She asked, with a voice as soft as velvet.

"Um, yeah. I guess so."

"Were you bitten, did they infect you?" She went on.


"Good." She said as she suddenly vaulted herself upon him with an ear splitting shriek.

Her beautiful blue eyes turned yellow once more as she bared a set of crooked gnarled teeth. Gone was the image of innocence, gone was the sweet young girl, now she was the demon once more. He didn't even have time to scream as she buried her mouth into his jugular. He struggled and fought but learned far too late that she was far stronger than the monsters that he had been fleeing from initially. Her jaws locked upon him like a pitbull as she drank deeply. She could feel his bones breaking under her viselike grip. Eventually his resistance faltered as she drained every last drop of blood from him. She then rolled off of him onto her back as she began to spasm and shudder, a side effect of going far too long without feeding. Three weeks to be exact, longer than she had ever gone without sustenance before. There was a time when Abby could afford to be selective with potential prey. Those days were long gone.

The year was 1988.

Just a few short years ago a terrible new strain of the vampire virus began to sweep unstoppably across the globe. Civilization as we knew it fell apart. Now humans were scarce, living in small pockets and colonies across the landscape. A world ruled by vampires proved problematic for Abby, especially when there wasn't enough food to go around. This however was a new breed of vampire. These creatures would never be mistaken for human, nor could they pass as such. They had veiny skin and red eyes that never changed in color along with rows of sharp pointed teeth. They possessed little or no intelligence. They were savage animals. Pure motorized instinct, driven by but one goal. The need to feed. Other differences were a mixed bag. These vampires could not fly, but they could however enter homes without being invited. Also, they had the luxury of being able to feed on animal blood, though they preferred human.

There was much speculation about how the infection came about. Everything from government experiments gone awry to the wrath of God himself. None of that mattered now though, for none were still alive who remembered. Granted for Abby time itself was irrelevant, all that mattered to her was the rising and setting of the sun. What she did know was that as hellish as her life was before, she would give anything to have it back compared to the world that she lived in now.

When she recovered from her starved seizure she reached over and got a firm grip on her victim's head and gave it a sharp twist snapping the vertebrae.

She looked down at the poor soul whose blood had saved her from death. He had been part of a family traveling through the wilderness on their way to one of the settlements that was nearby. They had almost made it…almost. A pack of 'ferals', as Abby called them fell upon them only a couple of miles from what would have been a safe haven. They fought bravely killing many of the creatures but were eventually overwhelmed, leaving the lone survivor that Abby had tracked here. It was indeed sad that Abby had saved him only so she could feed, but competition for food was fierce. A single tear trickled down her left cheek as she ran her fingers over the man's eyes closing them.

She couldn't help but wonder how long it would be before she would feed again. Her only recourse was to catch singular individuals or small groups outside the scattered settlements on their own. Attempting to sneak into the colonies to find prey was too dangerous, especially now that vampires were an accepted part of human society…along with the knowledge of how to kill them. But first and fore most in her mind was her journey, the reason she had come this far to begin with. She could not even allow her hunger to distract her.

In any case, it was time to move on.


With only minutes to spare before sunrise Abby now stood before the entrance to a storm cellar on a deserted farm. She wanted desperately to continue her search, but the fast approaching dawn would not allow it. She reached down quietly and cautiously, waiting for something to spring out at her either human or inhuman. But as she pulled upon the doors, she discovered that they were apparently locked from the inside. She then ripped the doors open easily with her vampire strength. Immediately the stench of death and decay assaulted her senses. It would be bad enough if she were still human, but her enhanced sense of smell made it a hundred times worse. But as the first rays of the rising sun threatened to creep up behind her she realized that she had no choice as she ducked down inside and closed the doors behind her.

There was zero visibility once the doors were closed, but as a vampire, Abby's eye sight was tailor made for the dark. She crept down a few scant steps to discover the source of the smell that repulsed her. From a support beam hung a body. Someone who had seemingly committed suicide by hanging them self, it wasn't the first time that Abby had encountered such a sight. There were many who simply couldn't come to grips with the nightmarish new world that they found themselves in. The body before her barely had any flesh left on it, suggesting that it had long since decomposed and had been here for many years. Abby assumed that the closed off cellar had succeeded in keeping the odor in that would have otherwise dissipated long ago. On a wall nearby the individual had written something in their own blood.

"God forgive me."

Picking a spot as far away from the body as possible, she settled in to sleep for the day.


With the sun barely down behind the mountains Abby emerged from the storm cellar and continued on her way. Passing beyond the property line of the several hundred acre farm and back into the deep woods once more. She was getting close now, she could feel it. His scent was much stronger now. It was only a matter of time before she found what she had been searching for, for so long. As she traveled along the sound of approaching footsteps caught her ears as she sprang up into a tree. She now sat perched on a limb a good fifty feet off of the ground as the source of the footsteps drew closer and finally revealed itself.

A man who looked to be in his fifties in a ball cap and flannel coat came walking through the woods carrying what appeared to be a young girl in his arms.

Another broken family perhaps?

But when the man reached the edge of a nearby river, he tossed the girl's body into it, discarding it like so much trash. Abby could smell both fresh and dried blood…along with semen. Abby immediately knew what she was dealing with.

No…a rape gang.

There were allot of harsh realities to come to terms with in this post apocalyptic world. And as terrible as the vampires were, some humans at times proved themselves to be far more monstrous. Among the many perils faced by unwary travelers outside the safety of the colonies were murderers, thieves, cannibals…and rape gangs.

After the man departed she flew down to where the girl's body was. There was profuse amounts of blood coming from her crotch and a deep would in her neck. They had apparently cut her throat when they were finished with her. Abby boiled with rage, the girl was barely older than she was back when she was still human.

It was time to take a detour.

Back at their camp site the men were understandably surprised when Abby casually and nonchalantly strolled in. She quickly took inventory of the situation. Three men, sitting around a campfire on rotted logs armed with what appeared to be bladed weapons.

"Well what have we here?" The one that had dumped the body spoke up as he looked Abby over.

"Fresh meat, that's what?" The second chimed in.

"So uh, where are your folks kid?" The first one asked.

"Who the fuck cares!" The third shouted.

"Shut up you damn fool, they might be nearby!" The first chastised him.

Abby said nothing.

"Are ya okay kid? Are ya hungry?"

"I'd like to feed her something." The second gloated grabbing at his crotch.

Abby remained silent. Her response was to quietly walk over to the one who had first spoke to her and drop to her knees in front of him as she started to unbuckle his pants.

"Oh Hell yeah! Now you're talkin! Looks like this one's been around the block a few times guys!"

"Party time! Now this one I am definitely going to fuck in the ass." The third declared.

"You can have her ass, long as I get to cum down her throat." The second proclaimed.

Meanwhile Abby already had the first man's pants open and his cock out. He shuddered all over when she took him into her mouth. His groan of ecstasy however suddenly turned into a bloodcurdling scream as she bit down. Abby then wrenched her head up revealing the countenance of the vampire once more as she snarled. As she ripped his penis from him a jet of blood sprayed across her face. The man fell backwards shrieking as he clutched at his blood gushing pelvis. Abby then stood back up and with virulent disgust spat his severed sex organ into their campfire.

"What the fuck?" The second yelled as he sprang up rushing toward her with a machete in hand.

Abby though effortlessly caught his swing with her left hand as she got a firm grip upon his neck with her right. She then tore his arm clean out of its socket before throwing him back into a tree. The third lunged with a pair of bowie knives in each hand only to have his friend's machete buried halfway into the side of his skull. Meanwhile, the man who had literally been disarmed tried to flee only to have Abby fly after him. A split second later the wet sounds of tearing flesh and popping bones signified his spine being torn out of his back. Now only one remained. The first one who had been unfortunate enough to feel Abby's wrath tried desperately to crawl away, but there was no chance of him escaping her as she slowly floated after him.

"No! No please don't kill me!" He begged as he turned to face her still lying upon the ground.

"How many girls have begged for their lives as you molested them?" She taunted in a demonic voice as she bore down upon him.

He drew a knife only to have her smack it away. He then threw his hands up in front of himself in an instinctive defensive gesture as Abby grabbed both of them.

"And how many throats have you cut with these hands?" She asked as she then crushed the phalanges in his fingers to powder as he let out another wail of agonized misery.

She was about to finish him off when she suddenly stopped. She tilted her head up and off to one side. Her enhanced senses were picking up on something. She began to slowly turn her head this way and that as she sniffed the air. She then looked back down at her would be victim.

"P-please…I'm be-begging you…do-don't kill me." He sobbed.

Then…she released him.

"I won't have to." She told him as she slowly backed away.

It was then that he heard them. Sounds that could mean the approach of only one thing…ferals.

From the darkness they crept as they surrounded him. There was no where for him to go. His screams echoed into the night as they tore him to pieces.


The following night.

At last…she had found him…her precious Owen.

She watched him closely from a distance downwind, being sure to remain completely still and quiet as he sniffed the air. He rumbled and growled at even the slightest sound turning this way and that.

It was a little over six years ago that he was turned. Back when the epidemic first began. They had been on the run having only been gone from Los Alamos for a few months at best. She remembered him begging her to turn him, and her own stubborn rebuttal at the time. But when the ferals attacked, that choice was taken from them both. They had just hopped off of a train somewhere in Texas when a large group of them beset the two. Abby fought bravely to protect Owen, but in the end there were just too many of them. In her fury she slaughtered them all. But too little too late, Owen had been bitten. She remembered crying as she held his lifeless body in her arms and she also remembered when he reawaked as one of them. She knew what she needed to do, what she should have done, what she could have done, kill Owen, to spare him this tortured existence. But when push came to shove…she just couldn't bring herself to do it.

So she let him go. A choice she now regretted, but none of that mattered now. There was a part of her that just wanted to rush up and hug him. But as a feral she knew that he would either flee or attack her. She was just so overjoyed to see him again after so many long years, even in his current state.

But her joy quickly turned to fear as she watched what appeared to be a pack of hungry wolves suddenly surround him. Since ferals were capable of drinking animal blood, their quickly expanding numbers combined with the scarcity of human prey was starting to result in a great loss of wildlife all across the planet. This wolf pack was practically starving to death, and anything that moved, even a foul tasting feral, was considered fair game.

They were seconds away from pouncing when Abby came down in the center of them. She snarled and hissed menacingly, but in their currently famished state, the pack was ready to try and bring down just about anything. Owen turned to regard her, considering that normally any feral would attack her on site, but like Abby at the moment he was more concerned about the wolves. All at once they lunged. Abby caught the first snapping its neck as others grabbed onto various limbs and began mauling them. Though Owen as a feral was not as strong as Abby was he could still fiercely defend himself as his own teeth ripped out the throat of one of the them. Abby meanwhile took two of them that were latched onto her arms and slammed their heads together shattering their skulls. Owen not too far away broke the neck of another as he wrapped his arms around it. He turned however to have one of them lock their jaws onto his neck as Abby spun around. With three other wolves still attached to her Abby still managed to get over to Owen and get a firm grip on the one that had a hold of him. She took a hind leg in each hand and then tore the animal in half practically up the middle as Owen was finally able to pry its head off of his throat. Abby then punched her fist into the gut of one of the wolves still on her as she ripped out its intestines and then crushed the skull of another with her bare hands. Owen caved in the skull of yet another with a large rock as Abby tore off the bottom jaw of one more. What remained of the pack decided it had had enough as it took of running back into the forest.

Abby then turned to see Owen feeding voraciously from the jugular of one of the wolves as he drained the life blood from its body. He then dropped it and howled in an animalistic fashion baring his rows of sharp teeth as he lifted his head up towards the sky. Having now fed and the immediate threat over, Owen finally turned his attention to Abby taking a defensive stance as he let out a low growl.

Though they were both exhausted from the battle and had suffered grievous injuries, Abby knew that she couldn't let him escape her again. As he tried to bolt away she lunged tackling him down, her teeth penetrating deep into his neck as he fought and struggled in vain. When she finally released him he took off running, but only made it a couple of miles before collapsing as the two different strains of vampire contagion fought for dominance within his blood stream. As a result his entire body pretty much shut down as he toppled over. Abby quickly found his unconscious body and scooped him up in her arms. She took refuge in a long since vacated bear cave.


A few hours later he awakened but seemed rather ill. He was only semiconcious at best and rendered an invalid. For several weeks thereafter Owen remained in a daze and with a burning fever. Probably a result of the two differing vampire infections battling for biological control of Owen's body. But regardless of his condition he still needed to feed. Abby began with animal blood, which worked for about two weeks until one night his body suddenly started to reject it. This gave Abby hope that perhaps her idea was going to work after all. Also, his previously sharp protruding rows of teeth and veiny skin had disappeared as well. Two more weeks passed before he finally awakened enough to be remotely coherent.

He gradually turned his head to see Abby staring down at him...but there was no recognition in his eyes.


Finally, he spoke.

"Wh-who are you?" He muttered in an exhausted manner.

"Owen, it's me Abby? Don't you remember me?"


In that moment, Abby's heart broke into a million pieces as she started to tear up. Suddenly, even though Owen was right there with her, she was all alone once again.

"Wha-what's going on...whe-where am I? Momma?" He said in a stupor.

"It's okay, ju-just go back to sleep. Try to get some rest." Abby sobbed as she reached out gently carressing Owen's head as he dozed back off.

Abby then slowly got up and walked outside of the cave. She only made it a few steps before the weight of the emotions that were ripping at her insides brought her to her knees. She let out an inhuman wail of despair that could be heard for miles upon miles. When she was finished the tears returned once more.

After everything that I went through...after all of these years...he doesn't even remember me.

Shortly after this incident, Owen abruptly slipped into a coma that lasted for three days strait.

But on the night of the fourth day...

Owen's eyes slowly fluttered open as he jolted awake in a panic. Though where he was was pitch black, he discovered that he could see as clearly as if it were broad daylight. He spun around to see Abby standing there. She waited with baited breath for a response of any kind.

"…..Ab-Abby?" He muttered.

"Owen!" She cried as they threw her arms around each other as they both started to cry.

He remembers me? Yes he does!

At long last…they had been reunited. Thankfully, it seemed that the amnesia that Owen suffered from before was only temporary. Abby had no idea if her plan ever had any chance of working. In truth she was just as surprised as Owen was when she heard him speak her name. The sun had started to set now and Abby had awakened from her slumber first as she waited impatiently for Owen to do the same. She had been sitting there for a solid hour, each minute a painstaking eternity unto itself as she waited to see if it had worked or if a snarling feral would be all that greeted her when he finally awoke.

After Owen had been turned all of those years ago, Abby had wandered aimlessly for an undetermined amount of time, without purpose. Granted she had been alone before, but after experiencing the kind of love and joy that Owen had given her, to suddenly lose him was almost more than she could bear.

But then, a staggering revelation came.

She found herself near one of the makeshift outdoor hospitals that ran off of gas generators. The ones that were set up after the main power grids began to fail all across the country as cities fell into chaos and anarchy. They reminded Abby of the old clinics that existed back when she was still human, before the advent of electric power. Though still a great distance away she could still hear and see everything that was transpiring with pinpoint accuracy. One of the ferals had been strapped down to a gurney with heavy chains, nothing else would hold them. Several experiments were being ran as both doctors and scientists scrambled to find a cure for the vampire infection. They however had learned some interesting things along the way. Humans suffering from terminal illnesses like cancer or A.I.D.S. who were turned suddenly had no traces of their former diseases. The vampire virus apparently neutralizing whatever ailments they had been suffering from when they were human.

That was when it hit her.

For vampires of her kind, age equaled power. The older a vampire was, the stronger it was.

What if I bit Owen? Would my infection be strong enough to overpower the feral virus?

It was a desperate hope…a fleeting hope…but it was all that she needed.

She raced back to where Owen had last been, picking up his scent and proceeding to trail it. It was far from easy however. As savage as these new vampires were, they did posses a pack mentality. As such, Owen had joined such a pack. The pack in question migrated across the country in constant search of food and it had taken Abby all of these years to catch up to them.

It seemed that they were always just one step ahead of her. But Abby didn't care. It wouldn't matter to her if it took a hundred years to find him again. Time had no meaning to one who lived forever.

But lady luck decided to smile down upon her.

The pack one fateful night about two weeks ago had bitten off more than it could chew when it engaged a well armed group of humans that almost succeeded in wiping them out. Abby came across the aftermath fearing the worst. But detected the scents of two ferals that had survived and fled the scene…one of them had been Owen. Without the pack that he had come to depend on Owen moved about the countryside in a rather confused state, unsure of where he should go. This had given Abby the chance to catch up to him at last.

And that time…had finally come.

After all the pain, the hardships, the loneliness. Finally she had the one thing in her life that gave her a reason to go on living, the only thing that had kept her going these past few years. She knew that Owen was going to have many questions. She also knew that life for them was going to be far from easy. But whether they survived for another century or just another week, at least they were together again.

And for the moment, that was all that mattered.