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"Damn it Rosemarie! Heels down, and this is the last time I will tell you." That's my mother for you. A hard arse bitch.

"Yes, Janine." I spat her name like it stung my tongue. Really, I had hoped by calling her by her name would hurt her. But, knowing my cruel shell of a mother, it didn't.

I was trying, but keeping your heels down while mounted on a horse was often the last thing on my mind. Its not that I don't like or trust horses, there is just so much to think about that, that my measly heels seemed a tiny worry.

"Come on! Trot on, keep him moving!" She yelled, tapping the leather flap of her small black crop into the palm of her vacant hand. Janine seemed keen on pissing me off today.

I was doing exactly what she wanted; keeping up a brisk trot, and Jackson carried his head like a royal stallion. It was natural for him of course, part of the breeding that went into Arabians. His dark coat stood out from most his breed, and I was grateful for that. Sticking out from a crowd is what I like doing.

"Jackson, get up boy." I ushered my gelding forward.

"Heels down Rosemarie!"

I am sick of tired of that damn woman's voice! Its like a bird waking you up at 4am in the morning – shrill, loud and annoying as heck! What's worse is that in the wide, open and enclosed ménage that my family owns, her voice rebounds from all the walls.

However, she is my mother and if I don't do what she says, I probably wouldn't get to keep Jackson. Or my head. Lucky for me, it was that time of the year, where my mother goes overseas for 3 months and leaves me with my father. Abe, now there's an interesting character.

We own 60 acres, of lush green, rolling hills. On this land, we have an indoor and 2 outdoor ménages, a handful of yards, a large stable area – complete with two tack rooms, a feed shed and wash bays – as well as all the equipment any horse owner could dream of. How my lazy father has afforded all of this, I have no idea. Abe doesn't tell what he doesn't need to, and I don't ask what I don't need to.

My parents are no longer 'together', they are still good friends though, which is lucky for Janine, who thrives on having such a set up as my father's.

"What's the time?" I asked, my tone less than pleasant.

"Quarter to 5." My reply was just as unpleasant, perhaps more so.

Lissa, my best friend since pre-school, was coming for a 'girl's night' at 5:30, and knowing her, she wouldn't be late.

"Shit!" I swore, pulling gently on Jackson's reigns as he slowed down. My mother's face went red, embarrassed at my language even though we were alone.

"Rosemarie, I will hear none of that language!" She yelled at me, face growing redder when I poked my tongue out at her.

"I have t go. Lissa is coming soon."

"Is she? Why wasn't I informed?"

"Probably because she spends all of her time here, and it doesn't matter anyway. You're leaving tonight so you won't have to put up with either of us." I said curtly, dismounting Jackson and land neatly on both feet.

"I don't 'put up' with Vasilisa," Ouch. "I only put up with you." She didn't sneer, but it felt like she was holding back the sneer more than anything else.

"Whatever, I'm going to go get a shower. Come on Jackson, let's go." I said, pulling his black leather reins over his ears, and down so I could lead him away. His ears flickered in response, and he nudged my side softly, asking me kindly to start moving.

"Bye Janine."

"Bye Rosemarie." She sneered this time, I was sure of it.

Grooming Jackson is one of my favourite things to do. It gives me peace and quiet, well that is unless Christian is there grooming his mare.

"So, Rosehairy, how is the darling Vasilisa?" Christian Ozera's voice was almost as annoying as my mother's. There he was, jet black hair and ice blue eyes, brushing his Friesian gelding. I don't know how he afforded the thing, probably has something to do with the money his parents left him. Together, his parents managed to kill 14 people in a massacre, before turning on their son. If it hadn't been for Natasha, his Aunt, they would have murdered him and them themselves. Tasha, as she prefers, shot them down, and hasn't been the same since.

"Leave her alone, you mangy little turd." I snickered; glaring daggers at the boy my age, over Jackson's bay wither.

He feigned heartbreak, his hand fluttering by his chest. "Oh, why must you hurt me so?"

Unfortunately, Christian had taken home in our dwelling. After all, how could my mother possibly refuse her old work-mate Tasha, when she asked if he may take up our spare room? So, now not only did the cockroach have my roof over his head, but he had taken a disturbing interest in my best friend.

As though Lissa had heard my thoughts, my hone rang, the theme from Knight Rider making an appearance in the stable. I heard Christian chuckle, and clenched my fists angrily.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey!" Lissa.

"What's up?"

"Just letting you know I might be, like 5 minutes late. I'm sorry, but I forgot to pick up my bags after work, so I have to run back! Forgive me?"

"Of course Babe, just come when you can. Love you, bye."

"I love you too!" The phone call ended, and as I turned back to rest my phone on Jackson's back, I saw Christian eyeing me eagerly.

"What?" I sighed, glaring again.

"That was Lissa?" Not a question, he knew it was. "Is she, er, coming over tonight?" He was scaring me, his voice sounded… hungry.

"Yes, you freak. Not that you are even going any where near her. You can stay in that rat nest of yours." I assured him, patting Jackson's rump after having finished his groom.

"You can't make me. Besides, you won't be there forever. You might need to pee, halfway through the night… and BAM! Ozera makes his charming way forward, and courts Vasilisa Dragomir." Hearing my angry huff of frustration, he started slowly backing away. This was wise, seeing as I was walking carefully behind both horses, making my way towards him.

"You coward, get back he-"I was halted as I saw a shadow cast across the cement flooring of the stable.

"Now, Rose, my sweet daughter. You aren't about to hurt him are?" Abe's voice was careful, barely hiding the amusement that he no doubt was no doubt harbouring.

"No, Pa. I was just showing him what my clenched fist looks like in this light." I turned around, an 'innocent' smile masking my own amusement. I could hear Christian's thanks to Abe, as he basically whimpered behind me, pinned to the tack shed door.

Abe was wearing a lavish scarf, tightly around his neck, and a casual suit. He looked like he was going out, and it took me a few moments to put the thoughts together. Janine is leaving! I reminded myself, laughing out loud. This got me looks from both Christian and Abe. Christian had risen and now stood; hand on one hip, beside his horse.

"Rose, I will be gone for a couple of hours, please do not leave the premises until I'm back. Ozera," He turned to face the teenager standing beside him. "Please, do not light anything on fire." He winked at me, before turning on his heel and leaving me with that freak of not-even-nature.

"See you Pa!" I called to him, untying Jackson's lead rope from the wash bay's wooden bar. His stall was not far away, just 3 doors down really. The stalls were large, bedded with sawdust and made from red wood. The door had his name in silver letters across the wooden panels. Over the weekend he stayed in his stall, only to be let out for the rest of the week. I feel bad leaving him there all week.

"Good night big fella." I scratched behind his ear, and for that he gave me a nicker of thanks.

"Good night big fella." I heard Christian echo me, except it was aimed at me.

"Good night little fella." My glare was like one of his matches, it lit up its target in seconds. Christian glowered at me as I passed.

I didn't have enough time! I still had to shower and change before Lissa go here. It wasn't that she judged me for being covered in dirt, that wasn't unusual; I just didn't like her roaming around while he was here. She was too kind, much too kind for her won good, and he was a scheming bastard who wouldn't mind manipulating her.

Lissa has always been more of a sister to me. I would do anything for her. Anything. The least thing I like is shifty guys hitting on her. Christian is shifty.

I was there that day. I remember the car, rolling and rolling, the glass shattering and doors mending in ways my mind could never imagine. We both get nightmares, but its lessened a lot in the time passed. Now I get one once or twice a week, instead of every night.

We were on the way home, Eric was driving in the front, his wife Rhea in the seat beside him. We were all singing along, with Andre – Lissa's brother – belting it out the loudest. He always was the show off of the family. Lissa's family had always been more of a family to me than my own.

"Come on Dad! Turn it up!" Lissa said, even though the music was already booming.

Then, as though no time had passed, a deer shot out, onto the road. My eyes went wide, and I looked sideways instinctively to Lissa. We screamed as Eric slammed the brakes hard down, sending the car tumbling – over and over. Then there was silence. The car kept going for what seemed like hours, when in truth it had only lasted a moment or two.

The next thing I remember is waking up on the side of the road, Lissa was leaning over me, her body frozen but her hands shaking uncontrollably. I had grabbed her hand then, with all the energy left in me, and I had vowed to always protect her.

After that I don't remember anything. Just waking up from a cold, black depth to the white hospital, tubes coming from my nose and arms.

Shaking myself, I shook the memories away, something that would never be that easy. Life was full of hardships, something I had come to realize. One way of stopping the memories from taking me over completely, was to drink, part, forget. Lissa had her own ways though.

Running, my boots clip clopped on the cement flooring, before I broke out onto the sand gravel soil outside. The sun was still up, the air crisp and cool. Spring was one of my favourite times of the year. As I ran, I noticed a tall man, with shoulder length brown hair talking to Abe. I dismissed the figure, figuring it was one of my father's 'work-men', and kept going, straight inside.

From the outside, my house looks cold, a large, two story, blue stone building, with a rather large garage. On the inside it's the opposite. The walls are painted in golds, creams and reds with similar coloured carpets. My room is on the second story, two doors from the left of the hall. My walls are covered in posters of my favourite bands, celebrities and riders. As well as some ah… Charming young men. I left the paint and design to Lissa, the posters were my choice.

Scrambling up the stairs, I made a break for my room. Inside, I picked up some gray sweats, a comfortable hoodie and t-shirt. Nothing too impressive, but hey, its just Lissa right?

When I got to the bathroom, I heard the sound of water coming from the inside. Damn it! Janine must have made it there before me… Down stairs! I jumped two stairs at a time, carelessly.

Second bathroom, and the door is locked. I can hear Christian on the inside, laughing and laughing.

"Arsehole!" I swear at him, hitting my open palm on the door. He really has it in for me.

I'm left with only one option if I want Lissa to be safe from his grasps, and that is to use cottage's bathroom.

We have a small cottage on lout property, used for hire by holidayers mostly, but off and on Abe had someone stay there. He had been talking about hiring me an instructor, some international now national guy. He was coming in like a week though, so I made my next run.

When I arrived there, I was sweaty, dusty and dead tired. I stood at the door for a few moments, just steadying myself. Panting, I took a deep breath, feeling relieved immediately. The key to the cottage is always hidden under a pot plant, in the middle of its small out-front garden. The garden is green, but in a weedy, unkempt way.

Sliding the key into its hole, I open the door, feeling my hand up and down the inside wall for the light switch. When the light finally flickers on, I creep in, making my way to the small bathroom. The cottage is nicely placed, with a few out across the hills, and in sight of the stables but not the house. Inside, its walls are mostly blue, ranging in shades.

Walking to the door, I ease it open, rubbing my hand over my eyes in frustration. I am going to be way too long! Lissa is going to be alone with Christian.. "Shi-" I was cut off, rudely I'll add, when my face slammed into something hard. And warm. And human. Looking up, a fair way up, I realized exactly what I'd run into.