AUTHOR'S NOTE: Takes place directly after the events of the movie. Implied Phinbella. This chapter is a rewrite of my first Phineas and Ferb fanfiction that I had ever done. I felt that it had been paced poorly, despite how many lovely reviews I had gotten for it. It was supposed to be a one-shot, but people had asked for more, which is why this is a multi-chapter fic. It's mostly one-shot form. I may be going through the other ones later to revise them the way I did this one. I hope you enjoy the revision! It's basically the same as before with a few more words.

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It was nearing midnight when the door to the boy's room creaked open. The two had finished putting on their pajamas and brushing their teeth. They looked to their beds with tired eyes and content smiles, dragging their feet like bricks to their thrones of dreams. Perry tiredly walked at their heels, hopping on to the S.S. Phineas and plopping himself down, too exhausted to find the most comfortable sleeping arrangement.

Phineas yawned loudly as he pulled the covers over himself. Ferb did the same, laying down to face his brother's bed, preparing for the "goodnight" that would finalize their day.

Phineas reached out for his lamp; the last of the light illuminating the room. Ferb's eyes were already closed. He waited to actually drift off though. They did always say goodnight to each other.

After several moments, Ferb eventually fought against the ever-increasing weight of his eyelids to sneak a peak at his brother expectantly. He opened them fully when he only saw Phineas staring directly at him with a gaze of confusion.
"...Ferb," Phineas said at last, "...What...happened today?"

The green haired brother stared back for a while. Eventually he closed his eyes calmly, searching through his memory. After several long moments, he opened his eyes again and blearily replied, "I have absolutely no idea."

Phineas tightened the tiny clutch of his pillow. "Yeah, me neither. And it's strange, because this would normally be something that we should probably be worried about, but it's more like there's these vague leftover emotions lingering from whatever we've forgotten...and they don't seem too disturbed. It's bizarre."

Ferb merely shrugged. "In most situations it's best to listen to what our subconcious is telling us. And considering that we're safe in bed, as is our family and friends, it's hardly as if it could have been that bad."

"Heh, and it probably couldn't have been TOO amazing if we had forgotten it so easily," Phineas replied quietly. Both of the boys noticed Perry shift his position uncomfortably and quietly chatter. The red-head pulled him into a sudden embrace, causing the Platypus to chatter more in surprise. "All I know is that I love you ten times more now, Perry. As per usual."

Said friend gladly curled up in the boy's lap, noticing Ferb's warm sleepy smile of agreement before closing his eyes. Phineas smiled at Ferb as he reached for the light. "Goodnight bro."

Darkness clicked into place, and Ferb felt himself immediately drifting off. Silence filled the room. He temporarily lost track of time before Phineas surprised him by breaking the silence.

"I wonder if Isabella remembers."

Ferb looked at Phineas from across beds. Even in the darkness, Ferb's eyes adjusted to see the outline of his brother gazing up at the ceiling, illuminated by a hint of moonlight. The green-haired boy clicked on a nearby electric candle to show he was paying attention.

"I mean, I wonder if she knows what happened, or if she just feels all of these weird... leftover emotions from today."

Ferb continued to stare at Phineas. Suddenly a broad smile crept up on his face. His brother noticed and looked over in confusion. "What?"

Ferb merely turned over on to his back, closing his eyes and still smiling, as if he was trying not to laugh. In contrast, Phineas sat up slightly, extremely curious as to what his stoic brother found so fantastically amusing. "Seriously, what?"

Ferb bit his lip, still trying to fight back laughter. Maybe, just maybe, he was catching on.

"Ferb, what?"

"Goodnight, Phineas."


And Ferb turned off the lights, still smiling.