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A Memory-Enhancer.

Simple enough. Maybe a little too simple. They were already near completing it. Ferb was just running a check over it all for the safety of their brains. Phineas sat up from tightening some bolts to look at their quick handiwork. It had really only taken them about 10 minutes to put the little contraption together.

It was a red metal orb about 1x1 meters and looking magnificently sparkly in the summer sun. Phineas was almost amazed at how fast they were going with their projects. They just might be able to accomplish more than they thought this sum—

"Hey, Phineas!"

Phineas' heart gave a sudden and un-rhythmic jump, something stuck in his throat, and he felt like all of his organs were over a hot stove. He turned around.

Isabella was standing over him smiling, the sparkling memory-enhancer reflecting in her eyes. Phineas' heart felt like it was in his throat.

"What'cha doin?"

Phineas stared blankly at her. Why did all of that happen to him? It was just Isabella.

"Hit it Carl!"
"Wait, wait, wait!"

Wait. She asked a question.

What was it?

"Uuuuuuuh," Phineas replied, trying to focus. Ferb looked up from his analysis, and Isabella raised an eyebrow. Phineas was hit by a wave or irony that he couldn't remember what they were doing, but couldn't remember why it was ironic either.

"Phineas, are you okay?" Isabella questioned. Phineas realized that it had been about a minute of utter silence.


"Oh! Yeah, uh, we're making a Memory-Enhancer!" He moved his gaze to the orb. "So that we can remember whatever happened a month ago! Ferb and I…and really everyone have been getting some weird deja-vu."

Isabella brightened up. "Oh yeah, I've been getting loads! Just all of the time, I get weird voices and deja vu at the weirdest times! Cool! You guys are already done with it!"

Phineas smiled. "Yeah, this is basically our record! Only took us ten minutes!"

Isabella looked back to Phineas. "Wow, you guys are amaaaazing at building these things."

The memory-enhancer was reflecting in her eyes again, sparkling.

Phineas felt like he was having a heart murmur, and his face was on fire.


"Thanks!" he said as casually as he could. He looked towards Ferb instead. "Is it all ready, Ferb?"

Ferb put thumbs up. He was smiling. Ferb saved his smiles for good occasions. Why was he smiling like that? .

"Alright, let it rip!" Phineas exclaimed. Ferb took out a remote and tapped the keys. The Memory-Enhancer began to glow pink, and it hovered over their heads.


Phineas' head spun round and round and round and round.

When he opened his eyes again…oh, were they already open?

When he blinked or did whatever he just did with his eyes to allow him to see, they were all sitting in the grass, blown back by the force of an explosion of memories.

And the memories were back.

"Ooooooooohhhh…" Phineas whispered.

The best day ever. Agent P. Isabella.

"We have to reverse it," Ferb said. Isabella and Phineas looked up at him, shocked. "If we don't, they'll take Perry away."

Far off alarms sounded somewhere. They looked below their feet. It was coming from the ground.

Phineas' eyes widened, he looked back at Ferb. "We need to be quick!"

Ferb was a step ahead. He was twiddling with the controls, pulling out wires and connecting and disconnected them in a calm panic that only Ferb could pull off. The orb started glowing as alarms grew louder.

They can't lose Perry.

But still…

"I got it!" Phineas exclaimed.

He took Isabella's hand.

The orb rose into the air and Isabella stared down at their intertwined fingers. She looked up at Phineas.

"We don't need to remember the past as long as we know what we have now, right?" Phineas said, a nervous smile on his face.

Ferb hummed "The City of Love" as the flash erupted.