Bittersweet Sweetness

by Lucathia

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Part 29 - Judgment

Grisia proved to be a poor sparring partner. Even the addition of holy magic didn't help; if we really wanted to compete via holy magic, I currently had a better capacity for it than Grisia did, with holy light practically dancing at my fingertips. I also had Sun's sensing ability, which meant I could dodge all of his attacks without even breaking a sweat.

"You are so violating all the rules. Why are you so strong?" Grisia complained. He wasn't panting or even the teeniest bit winded, but he plopped himself down on the ground in defeat. I was sure he still had plenty left in him. I was not so forgiving of myself to ever let myself slack in training.

I caught my breath and rolled my eyes at him. To be precise, it was Sun's strong magic and sensing ability that were violating the rules. "Don't blame me for knowing how to use your sensing ability together with sword fighting. You have always had the capability of fighting this way."

"Yeah right." Grisia obviously didn't believe me. The look on his face was as skeptical as they came.

I amended my words. "Perhaps not at my level, but-"

"Now you're just gloating," Grisia pouted. What does it say about me that I'm already used to seeing that expression on my face? He turned away from me and began playing around with holy light, face scrunching up in concentration. He was clearly ignoring me. I watched holy light gather in his hands. It really wasn't much.

I sighed.

"Lesus, you know what I've said about sighing-"

"Be right back," I said.


Before he could finish, I left the room.

I had hoped that Grisia would at least be able to hold onto his sword as me, but apparently that wasn't to be now that we were getting used to being displaced. It would prove dangerous for us tomorrow if Grisia could not fight. If Grisia could neither wield a sword nor depend on magic since my body was not attuned to it, he would have little in his arsenal except for his schemes, which some might claim to be his most dangerous weapon, but that still did not lay my unease to rest.

I returned with Adair.

When the door to the prayer room closed behind Adair who had followed me over without asking anything, as expected of Sun's vice-captain, Adair's first word was unsurprisingly, "Captain?"

To outsiders, Adair might have looked like he was addressing me, but he was actually calling out to the other person in the prayer room - his true captain, no matter what his current appearance was.

"I suggest you spar with your captain daily," I said, giving a nod at Grisia and putting to rest any lingering doubts Adair might have had about our identities. "Now's a good time to start."

Adair's eyes flicked toward Grisia for but a moment. It was enough for Adair to catch his captain's intentions.

"I'm afraid I am unable to comply, Knight-Captain Judgment," Adair said to me.

Grisia laughed, deep chuckles sounding throughout the room. "You have as much guts as always, Adair!" He shot a triumphant look at me, as if saying, "Take that Lesus! Now what are you going to do, huh?"

In return, I gave both of them a stern look. "Adair, while it is admirable of you to follow your captain's wishes, you would be doing him no favors."

Adair smiled apologetically. "It's not that I won't try, sir. The prerequisite for a successful spar is well..."

Ah. True. The prerequisite is that Grisia would need to be able to keep a hold of his sword...

"Adair!" Grisia called out, aghast. His tone clearly told me that he thought Adair had betrayed him. Truthfully, it amused me. I had thought that Adair was turning me down, but that didn't seem to be his intention after all.

"Sorry Captain, but with Knight-Captain Judgment asking while looking like you, it's kind of hard to refuse... I'm just joking, Captain!" Adair held up his hands in surrender as Grisia glared daggers at him.

"You... You are both conspiring against me!" Grisia accused.

I snorted. "Don't tell me you don't want to learn how to wield a sword?"

"Captain, I believe that you actually want to learn. If not, I wouldn't agree," Adair added.

Grisia's face dropped. "Ahhhhhhhhh, you two tapeworms are so frustrating!" He pivoted away from us and started pacing the room. He turned to glare at us. "Who needs mind readers when there are people like you two around?" He returned to pacing. "You know it's not that I don't want to learn. As a holy knight, who wouldn't dream of wielding a sword against his foes? I'm just...incapable of learning, okay? Even my teacher couldn't do anything about that." He turned sharply at the last sentence, eyes belligerent.

Inside his heart, he must think himself a lost cause.

I shook my head and drew the blade I had by my side, raising it before me even though my muscles protested, sore from the strenuous activity I had subjected this body through since our switch. "It's not that you're incapable of wielding a sword. Although you don't have a strong physique because of a lack of training, that hasn't stopped me from being able to fight with a sword as you. What you lack is a proper feel for the sword."

Grisia raised an eyebrow in disbelief. "And how do you suggest I gain something like that?"

"Hasn't the best opportunity fallen into our laps?" I asked and gestured at the two of us.

He looked down at his hands. The sight of black sleeves no doubt reminded him of our current situation.

"Fine, fine, I get it," he said glumly.

"Captain!" Adair exclaimed happily. "Leave it to me!"

Grisia harrumphed. "I won't forget how you teamed up with Judgment against me, Adair!"

"But Captain, I only wanted to help..."

I shook my head at their antics. What kind of show are they putting on here...

After that, I had Adair and Grisia spar so that I could observe Grisia. Even though Grisia was a schemer who could think of a million different ways of bringing someone down, he was actually not someone who thought greatly about how his attacks worked. As long as something was effective, he didn't care about the means. He had never needed to know the theory behind his magic. Magic was just something he did.

The same could be said for sword-fighting. There was no need for Grisia to understand how sword-fighting worked, and I was under no illusions that he would ever understand anyway. What he needed to gain was an instinctive feel for swordplay, just like how he had an unconscious control over magic. My hopes were not for Grisia to become a master swordsman - I just wanted him to be capable of holding onto his sword.

Of course, this was easier said than done because it was undeniable that Grisia did not have any "feel" for wielding a sword, but it was also true that we had been handed an opportunity of a lifetime. Grisia had been able to fight as me when we had come across Roland in the plaza. At that time, Grisia must have experienced what it actually feels like to have his sword answer to him.

No matter how much Neo had tried to teach Grisia, he hadn't been able to help Grisia experience that. This switch of ours truly was a blessing in disguise.

At least, I hoped it would prove to be one.

I watched the exchange of parries before me with both my eyes and Sun's sensing ability. Each time they began exchanging blows, Grisia would manage to block Adair for the first few blows, his movements reminiscent of my own. No doubt muscle memory was helping him out, and I could even see Grisia's delight at managing to keep up with Adair. However, as their spar continued, Grisia's sword would undoubtedly fly out of his hand at some point in time. More than once, Adair had been nearly too slow to smack away or dodge the sudden projectile - that was, the sword that should have been in Grisia's hand.

I knitted my brows together. Grisia was actually doing a passable job holding onto his sword - at least, he wasn't losing it right away, and it didn't seem like it was flying as far as it usually did, meaning he was often capable of grabbing it and jumping back into battle. But why is he losing his sword in the first place?

The next time Grisia's sword flew out of his hand, my eyes widened.

It can't be...

"Try that again," I said.

"Like it's going to do any difference..." grumbled Grisia, but he grabbed his sword and swung at Adair.

I narrowed my eyes, trying to see better, but that didn't actually help me. What I was currently using to "see" was Sun's sensing ability. Narrowing my eyes did nothing to help sharpen my sight, but I was so used to the action that I continued to keep my eyes narrowed as I examined the sight before me.

The holy element in the air was mostly converged around me, but both Adair and Grisia had some too, since they were holy knights. As Grisia attacked, holy element would fluctuate around him wildly, while it stayed smooth and controlled around Adair. Once Grisia swung his sword, holy element would gather near his sword, and whenever Grisia truly wanted to strike, the majority of the holy element around him would converge in the area of his sword, and then his sword would fly out with a burst of holy element trailing after it...

I planted my face in my hands.

Dear God of Light. Grisia, you're...

Even though I had thought his sword to be like a projectile, I had not known how spot on I had been.

You're shooting your sword out like a magical arrow!

If this was happening even while he was me, then how much worse must it be as himself when holy element answered his beck and call?

And in this case, even when he didn't want to call on it.

to be continued

A/N: Welp, I planned on exploring their sense of taste some more (Adair was going to bring food), but somehow this turned out to be about Grisia's swordplay, haha... I hope this is a believable explanation, though I don't actually believe this is what is at work in the actual series.

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