I wanted this to be a oneshot... I really did. But I feel the need to post between updates on Unwound.

I really like seeing Angeal and Cloud together. Zack's gotta be in there too of course, but I have a difficult time writing for pairings like threesomes and 4P. Love to read it, have nightmares about writing it. The idea sprouted when I thought on the lack of Angeal/Cloud fan fiction... Zack is my connection between the two; Because at first he sees Cloud like a little brother that needs protecting from the Boogeyman, and sympathizes with an innocent small town boy that chose the city over growing up in the boonies. Zack has seen a lot, and in my mind that would give him a respect for innocence. Angeal is slowly learning more about Cloud throughout and when they finally meet I hope for romance. I'm not sure if I'm going to add Zack into the pairing just yet or if he's going to remain as a sort of guardian to Cloud's virtue.

There will be man loving, so if you didn't see that in the description... Yeah, there it is. Don't like, by all means hitting the back button won't hurt my feelings.

"I met a really cool guy the other day. We're both from the boonies," Zack told his mentor as he picked at his lunch. Angeal raised an eyebrow at him and watched him tilt his take out carton to pick the meat out of his stir-fry. He scowled at his student and took the fork from him. Zack made an indignant noise, but didn't try to retrieve it; bright blue eyes watched as the utensil stabbed into numerous vegetables before being offered to him. The younger First eyed the greens on the end with disdain. "Thank you Mother," he growled before gingerly taking the offensive offering. Angeal simply smiled at him before he resumed eating his own meal.

"Another SOLDIER from Gongaga?" slate-blue eyes looked up at the younger, watching to make sure that the boy ate his vegetables. Zack's face was stony and serious as he glared at his fork, "That's not gonna make them go away Zack just because you don't like them. Eat, they're good for you." Angeal continued to watch him until the young SOLDIER sighed in defeat and shoved the fork into his mouth. The older SOLDIER only lowered his eyes when he was sure Zack had swallowed the veggies. "So?" he questioned quietly, lifting another forkful to his mouth.

"Huh?… Oh, no. He's an infantryman and he's from some place called 'Nibelheim'," the younger went back to talking. It was something that made Angeal smile, the fact that Zack was so open with him. As he talked he absentmindedly waved his fork around. "He was, like, really ill when we got out of the truck. So I walked over to see what was wrong and the poor guy was dry heaving, he said he hadn't eaten breakfast because he knew he was going to be in the transport. I didn't really get it until one of the other infantrymen told me that the guy always gets motion sick when he's tossed around too much," the young first stabbed at his lunch again before lifting a medley of meat, rice and vegetables up to his constantly moving mouth.

Angeal smiled softly, though he felt bad for the man. "Poor guy, must be hard considering those guys are always on the move," Zack nodded as he chewed, knowing better than to open his mouth and talk while there was food in it.

"I know, right? So I fell back a little in the group to walk beside him and make sure that he was okay. I thought he may have been around my age, and all the other guys were, ya know, older. I couldn't really tell though because of those stupid helmets that they have to wear… We got to talking and he laughed at me when I told him where I was from, so I kinda bowed up at him. He only laughed harder at that and I, in a fit of genius, could think of nothing to do other than laugh with him. When I got around to asking him where he was from he got a little serious and sorta, I dunno, pouted? It looked like it anyway, but he told me he was from that Nibelheim place," Zack physically drooped a little, even his hair seemed to flatten slightly, "He seemed a little upset that I asked. But after a minute or two he gave me this little half smile and asked if there was a reactor near Gongaga. When I said yeah he nodded and told me there was a really old one in Nibelheim too," the younger First smiled a little and sat back in his chair, abandoning his takeout carton.

"Nice to find someone that you have something in common with?" Angeal asked before the statement could leave Zack's mouth. The boy's smile grew and he nodded. The older First knew that his student didn't have many people that he could relate to in SOLDIER, most were from wealthy families in the larger cities. It wasn't often small town boys got involved in the trouble that Shin-Ra caused.

"Yeah…" Zack's smile softened and his eyes glowed brighter than normal. He really was happy. The peaceful moment was interrupted by an odd buzzing noise that made Angeal look up from his meal. Zack laughed him before fishing his phone out of his fatigues. "Oh, speak of the devil," he grinned at his mentor and flipped the phone open, "Hey, I was just talkin' about you."

Angeal tried not to listen in but it was difficult because of how quiet the room was when Zack shut his mouth to listen. The low, soft sounding voice on the other end of the phone chuckled, "Really? Maybe I should start talking about you when you aren't around to hear it." He sounded good natured, but rather young to be in the army.

"Hey! Watch how you talk to the higher-ups. I'm First Class for a reason," Zack was trying to sound indignant but it was ruined by the laugh in his voice.

"Ooh, pulling rank. First Class? You mean No Class I had to save your butt when you were busy trying to show off," the voice on the other end laughed. Zack's eyes went wide as the flitted over to Angeal. He knew that the man was going to give him a lecture on that, he'd told his student multiple times that he needed to focus when he was in the field.

"Ugh, Cloud! You promised you wouldn't speak of that ever, remember?" Zack whined into his phone.

"I promised nothing. Even if I would have you didn't give me a chance, you're mouth kept moving," Cloud's voice was playful as he teased the SOLDIER. He suddenly got quiet and his voice became muffled. After a long moment he returned to talking, "Sorry, that redheaded Turk that was on the mission with us keeps popping up to talk to me." Cloud chuckled nervously, "I think he's following me."

Zack scowled at that, and stood up abruptly. He muffled his phone by pressing it to his shoulder. "I gotta go, thanks for lunch Angeal. I'll buy next time," with that being said he lifted the phone back to his ear and headed to the door. "Hey Cloudy, where're ya at? Reno still around?" Zack sounded friendly, but Angeal knew the younger SOLDER operative had less than innocent intentions in finding the redhead.

The door shut behind the young First and Angeal shook his head. Unsure of whether he should call Tseng, or just let things play out.