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Angeal was nodding off as he waited for his younger student to get off of guard duty. He knew that the boy would be tired, but he was adamant on not missing a day of training. Angeal was only available to help the boy about four times a week, and that just drove Cloud to try his hardest to make every session worth the man's time and effort. It was cute, seeing him push himself; even if he was already tired from his day's activities. The dark haired first found it enamoring.

He was in his apartment, sprawled out on the couch with the TV on. His eyes kept flicking up to the clock as he waited for the boy to come knocking on his door. When they first started training it would take Cloud ten minutes to knock on the door. Angeal could hear him outside, in the hallway, talking to himself, convincing himself that he wasn't bothering the man. As time drew on the burly First became accustom to, and almost craved to hear that quiet rapping on his apartment door.

The trooper was almost like a drug to the man… he wanted more and more of him to himself. Cloud's time was stretched so thin though. And when he wasn't with Angeal, he was doing his duties, or spending time with Zack or Reno. The honor bound First hated the part of himself that wanted to monopolize the boy… it was selfish, and childish, and nothing like his normal attitude. He knew though, knew that that part of him had always lurked below the surface. It used to happen with Genesis, before he realized that they just weren't meant for each other. Genesis was a free spirit, much like Zack, and would be bound by no man or woman.

The First started when he heard a knock on his door. He sat up and looked up at the clock, it was early in the evening; giving them enough time to get some basics and possibly a little more done. He got up off the couch and slid his boots on, forwent his sword, and headed to the door. The man opened the door to find Cloud standing in the hall waiting for him. The boy smiled at him and waited for him to lock up his apartment before they headed down to the training floor.

The ride down was silent, but Angeal kept stealing glances of the boy. Cloud was really too pretty for his line of work, and the boy seemed ignorant to the looks that people gave him. The large First could feel a heat coiling in his belly as he stared at the boy's face. His eyes were drawn down to the blonde's pouty lips. Lips that he had been imagining a lot lately. Stretched around his- Suddenly, Cloud turned to look at him. They're eyes locked for a moment before the boy chuckled and smiled at him. He loved those brilliant eyes, and that sweet, boyish smile. They brought so much life to the blonde's, normally, melancholy face. It was something of great beautiful to the large First.

"Do I have something on my face?" he asked softly, oblivious to the hunger that was lurking in Angeal's mind.

"Yeah," the larger man answered before he could stop himself. His body was on autopilot as he reached out and brushed his thumb over the corner of Cloud's lips. He whiped, pretending to brush something off of the boy's face. The blonde boy's face flushed as Angeal, begrudgingly, drew his hand away. "Working in the slums again?" the man asked, trying to find a reason as to why there would be something on the boy's face.

"Yeah… I was patroling. Some guy threw a rock at me…" he said, looking dejected.

Angeal felt the mako in his blood surge. "Someone threw a rock at you?" he said, it came out a little harsher than intended. Cloud visibly cringed. The large First quickly made up for his tone, "I'm not mad at you, Cloud. I'm mad at the man who would throw a rock at one of my students… one of the people trying to protect them…"

Cloud relaxed a little, and spoke easily, "It's alright, Sir. He ran after he did it; so, he didn't bother me again."

His response only anger Angeal more, but he was careful not to show it. He knew that Cloud had grown up in a bad environment, and that the boy had been abused in the past. Of course he would be relieved that the man had left and that he hadn't had to resort to force… It was still… frustrating for the mentor.

They arrived at the SOLDIER training floor and the two got off the elevator. They headed for the training room with the matted floor, when they got in the room they found that no one else was in it. Cloud took off his outer shirt, folded it, and set it on a nearby bench before returning to Angeal. The blonde got into position and waited for instructions on his hand-to-hand training.

Angeal took a deep breath, and told the boy to come at him with everything that he had. They sparred for a good hour before Cloud started to slow. The boy had built up his endurance over the past few months, and his mentor was impressed. After another thirty minutes the boy was starting to get sloppy, and the scent of his sweat was in the air.

Angeal tried his best to ignore the smell that was hanging in the air. Tried not to pay attention too closely to the way his student's body was moving, but it was all becoming too much… and soon he couldn't take it anymore. The smell of the blonde's skin, the feel of his muscles moving under his hands when he got him in a hold, and the little noises he made as he hit the mat. It was all too much for the man. Having his body looming over Cloud's as he pinned him wasn't helping in the least.

Large hands felt the soft skin of the trooper's wrists as he held them over his head. Cloud's breath was heavy and uneven, winded from being tossed around by the larger man. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes were closed as he struggled to catch his breath. Angeal couldn't help it. The feel of the boy's body below his, the look on the blonde's face, and the submissiveness of his slack muscles… he leaned down, and covered the trooper's mouth with his own.

Cloud's entire body tensed under his, and he felt a shudder run through it. The blonde let out a strange noise, and tried to tug his arms free; when that didn't work he turned his head and broke the contact. Before he could say anything though, the large First caught his mouth again. When the blonde began struggling under him, Angeal growled low in his throat, tightening his hold, and pressed down on the blonde's body with his own. The First was already hard from breathing in the trooper's scent for the past hour and a half, and he ground it down into the blonde. Cloud's noises were becoming more and more distressed, and his body was bucking against the larger man. When Angeal finally released the blonde's mouth, the boy was gasping for air and turning his head to avoid another kiss.

Angeal knew that Cloud knew that he didn't stand a chance against an Enhanced. The boy's beautiful, vibrant blue eyes were watching him, fear was present in those eyes that he had grown to admire so much. The First thought about what he was doing… this was exactly what he prevented other men from doing to his student. He wasn't protecting him so that he, himself, could take advantage. That was just… awful.

He let go of the blonde's wrists, and slid off of him. The trooper remained on his back, with his arms over his head, the way that Angeal had left them; probably afraid to move because of his mentor's behavior. The black haired SOLDIER general looked up his student's body, to his face. The boy's blue eyes were watery, and turned off to the side.

"Cloud, I'm sorry… I-" he started to apologize to his student, before the boy interrupted him.

"You couldn't help it?" he asked bitterly, like he had heard the excuse before; many, many times…

"Yeah…" Angeal finished lamely, adverting his eyes. "I just… I can't get you off of my mind. Even when I'm suppose to be training with and focusing on Zack… you're the only thing I can think of… you've completely absorbed my thoughts. I know it's wrong, with me being you mentor, and having these kinds of feelings for you…" he rambled on as he attempted to express himself to the one person on the Planet that made him so terribly nervous.

Cloud slowly sat up and looked at his mentor. "Really? Do you really mean that?" he asked softly, shyly almost.

Angeal shut his mouth before something stupid came out, and nodded his head. A wave of shame washed over him when his length twitched, as the boy scooted closer. Cloud's hands moved up, and turned his mentor's head so that they were face to face.

"I… if it's you… then I guess it's alright…" he whispered to the larger man. The blonde moved awkwardly, scooting forward before pulling Angeal down to place a clumsy kiss on his lips.

A warmth spread through the SOLDIER's chest as he started moving his mouth against the trooper's. His large hands slid down the boy's sides and held his hips. His mind was blank, except for thoughts of what was about to come from this encounter. What he had been dreaming of for the past few months… since seeing the boy for the first time… everything just felt so right…

He eased Cloud back onto the mat, and leaned over his body, between his legs; resting on his elbows, and taking care not to put his full weight on the boy. Their kiss was becoming sloppier, and soon it was the blonde fighting to keep up with his mentor's feverish pace. Angeal let his tongue slide into the boy's mouth, and was pleasantly surprised when Cloud's tongue met his own. They pushed against one another, and the slick muscles slide along each other easily.

Angeal hummed his approval when he felt Cloud getting hard against his stomach. He began putting off a pleasant smell as well, a mixture of arousal and his own natural scent. The aroma made the SOLDIER's erect length twitch and strain against the crotch of his fatigues. He pulled his hips up, letting himself rest on his elbows and knees over the beautiful trooper below him. Cloud's thighs rest on his own, and his legs spread a little wider. Giving himself over to his teacher. Angeal growled softly as he thrust his hips forward, meeting Cloud's cloth covered bottom. The boy grunted, but didn't stop kissing him.

He humped the blonde again, and again. Over and over; butting his hips against the trooper's firm backside. He leaned, resting his weight on one side, to free one of his hands. That hand moved down Cloud's undershirt until it reached the hem, where he slid it beneath and pushed the shirt up to the boy's chin. When they separated the blonde's chest was heaving and he turned his head to catch his breath. Angeal looked down over Cloud's exposed muscles.

He was shaping up to look like a SOLDIER trainee. The black haired SOLDIER groped at the trooper's chest, and brushed his thumb over the boy's nipple; before he slid his hand down his abdomen. His muscles were firm, and lean, beneath his soft skin. Angeal felt a surge of pride, seeing that their hard work was paying off. The man let his hand slip down over the crotch of Cloud's pants before he gave him a squeeze, causing the boy gasped and bucked up into his hand; letting him hear and feel how eager he had become.

Angeal massaged the trooper through his pants for a time, letting him get used to the feeling of another person touching him. When he finally decided to unbutton the boy's pants he heard him whine in protest. It worried him for a moment, and caused him to look up at Cloud's, almost, dazed expression.

"You can't just stop…" the boy whispered, making Angeal chuckle at him.

"I'm not," the larger man assured him as he undid the button and zipper of the trooper's pants. He let his hand slide down over the silk boxer's underneath. The material was soft under his calloused fingers, letting him feel everything without actually taking hold of Cloud's erection.

Cloud let out a quiet, little moan as Angeal continued to fondle him, and squeeze him through his underpants. The blonde's hands found their way into his mentor's shoulder length hair. His fingertips massaged the man's scalp, making his eyes fall half lidded. "Angeal…" the boy breathed softly, almost inaudibly. It caught the SOLDIER's attention because it was the first time he had ever heard his name on the trooper's lips.

"Cloud…" he sighed as he leaned up to kiss the boy again.

A knocking sound jarred him.

Angeal opened his eyes to see the ceiling of his apartment's living room. He cursed softly, and sat up on his couch; before letting his head fall into his hands. This was getting ridiculous. He was hard, achingly so in his fatigues. His dreams had been so vivid lately, feeling so real… Cloud was turning sixteen at the end of the week… Angeal wanted to wait at least a couple more years for the boy to be able to grow up, but he was so tempted to ask for, what he assumed to be, Cloud's first time. The thought of anyone else having it was enough to make the mako in his blood flare up.

He wasn't oblivious, he saw the way that others looked at the blonde. It was just as Zack had said. Some admired, but others had darker intent hidden in their eyes. And Sephiroth… he didn't know what he was going to do about Sephiroth…

The silver haired man had never really shone an interest in anyone before, and part of Angeal felt as though he should try and get the two closer… promote grow in the bond that was forming between them. The man was showing up more and more. Talking to Cloud more casually each and every time. He would tell Cloud to call him by his name and the blonde would just blush and shake his head; but he had given in once and called the man by his name, bringing a strangely warm smile to the Silver General's lips. He always called Angeal 'Sir'…