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Quatre and his maguanacs got in a huge battle. Most of his maguanacs died and some were injured. Quatre escaped with his life, only because his Magunacs nearly demanded for him to leave. He came to visit them one day to see how they were doing.

"How you feeling, Abdul?" Quatre asked.

"Oh, I've had better days," he mumbled.

"You should see Rashid," Ahmad told him, "he looks bad."

"Where is he?" Quatre asked, "I haven't been able to see him."

"He doesn't want anyone to see him."

"Even me?" Quatre asked.

Abdul nodded. "I think he's down the hall. I haven't seen him get out of his room."

Quatre walked down the hall. He saw a door with Rashid's name on it and knocked on it before entering. "Rashid?"

No answer.

He opened the door, it squeeked every inch. "Hey, Rashid." He closed the door behind him to see a wheel chair with a man sitting in it, his face toward the window.

"Master Quatre?"

"Yeah, it's me. How are you feeling?"

"Go away, Master Quatre."

Quatre gasped then walked forward, "Rashid, what's wrong?"

Slowly, Rashid turned the wheelchair and Quatre saw a horrible site He moaned in sadness, "oh nooooo." Rashid's legs had to be amputated to his knees.

Rashid frowned, "I should've died….."

"Rashid, how can you say that?"

"I'm nothing anymore, Master Quatre. I'm useless." He said pathetically, "I'm no good to you, how am I supposed to protect you like this? I'm a cripple…"

Quatre bit his lip and wiped a tear away, just as Rashid started to turn around again.

"I'm worth more dead than alive," he mumbled.

That remark startled and angered Quatre, he walked up to Rashid, grabbed the back of the chair and turned around. Just as Rashid had done to him as he a child, Quatre slapped him hard across the face, "Rashid, I'm surprised at you!"

"Master Quatre," Rashid moaned, rubbing his cheek, "why, why did you do that for?"

"I understand your situation," Quatre explained, "Rashid, but have a little pride in yourself. You're the one who taught me that!"

Rashid closed his eyes, "I-I-…"

"I didn't stay with you and the others so I can hear you speak like this!" he shouted, "I stepped in front of you, Rashid, I took a bullet for you, because I believed you. Since we came to earth and I lost my father," he choked, "you were the closest thing I had to a father. So please, don't every say something like that again, because you are worth something, Rashid. Do you understand?"

Rashid's eyes sparkled with tears, "I've….I've never thought of that…"

"You taught me to have more pride in myself," Quatre went on, "you taught me to embrace my kindness, if it weren't for you, I never would've become a gundam pilot. It's because of you and the others that I'm the kind of person I am now and you're still teaching me. If I lost you Rashid, who's going to keep teaching me? Ahmad and Abdul?"

Rashid had to laugh, "I'm sorry, Master Quatre…" then he lowered his head.

Quatre moved forward to embrace the closest thing he had to a father. "It's because of you I'm a better person and someday I'll be like you…"

The End