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Chapter 7:

After Christmas break, Kiku, Elizabeth, and I tried every Thursday to catch Francis in the act. It wasn't easy. We tried for a whole month, and the only people we were able to catch were Mr. Vargas and the principal making out up there once. Francis was way too devious!

"Why did we think we could do this?" I sighed and rubbed my head. Kiku and Elizabeth had come over my house to study for an upcoming test, "We're amateurs!"

"No!" Elizabeth shook her head, "We just have to think of another battle plan. Think outside the box."

"What are Fett Muskel bars?" Kiku held up a box.

"They're these weird Swedish nutrition bars." I explained, "My brother used them to help him gain muscles when he wanted to enter the Highland Games." Kiku and Elizabeth exchanged a look, "What?"

"Igirisu," Elizabeth smiled, "We have a battle plan."

"Francis, I know how much you want to lose weight and I have the perfect thing for you." I presented Francis with the Fett Muskel.

"Thank you L'Angleterre." Francis grabbed my hand instead of the bar. I quickly wiggled out of his grip and gave him the bar. He stared down at it, "What is it?"

"They're these strange nutrition bars my mother used to use to lose weight."

"Bless her soul." Francis then frowned, "but it's all in like Swedish."

"It has this ingredient in it that just burns carbs but it's not legal in the States yet." I realized that lying was getting easier and easier.

"Maybe we should as that kid if he knows what it means." Antonio offered pointing to the Nordic table, "I heard he's from Sweden."

"Oh crap!" I thought before I quickly said,

"He'll tell you the exact same thing I told you." I gestured over to the other table, "Besides, he doesn't look in the mood to talk." I was lucky that Berwald Oxenstierna, from Sweden, always looked scary and not in the mood to talk. Francis shrugged and took a bite of the bar,

"Yum! Nutrious!" He smiled. I made a mental note to fiddle with his scale when I was over his house next. I had a feeling Francis watched his weight and if he saw his weight increasing, he would stop eating the bars.

The weird thing about hanging with Francis is that I could hate him but at the same time, I still wanted him to like me. Weird right?

"Francis, you're so skinny!" Gilbert commented, "You don't need to lose weight."

"Shut up." Francis rolled his eyes.

Same with Gilbert, the meaner Francis was to him; the more Gilbert tried to win Francis back. He knew it was better to be in the Bad Touch Trio, hating life, than not be in it at all.

Because being with the Bad Touch Trio was like being famous. Everyone knew who you were. I had random people coming up to talk to me who I'd never seen in my life.

I was possessed…and not by the Black Magic Club. I spent 80% of my time talking about Francis and the other 20% I was praying someone would bring him up so I could rant about him some more. I knew Kiku and Elizabeth were getting bored with me but I couldn't stop! It just kept coming up like word vomit!

One day, Elizabeth presented me with a poster.

"Hey, there's going to be an anime convention in town and Kiku and I would love it if you could come. You should take a night off from your 'double life' and come have some fun with your real friends." I looked down at the poster.

"I would love to come…Oh bollocks!" I face palmed my forehead.


"I can't come. Iain has tickets for this bagpipes concert. Ugh, I don't want to go but…" I saw Elizabeth looking at me innocently, "You know what. I'll talk to him."

Elizabeth hugged me, or as she calls it "glomp", "You're the best, Igirisu!"

Meanwhile, I was finding any excuse that I could to talk to Alfred. He had grown on me and just the fact that he was dating the Frog made me feel sorry for him. One day in math I poked him in the shoulder,

"I don't get this." I lied, "Do you get any of this?" Alfred was just about to answer when Mr. Vargas placed a recent test on my desk,

"Good job Arthur!" He smiled. Alfred saw the 98% on the page and raised an eyebrow at me,

"It kinda seems like you get it dude." I inwardly sighed when Alfred turned around, "What!" Alfred suddenly yelled.

"What's wrong Alfred?" Feliciano asked.

"You obviously gave me the wrong paper." Alfred pointed to the exam which had the low mark of 42%.

"But it has your name on it." Feliciano pointed out and returned to handing out the exams. Alfred face palmed,

"How could I have failed? I actually studied for this one."

"You know." I suddenly had an idea, "I could tutor you if you wanted."

"You would?" Alfred grinned.

"Sure, you could come to my place…ah…do you think Francis would mind?"

Alfred cocked his head to one side, "Why would that matter?" I cringed and Alfred seemed to have read the atmosphere for once, "No, you guys are friends. He should be…" Alfred paused, "Maybe we just won't tell him." I nodded.

After school, I was so paranoid that Francis would find out. I nearly jumped out my skin when the group approached me.

"So what are we doing?" Gilbert asked.

"We should go to that new coffee shop." Antonio suggested.

"What do you want to do L'Angleterre?" Francis asked me, "Alfred's busy so I guess I could hang with you guys."

I turned to the ring leader, "I'm busy, sorry."

"What are you doing?" Gilbert demanded.

"Are you going on a date?" Antonio teased.

"Date?" I tried not to show any blush, "No, no! I'm tutoring someone." Francis looked suspicious and interested at the same time, "Some stupid kid in my math class." I quickly added.

"Who?" Gilbert questioned.

"Um…don't know his name." I tried to shrug it off, "Excuse me. I don't want to be late."

"Well, have fun!" Antonio smiled. I couldn't shake Francis' eyes off of me as I walked away.

Alfred was at my house quite punctual. Iain was at the bakery so I had the house all to myself.

"Let's hit the books shall we?" He said with his signature grin. I showed him how to do the basic problems and after an hour of me yelling at him and many mistakes, he was actually getting it.

"You make this sound so simple Artie." Alfred smiled, "You're a great tutor." Now I don't know if it was this math or his stupid grin but I felt the urge to kiss him. And what did I do? I grabbed his shirt and crashed his lips on mine. It wasn't like he was far away. The two of us were already pretty close. He even started kissing back too but he suddenly pulled away before the kiss got too intense.

"You know…look I can't do this…" Alfred frowned, "It's not fair on Francis…"

"But he's cheating on you!" I slapped my hands over my mouth the minute it came out but I couldn't take it back.

"What? With who?" I shook my head, "Tell me Arthur." He demanded. I sighed realizing he was going to get the information out of me somehow.

"It's Matthew Williams."


"Your brother!"

"Mattie would never do-"

"Look Francis tells me everything…even the stuff I don't want to know." Alfred looked into my eyes and nodded.

"I think I'm going to head home." Alfred started packing up. When he left, I hoped he wouldn't tell Francis I had told him.

It was an hour after Alfred had left when the phone rang.


"Arthur! Amigo! You have to come over! Francis is freaking out!" I gulped. Had Alfred told him?

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