Author's Note : Normal pairing, finally!

Disclaimer : Togainu no Chi's character © Nitro+CHiRAL

Warning : Shounen-ai (malexmale)

Pairing : KeisukexAkira/AkiraxKeisuke

The definitions of happiness are different for each person. For one, maybe happiness is a lot of money in their storage. For the others, maybe happiness is a moment where they could hang out with their best friends.

As for this couple—

"… Akira, are you happy?"

The brunette asked the grey-haired man who sleep on his lap. The one called 'Akira' opened his eyes and stared right at the brunette's eyes. "…what do you mean by 'happy', Keisuke?" Akira asked back, raised his hand and stroke Keisuke's cheek. Akira thought that Keisuke's tanned skin made him looks cuter.

"…well, I guess…feeling something fluffy and soft in your heart?"

If Akira was drinking, he was sure that he will cover Keisuke's face anything inside his mouth. Keisuke's answer was so…Keisuke. Just like him, the innocent and honest side of him really made him 'Keisuke', he is not a cool and hot figure that people will crazy about.

But 'Keisuke' is 'Keisuke' and that is something good from him.

"I love your hair."

"I love your eyes."

"I love your lips."

"I love your voice."

"I love your smile."

"I love your laugh."

Those six sentences came from Akira's mouth, staring at flushed Keisuke.

"I love you. Does it count as 'happiness'?"

Keisuke stood up suddenly, made back of Akira's head hit the land below him. But in this position, he could hear the tread on the ground clearly. Keisuke walked away but as soon the foot steps' sound were fading away, it came back.

"I love you too, Akira."

—happiness is loving someone who will love you back.