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Harry was walking through the orchard that led to The Burrow, inhaling the summer smell that was thick in the air. Merlin, he'd missed this place. He'd missed everything and everyone while he was away on his mission with the Auror's. He'd been away for four years, hunting down Death Eaters and sending them to wizard prisons all around the world. He'd been out of contact with everyone and had only just found out, from a small personal announcement in The Daily Prophet that Ron and Hermione, his best friends, were getting married in about two weeks time. Not long after he'd read it an owl had arrived with a letter addressed to him from Ron, the date on it was from six months ago. It was just an excited note, only a couple of lines in his messy scrawl, it read :

I don't know if you'll get this since you're away cursing Death Eaters or whatever it is you've been doing. Anyway, I asked Hermione to marry me... And she said YES! Hope you can be back for the wedding, you've got to be my best man. See you soon, whenever soon is,

The parchment was now scrunched up in the back pocket of his jeans, he'd had it there ever since he read it, a comfortable weight that let him know they were still here, still living, he sighed. He missed them both so much. He couldn't wait to see them again either. And Ginny. He hadn't stopped thinking about her the entire time he was away. Well, with a bit of luck they would be at The Burrow. That was why he had come here first, it was the social hub of his favourite family in the world, The Weasleys. Also, he knew Mrs Weasley would let him stay a while until he found a place of his own. There was always Grimmauld Place, but it reminded him to much of Sirius and was full of awful things, such as the portrait of Mrs Black, for him to live there permanantly. But he should at least say hello to Kreacher.

He had finally reached the door of The Burrow and tentatively knocked, he heard the squeal of a chair being pulled back and the tapping of footsteps that got closer and closer to the door, Mrs Weasley opened the door, not quite taking in Harry as he stood there.

"Arthur, you're home early, I didn't expect you for at le-" She broke off in surprise, her mouth morphing into a wide 'O' shape, "Harry? HARRY!"

She threw her arms around him in an air-choking, vice-like hug.

"Hi, Mrs Weasley! I haven't seen you in absolutely ages!" He was just able to choke the words out.

"Harry! You're back! Oh, how I've missed you! It's been much too long. How long have you been back? Do you know about Ron and Hermione? Have you eaten recently? You've grown another couple of inches as well! Oh, HARRY!" She squealed excitedly as she let him go.

"Yeah, Mrs Weasley, I'm back! I've only been back for a couple of hours, I got back to the Ministry, bought a paper. Then I'd thought I'd come here to see everybody. Oh, and yes, I do know about Ron and Hermione, I saw an announcement in The Daily Prophet and got an owl from Ron from about six months ago. It's so great they're getting married, when is the wedding exactly? And where is everybody?"

"The wedding is in two weeks time exactly, in the orchard, where we had Bill and Fleur's. Harry, sit down now. You must be exhausted, I don't care if you've eaten or not, you're much too skinny. I'll get you some food."

"But, Mrs Weasley! At least catch me up on everything!" Harry said earnestly, he wanted to know everything he'd missed.

"Alright then, dear. It's just going to be you and me tonight. That is, if you want to stay of course. It won't be you and me for too long though, Arthur is still at work, he got called in, some sort of dustbin that eats you if you put rubbish into it, he'll be a while, at least another two hours. Ron is also at the Ministry - at the Auror training program, he should only be another half an hour." She put a plate mounded high with chicken pie, sweetcorn and potatoes, "There you are, eat up!"

She sat down and simply stared at Harry as he compliantly took a couple of mouthfuls, he knew that if he didn't Mrs Weasley would force feed him. He swallowed and started to speak again,

"Ron's taking Auror Training? That's excellent! Last I heard he was still working at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes." He paused and took another mouthful of food.

"Well, yes. He's very happy now that he's doing the Auror training, he's earned enough money from the joke shop so he'd thought he'd start."

"And everyone else? Where are they?" Harry was so anxious to hear about everyone and how they were he choked on his most recent mouthful of pie. Mrs Weasley clapped him on the back and conjoured up a glass of pumpkin juice, he nodded gratefully and gulped half of it down.

"Where to start! Um... Oh, of course! Arthur and I are now grandparents! Isn't that just wonderful? Bill and Fleur have two daughters now, Victoire, she was born last year - on the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, if you'll believe it! That's why her name is Victoire, translated into french it means victory, and little Dominique who was born around six, seven months ago! They're still living in Shell Cottage, just added two more bedrooms on to a top floor. Then there's Percy, he married a lovely girl, Audrey," Harry smirked into his pumpkin juice, Audrey was exactly the kind of name of the person he'd imagined Percy would marry. "And they have another little girl, Molly, after, well, me." She smiled sheepishly and continued, " Charlie's still in Romania with the dragons. George still lives above the shop with Angelina, you know her, don't you?" Harry choked into his food again,

"Angelina? Angelina Johnson? The Quidditch player?" He asked disbelievingly.

"Yes! That's her, they're also married, it was a small affair - just family and close friends. They wanted you to come of course but you were away... That brings us to Ron, who you know about and Hermione. Well, Hermione's doing very well! She's got into the Magical Creatures Department at the Ministry and is doing all she can about house-elves and there rights. She's living at her parents and Ron's living here until they can find their own house."

She smiled at him and he realised she'd forgotton someone.

"What about Ginny?" He asked, "What's she up to?"

"Of course! Ginny! I knew I'd forgotten someone! Now, she's doing the most exciting things! She's flying as a chaser for the Holyhead Harpies! That's where she is now, of course, staying with her team-mates as they prepare for the next match."

"The Holyhead Harpies? Really? Wow, that's great!"

"It is, isn't it?" Harry could tell she was trying to keep the pride out of her voice and she was failing miserably, "They all took an interest in Quidditch but she was the only one who made a career from it!"

Harry finished his meal in silence, taking in all the news. He'd missed so much! Bill and Fleur had kids! He couldn't wait to see everyone, let alone congratulate them. Completely filled to the brim with delicious food, he declined the offer for seconds of pudding and leaned back in his chair.

"Harry, dear? Would you like to stay the night, or a little longer if you want... How long are you back for?" Mrs Weasley asked gently.

"Would you mind if I did, Mrs Weasley? I don't want to intrude or anyth-" Harry was cut off by Mrs Weasley,

"Of course not! You're welcome to! It's only Arthur and I and Ron here at the moment!"

"Thank-you so much! And I'm back for the forseeable future, I have a lot of paperwork to fill. I hope it's a long time, I don't really want to leave again, I missed everyone too much." He grinned at her and she opened her mouth to reply was cut off by a loud crack from outside.

"That'll be Ron!" she squealed excitedly, "Harry, let's make this fun, you hide behind that door!"

Harry did as he was told, he could see this would make a great surprise for Ron. He had just closed the door that led to the pantry as the kitchen door opened and he heard Ron stride in from outside.

" Hey, Mum. Do I smell food? Pie? Excellent, I'm starved half to death. Thanks." There was a clatter as a plate was placed in front of him.

"So, did they work you hard today?"

Ron's voice was muffled slightly through the food in his mouth as he replied, "Hell, yeah! It'd be alright if Harry was there as well and we could laugh about it but now it just bloody HURTS!"

"Ron! Language!"

"Sorry, mum. Wonder when Harry's back? It's been what? Four years?" He put another forkful of pie in his mouth and Harry chose this moment to come in. He came in quietly and stood behind Ron.

"Perhaps another four years?" He said jokingly and Ron choked on his food so much that Harry had to clap him on the back. He spun round so fast from his seat at the table he knocked off his plate of food and ignored it as it clattered to the floor, Mrs Weasley sighed but then waved her wand and the plate and all the food flew back onto the table. Ron pulled Harry into a bear-hug so tight that when he released him Harry had to take many deep breaths to be able to function his lungs properly.

"HARRY!" he yelled as Mrs Weasley winced at the volume of his voice, "You're back! When? How long for? Wait 'till I tell Hermione. She's gunna be over the bloody moon." He paused, contemplating something, "Wait, you do know about me and Hermione, right?"

They sat back down and Ron returned to his dinner as Harry started to reply, "Yeah, I do. Congrats, mate. Really."

"And you'll be best man?"

"Course! Wouldn't miss it for the world!" He punched Ron lightly on his shoulder and he nodded satisfied with this answer, "I only got back today, saw a wedding announcement in the Prophet then I got the owl you sent me six months ago and came back here about an hour or so ago. I'm here for quite a while - LOADS of paperwork to do and I don't really want to be sent across the world again - way to much effort and I missed everything. I think I could probably tell Hermione myself, I've got to get back to the Ministry tomorrow and she'll be there, won't she? I'll drop by."

He grinned at Ron, who was gazing dreamily into space, "Harry, you'd better show up when I'm there, Hermione making a scene at the office... That'll be the day... You know she's put spew into 'action'?" Ron made air quotes to emphasize this point.

"Yeah, you're mum told me. Can't wait to see everyone again, but don't you tell anyone!" He pointed at Ron with a stern expression on his face, "I want it to be a surprise. And your wedding is the perfect setting, that is, if everyone hasn't realised that I'm back by then." He grinned and the grin quickly morphed into a yawn. "Best be going to bed, I'm staying for a while, at least until I get my own place." Ron nodded with a delighted expression on his face, "Oh, and Mrs Weasley I'm in Bill's old room, right?"

"Yes, dear."


It was great to be back.