Blood Wonderland.

Chapter One.

I lay there with my eyes shut. The darkness was always a comfort to me. I didn't wish to look at where I was or who I was with. I just wanted my thoughts. I was sick of this world. My head was the safest place to be.

"She appears to have gone insane." A voice from my left echoed. It was monotone. No expression what-so-ever. A startled gasp escaped my mothers lungs.

"Really, dear, did you not expect it?" My father's voice joined in the chorus.

"Well I – I tried to-"
"No use in what could have been." The first voice chirped up once more, "It's too late now. She must be condemned to death." He said it as though it was the most casual thing to say in the world. But it was casual, wasn't it? I mean, death happens all the time. Right now. Every second somebody falls off this Earth, their bodies rotting, their souls flying... So it was casual. Death the ultimate. Death the conqueror. Death happened to everyone. It was inevitable.

"There must be another way!" My mother said, her composure returning once more. She leant forward over my motionless body. Her dirty-blonde hair danced along my skin. Her putrid perfume filled my nostrils. Why did she insist on coating herself with such unnatural produce?

"Alice, sweetie. Open your eyes and show the nice man that you're normal. You're not insane. You're not." I took a deep breath, my chest rising. The cool air filled my body. I felt it. I felt it run throughout me. I felt it inflate my being. And then... I opened my eyes. I was in a dark, grotty hospital room. It looked like it should have been closed down years ago, the once white walls a now muddy-brown. Rusty equipment lined the walls, scissors, saws, stethoscopes...

"I am not sure whether I am insane or sane. Who is to judge? Man? Man knows nothing. Man thinks it knows everything when in fact, nothing is all they truly know." I blurted it out all in one breath, my milky-blue eyes darted from person to person.

"It's the kindest way." The doctor looked at me, concern sketched across his otherwise professional face. His white lab coat was covered in blood. His eyes held the memories of a thousand deaths. His gloves were ripped and torn. He picked up a gas mark which appeared to be connected to nothing and placed it over my mouth. I did not protest. Darkness spread across my eyes once more. But this time... it was darker somehow. An infinite darkness. As my conscious slipped away from my mind... I died.