The Dancer

One beautiful day was usual for all Fraggles on the rock, including Boober who could enjoy less active fun, or not fun at all. He was just resting in his hole, pondering things and universe.
"Doozers", thought Boober. "Why do they build so small? Why are they small? If they were bigger, they could build for us, Fraggles. And not radish sticks buildings, but something useful and less tasty so everyone is tempted to eat more and more... Oh my." He found out that he is crisping a stick stored an hour ago.
The song was playing somewhere around, "Dance your cares away!" - "Well", he thought, "It's not about many Fraggles have cares at all... Maybe a few. Why dance, anyway?"
His eyes closed. He almost fell asleep as he heard a new sound coming. It was charming, breathtaking yet a little sinister guitar music. It didn't scared Boober, surprisingly. He waited and listened.
Two unknown Fraggles entered Boober's hall. One was the guitar player, bleak green old man with a beard. His eyes were small and oblivious to Boober's presence. The other Fraggle is very tall and thin female. Notable thing about her was that her eyes were covered with dark chiffon piece - her eyes could not be seen, but she sees.
None of two wanderers noticed Boober. It didn't bother him at all; the charm of the female Fraggle was fascinatingly strong. Unlike her fellow who wore scarf and jacket with hood, she wore nothing but that piece on eyes.
Her musician sat on ground in corner, and then he stopped playing the guitar.
"You wanted dance, you'll get it", said the female Fraggle. Her sharp and strong movements, manner of speaking reminded Cantus the Minstrel, even her voice was not feminine. This Cantus similarity both haunted and elated Boober.
Musician started to make new sounds which by-turn created music out of themselves. Music was calm. Boober could relate it to autumn colours and to autumn itself, if he knew it. He imagined a setting where he stands alone on some path flooded with sunlight, surrounded by orange, red and mustard colours vastly. Though, all colours were slightly diluted, as if it was done by wind.

The dancer whirled in her dance. She moved carefully and quietly. Her ability to use the body amazed Boober. All Fraggles can control their tails, but the dancer operates it. Her steps didn't make any sound that is possible to be heard behind music. She moved the same way round, keeping closer to the musician.
Boober exclaimed in a whisper as the music lowered volume, "It's wonderful!.."

Both the dancer and her assistant musician looked at Boober with blank faces. He thought it may be not a good sign, and he interrupted them.

"Dance and music together need no words", stated the musician, opening his mouth for first time.
Boober felt reproachful as he always tends to. Meanwhile music started again. It was not the same calm melody; now it sounded disturbingly and coldly. It can be related to late autumn with its high wind, so cold and so lonely. Unlikely that Boober could breathe broken in that moment. He watched the talented dancer in full silence. Her gentle gesture was combined with music very well. It's impossible to know whether it's music fits the dancer or the dancer to music.

"She's sweet", he thought. Suddenly, she stared at Boober. "Wow, did she read my mind?.." The dancer moved more actively, coming closer to Boober. He barely noticed how music changed back to the first melody.
"Join in", invited the dancer. Boober could not resist. They joined in a dance, beautiful, calm and warming dance. His breath was broken, he stepped carefully, even if not with awe. They went round and round. He noticed how adroitly music warmed up, leaving only red and orange colours in his imagination without any dilution. Boober held his partner tenderly, like she was a highly fragile piece of glass. The dancer however held him firmly; no emotion passed through her. Boober was rather passionate but only his breath could tell that. His movements and gesture were awkward and constrained, especially compared to his partner.

As music slightly slowed down, Boober thought. "Oh, how firmly she holds me..."
The dancer held more firmly.
"Coincidence? Or she really..."
Music changed again. Boober couldn't figure how.
"She's so close to me..."
Responding to Boober's wish, she clasped him even closer.
"Wow... What colour is she?"
Boober couldn't recognise any colour in her. She had no colour, or she was all colours.
"Would she kiss me now?", the wildest Boober's thought flashed across his mind. He was tempted to see, does she really read his minds. He wished she does.
"Now, a moment more!"
Her lips touched Boober's nose.
Boober recoiled slightly but he showed that he enjoyed it a lot. The dancer was indifferent to Boober. All what she did was what Boober wished; the kiss was obviously not pleasure to her.
The pair continued their dance. Boober felt better, his movements became free and airy, if not elegant and dainty. His usual shyness seemed to decrease.

"Can you really read my mind?" whispered Boober. Firstly he was scared to ask her anything, but hesitation has gone with a kiss.
Music stopped again. The dancer stopped moving.
"What is your name?" asked Boober. The dancer walked to her musician and sat on ground touching his feet.
"I'm Dancer Fraggle, and I teach Fraggles to dance", answered the dancer. "You wished to watch dance, you watched. You wanted to join me, you joined. You wanted me to kiss you, you was kissed."
"Can I only wish things related with dance?" asked Boober. "Yes."
"How come kiss related to dance?" - "It changed your attitude."
"Can we dance again?" asked Boober, anticipating the shared moments with Dancer. She didn't answer this time.

Music started; this time it sounded very fast. Boober imagined an evening setting, where the colours are mostly crimson and bordeaux. It was not a quiet evening he liked to spend alone. His passion rose. They moved energetically, going from Boober's hole to the musician's corner, round and round. Boober felt that his body is aching, and he told his partner to stop. He thanked Dancer, "It was that rare kind of fun I like, thank you". He tried not to look into her face, but it was tempting for him to see her eyes.

"That's well. Call whenever you want to dance, little Boober!", she smiled. It changed her whole look. Boober heard familiar phrase but he failed to recognise its creator. He fell asleep as he reached the sleeping place.
"Oh... Was it all a dream?.." thought Boober when he woke up. "Yes, it's probably was. But why then my body is aching? Strange". By nature's signs, Boober estimated the time he spent on dancing and sleeping. "It couldn't be a dream. It's unnatural for a Fraggle to sleep that much, so it must be also time that I danced away. Aha! You got it, danced away!" His mood was definitely cheery. "If it was a dream, it was the best dream ever. I think I should try this kind of dance in real now. By the way, how did they leave?"

Boober stretched himself and briskly walked to do his daily stuff.