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Everything went black and Butch could no longer hear anything until the lights went on and the door opened.

"Uhh…" He covered his eyes but later on his eyes adapted to the lightened room.

"Well, you survived there at least two hours." A young man with sharp brown eyes approached Saito.

"It seemed so real…" Saito muttered.

"For your age, I thought you'd only last for less than an hour." He grinned.

"I didn't know there were mines." Butch said while walking towards the open door and stopped to take a look at him. "So, is this how you train?"

"Sort of." He smirked. "This is just the beginning."

They both headed out and when the brown-eyed guy closed the door someone blurted out. "Yo! Partner!"

"Ugh… You again…" He sighed with a hint of disgust in his tone. "What do you want, Kurumi?"

"Ah! I told you call me Yui!" Yuichiro said irritatingly.

"We're not that close."

"By the way, have you seen—" He didn't finished because he saw what he was looking for. "Ah! There you are!"

"Hey, don't go running of somewhere without me!" Yui scolded.

"Who are you my mother?" Butch sarcastically said. "Plus, you're the one who ran off and left me." He eyed him.

"I-!" Yuichiro tried to argue. "I did? Oh, right… I did. Sorry." He laughed and scratched his head.

Butch and Yui's partner sighed.

"Hm?" Butch looked at Yui's partner. "What's your name?"

"Narui. Tatsuya Narui. You?"

This is weird… Last time I check he was sure that I'm a spy… Now, he's being friendly to me…

"Just call me Saito." He replied.

"Ehh…" Yuichiro butted in; his face made a bad frown. "Trying to be cool, huh?"


"What is it now?" Saito complained. He closed his eyes and covered his ears with all his might. When he opened it, he saw everyone and everything coated in red light. Yuichiro and Narui were also covering their ears.

"What's happening?" He shouted but what he can only hear was the beeping sound from the alarm.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" Yuichiro cried out.

"Just shut up! Don't add the noise!" Narui scolded loudly.

"HUUUHHH?" Yuichiro shouted louder this time. The sound got louder and louder.

Then, the beeping stopped but they were still covered in red light. "I-it stopped." Saito sighed with relief.

"One of our bases had been found." Narui concluded. "I hope our troops got away…"

"Ah. So, Squad A must've been sent there."

"What's with the loud beeping?" Saito rambled.

"Yeah. What's up with that?" Narui questioned too.

"No. It's not one of our bases…" Yuichiro's face brightened up. "We've been infiltrated."

"Then, let's help!" Narui suggested but it sounded like a demand.

"No need." He smirked. "That said alarm took care of them."


"Hmm…" Professor jotted down something in his notes while Ken was rewinding the scene all over again. "It's obviously not a living creature but…"

"But..?" Ken clicked pause and turned to look at his father.

"It's very familiar to me…" Professor sighed. "I just couldn't remember but I've already seen one of these I think."

"Ah! Perhaps it is in the exhibits we attended?" Ken abruptly announced.

"No, I'm sure it's not in those exhibits." Professor looked at the robot that kidnapped Peach. And he frowned. "Ken, scan that robot. We need more information."

"H-hai!" Please! Let Peach be alright! Ken did what he was instructed.


"Man, that guy sure takes time…" Brick, sitting comfortably on the sofa, complained.

Suddenly, the door opened revealing Ken and Professor.

"Professor, what took you so long?" Momoko said impatiently.

"We need to rescue Peach now." Professor walk towards the table and showed them a map. "We're lucky that we tracked that robot. Thanks to the white aura Peach has."

They all stood up and looked at the map. "The red line there is where it had gone." Professor traced the red line with his finger. "At this point, we could no longer track it."

"We think that they maybe after the white light. The robot was programmed to capture anything that has the white light—including you two." He moved his eyes first to Momoko then to Miyako. They both got the worried look on their face.

"So, what we do now is look for it then…" Boomer stretched his arms. "We need to hurry to catch up with that thing."

"Girls." Professor looked at them and they both nodded.

Bright light engulfed the girls which made the rest of them cover their eyes. Not long before the light vanish and the girls standing before them became the known heroines. The Powerpuffgirls Z.

Professor handed the map to Boomer/Ryuuno. "I'll keep them both safe."

"Aid one another." With that said, the four rushed outside.

Blossom and Bubbles were about to fly when Brick stopped them. "Wait!"

"Huh?" Bubbles turned to face them.

"What is it now?" Blossom said irritatingly.

"We can't fly."

"Then, that's too bad." She replied to him sarcastically "Let's go, Bubbles."

"But.." Bubbles looked worried. "Professor said…"

"What shall we do then… Carry them?"

"Hmm…" Brick thought for a second and caught his self floating. "Brick, can you fly?"

"Huh? H-how?"

"Just try…"

"O-okay…" He jumped but nothing happened. Blossom laughed. "You're terrible…"

"Don't jump. Fly." She remarked. "Don't tell me you can't? You already did fly with our clothes!"

"It's easier last time!" Then, after seconds he's floating. "I did it!"

"Come on. Let's go!" Blossom instructed.

And all of them dashed through the skies.

"What a nice feeling…" Boomer stated with his eyes closed and opened it afterwards.

"I know right?" Bubbles giggled.

"U…uwaaa!" Brick was unable to control his flight.

"Geez." Momoko was amused.

"Remember aid each other." Miyako smiled at her.

"Eh? Why me?"

"I'm not very good at teaching…" Miyako looked away. She was grinning.

"Ugh. Fine." Momoko slightly slowed down for Brick to catch up. "Hey!"

"Wh-what?" He couldn't look at her because he was afraid he'd lose his concentration. And that would look bad.

"Calm down, will you?" Blossom flew towards him and caught his hand. "Fly with me."

Damn! Why is she teaching me? Why am I so pathetic right now? I'm not usually like this! This might be the effects of what they did to me! Brick thought.

"Hey, are you listening?" Blossom looked at the spaced out Brick.


I should be the one teaching her… not the other way around. Ugh! So uncool! "You can let go now…" He said. "I can fly without your help."

"Hmph." Momoko snubbed him again and let go of his hand. "Fine then. I'm off." Then, she dashed towards Bubbles and Boomer.

He then followed her without fail.

Minutes passed when they reached a somewhat entrance through the forest. The trees were huge and had lots of mosses attached to it. The soil was muddy but covered with grasses. A cool breeze passed them and the thorny bushes sprawling everywhere waved.

"No time to waste." Boomer asserted. "Let's go."

They took the narrow path that doesn't have much thorny bushes. The two girls were obviously afraid and mostly paranoid. Blossom was eyeing every angle obviously trying to avoid something unpleasant. Bubbles was looking up and down trying to convince herself all over again that there were no huge snakes spooking around.

"Man…" Brick sounded tired. "This is why I hate girls. So annoying."

"No girl would ever want you anyway!" Blossom's voice echoed through the forests sending birds high to the sky.

"Even birds got annoyed." He grinned.

Boomer just sighed. "Don't forget our goal here."

"R-right…" Blossom uttered.

"I saw something." Bubbles stated and pointed the place where her eyes were looking. "Something is moving."

They all turned to see it. It was a bush but it was moving. There was something in it.

"Wha-what could it be?" Blossom hid at Bubble's back but then realizing Brick was watching her she immediately stood behind Boomer. "U-uhh… We should check it out…"

Then, Boomer walked slowly towards it. The bush stopped shaking. He picked up a long stick nearby and tried to poke the bush. "Nothing's coming ou—t!" He was taken aback by something black that came out.

It was so fast that he just realized that it was going for Bubbles. "Watch out!"

"Eh?" Her eyes widened seeing an arrow nearing her forehead. She couldn't move at her place.

"B-Bubbles!" Blossom screamed.