Returning more than the relic.

chpt 1

based around the same time as "Black powder promise". I do not own anything Dragon age related, but the original character of Ocheeva is mine. This is purely for fun and I'm not getting paid…sadly….. anyways, this is my first DA2 fic, please be gentle ^^


Hawk's unimpressed expression deepened, the corners of her mouth sagging into a slight frown.

"The Tal-Vashoth?"

"The Tal-vashoth. Are you up for some paid hunting?" Javaris Tintop asked. The dwarf had just revealed his plans to Hawk and her companions in the hope they would aid him.

It turned out the Tintop intended to carry out a courtesy in order to bargain with the qunari for their special black powder that Javaris claimed would explode and could be used by anyone, without the need for demons or magic of any kind.

"Your people must have something like this already?" Hawk questioned, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Small things, shaped to crack faults, not shatter the earth. Plus, they're mostly lyrium." The dwarf replied. "Expensive, poisonous, the chantry controls it topside, the glow makes you a target, Problem after problem." He continued.

Hawk remained quiet as she listened to his argument, not sure whether she agreed or not.

"Magic is hard to market, but this stuff you can put in a bag."

"Sounds like you've made a bargain you cant keep." Hawk finally told Tintop flatly.

"Ah no one has vision anymore….alright. I'll go sweet talk the giant myself." javaris grumbled. "I hate being cod level with those Ox-men. Makes me wish I was stone-blind." He sighed. The armoured men behind him snickered and he shot them a glare over his shoulder.

"if you happen to find yourself along the wounded coast collecting Tal-vashoth heads, well, I'll be all smiles in their compound." javaris shrugged, crossing this arms over his chest, mirroring Hawk. "You might even find that woman of the Arishok's." He added absently, turning back to his camp.

"Woman? What woman?" Varric asked from behind Hawk. Javaris turned slightly, hardly hiding his grin.

"Oh its nothing really." He shrugged almost innocently. "Just rumours." the dwarf waved off his comment and moved to sit next to the fire. Hawk looked back at her companions. Varric, Anders and Fenris looked between each other before looking back to Hawk in silent agreement to press the dwarf for more. They wondered over to Javaris and began to probe for more information.

"What woman, dwarf?" Fenris asked.

Javaris glanced to him and shook his head. "It ain't nothing you should be worried about. There was just this rumour making the rounds is all."

"And this rumour would be about?" Anders asked, hoping to squeeze a little more out of him.

Tintop didn't answer straight away, instead, he picked up a bottle of something and sniffing the content, pulling a face of disgust and tossing it aside.

"Well, rumour has it, when the qunari landed, there was a little fracas." He started.

"Yea, so? We already know that." Varric snorted.

"Yea, so, with the qunari in such confusion and disarray, they lost some men overboard. I've heard more than once that one of the qunari they lost was some sort of pet for their Arishok. A woman at that."

Fenris's brow furrowed in skepticism.

"That's bull dwarf." He scowled. "Qunari don't have woman to themselves. Their culture isn't like ours and besides, they don't bring woman with them out of Par Vollen. They have little use outside of the qunari homeland."

Javaris rolled his eyes and shook his head again.

"Listen elf. I don't know squat about the qunari culture, I don't care much either. All I know is their Arishok's been pissy since they landed because they lost something of importance to him over the side of the ship. I don't care if it's a woman, a sword or a flaming war hound! I just want the black powder they have!"

the conversation ended abruptly there and Hawk, Fenris, Varric and Anders began their walk back down the hillside.

"Do you think its true?" Varric asked, a frown curving into his mouth.

"If it is, I have the greatest sympathy for her. Qunari or not. No one could have survived falling overboard in that storm, poor woman." Fenris mumbled quietly.

The others mumbled and muttered in agreement but soon silence fell over them as they made their way down the dirt path.

"Y'know…" Anders finally spoke. "Finding her, even just her remains and reporting it back to the qunari might help to ease any tensions. maybe help qunari-human relations. Make them allies and such."

Hawk glanced at him and said nothing, her gaze soon returning to the path as a plan formed in her head.