She could always tell when the blonde girl was lying. And this was one of those times. It was quite obvious really, although apparently only to her. She could see the pain in her eyes, feel it in her voice. She just couldn't figure out what had happened when the Latina was in the bathroom reapplying her make-up.

She didn't notice that everyone in the hall was staring at the two girls. Nor did she notice that the other members of Glee club were slowly making their way towards them. All she noticed was her best friend crying in front of her.

She took her hand and started pulling her towards the choir room, knowing it was the only place where they could talk freely without all the staring eyes. Like guards the Glee members surrounded them, putting their bodies in the way of the whispers and the looks.

Grateful to them, Santana knew she had to thank them, even though she never showed her "nice" side to anyone besides Brittany.

While dragging the girl towards a chair, the Latina turns her head to the other members and mouthed a sincere "Thank you". They all nod, knowing that the blonde girl meant everything to her, and walk out the door shutting it in the process. Turning back to the blonde Santana ask "What happened Britt?"

"Artie, he – he – "

Ready to kill if need be she says "What'd he do?" Confused as what the boy in the wheelchair could do to make her best friend start crying. Seeing that she wasn't about to get an answer, she slowly turned the blonde's head towards her, and gasps at what she sees.

"He hit me."