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Chapter 2:

"Really San?" Her previous sadness had disappeared instantly, thinking of all the ducks she could feed. "Oh, but we don't have any bread…"

"Who said that?" Santana looks over to her and gives the blonde a smug smirk. Seeing Brittany's demeanor change to ecstatic, she couldn't help thinking that it was a good thing she always kept bread in her car for this very reason.

"We're here!" Brittany was bouncing up and down in her seat, clapping her hands. As soon as Santana parked, Brittany was out the door. Smiling at the blonde's antics, the Latina hops out of the car and opens the side door. Before she could even reach down to get the bread Brittany's arm shoots in front of her and grabs it.

"Come on San!" The blonde starts running towards a bench that was a few feet from the pond. Santana recognized it as their bench. The one they marked as their own. Walking closer to it she could see where they had carved their names on the back.

Brittany and Santana 3 forever

The Latina couldn't help but let a soft smile light up her face, remembering that day. They went to her house after feeding the ducks and shared their first kiss. One she would remember for the rest of her life.

"Saaan? Let's go! Don't you want to feed the duckies with me?" Brittany is turned around on the bench with her hands on the back looking up at her with puppy dog eyes and her lip jutting out, knowing that the girl can't resist anything now. Santana just smirks and walks towards the blonde, ready to give her whole day up to make this beauty in front of her happy.

"I for one, saw them walking right out of school. I mean really they didn't even tell us they weren't going to come to Glee! And of course we all know that Brittany could never do such a thing, she doesn't know how to get out! She can't even find her way to her own locker without help. It's all Santana's doing I just know it." Rachel Berry was standing in front of all the glee club members trying to convince them that Santana was always doing something wrong for her to criticize.

"Rachel, shut up and sit down we all know something happened with Brittany. Maybe she just needed some time away from school."

"Mercedes I never expected you to defend Satan! Yesterday she was throwing tater tots at your head!" Rachel was staring at Mercedes, trying to remind her of what transpired just the other day. The diva just glared at the girl, mad that she didn't even get to eat any of them.

"Rachel, Santana never has good reason to leave, she just does. Whenever she wants to," Tina speaks up suddenly.

"Yes but we all know she always does it for Britt. One time Britt wanted ice cream, and they were gone within 5 minutes. Now can we please just let this drop?" Quinn stares at each member in turn, daring them to say anything further. And as she looks at them all she realizes that there is another person that isn't here with them.

"Where's Artie?"