Author's Note: Hi random people! This is my first ever fanfiction! I don't like putiing in lots of details, so if you are really picky… this is teh details. Nocturne's layer, Danny's bedroom(sitting on bed), and Outside Danny's Window… there will be more yet to come… ... Ha.. Ha. Enjoy!

Danny's POV

"So what's the big deal about people's dreams?" I asked. I was kinda curious.

"Asks the ghost boy who dreams about the goth girl," replied Nocturne with a smirk.

I blinked in surprise. "That was kinda private." I gulped.

"Dreams are the gateway to the self conscious. You like her, don't you child?" theorized Nocturne.

"Wha-" I rubbed the back of my neck nervously, "What gave you that idea?" I shot back.

" Your dreams, Ghost Child, all the dreams about you and Sam. Isn't it obvious?" Nocturne replied.

Then I suddenly remembered. My Sa- I mean, Sam and Tucker were still wearing Nocturne's helmets.

"I'd love to stay and chat," I said, " but I have places to go and people to save. But just in case, I'll leave you a nice gift." I put my hand in his, um, body and used my ice powers. He froze, and I left to rescue my gothic princess, Sam, um, you didn't hear anything. I meant that I went to save the whole town.

Nocturne's POV

I watched as the Ghost Child flew away. He will eventually admit it. Eventually.

Danny's POV (1 week later) (In his bedroom)

Man, I can't believe Nocturne. After I saved every body, his words are cemented in my brain. Me- of all people- liking the beautiful, pretty, goth- Whoa. Time out. I think- I think he might be right. Scary thoughts. I definetly need some fresh air. I went ghost and flew out my window, where I ran smack dab into- of all people- Plasmius.

" What a surprise, dear Daniel. I didn't expect to see you here." Vlad smirked.

"Not in the mood, Vlad. Just leave me alone and I won't do anything. " I growled.

"Why the change of heart, Daniel? Something bothering you?" Vlad taunted.

"NOT IN THE MOOD VLAD!" I screamed.

"Temper, child, temper. Tell you what, since I'm in such a good mood I'll help you with whatever's on you mind."

I knew that something was up. "And in return?" Vlad stopped smiling.

"Well, you see,(this is so embarissing.)" He whispered: "As a lonely old man in my forties, may I suggest you helping me pick out a-a-"

"Continue…" Fruitloop flinched. "A CAT!" I blinked. Then I burst out laughing.

" What's so funny, Daniel?" Vlad sputtered."

"You getting a cat?" I said between laughs. "That's-that's-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!"

"Now, now Daniel. Don't forget what's on your mind. Do we have a deal?" My smile vanished as I considered.