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I hung up the phone. Time for a victory cry.

"WHOHOOOO!WHO DA MAN?" I came out of the other room with a huge smile on my face. Vlad grinned.

"Did she accept? I think I know by your screaming, little badger."

"SHE SAID YES!" I yelled joyfully. Vlad applauded softly.

" Good job! But if you have to meet her by 3, you'd better be going. Have fun!" I transformed and did a few loop de loops. SHE SAID YES! I raced out the window and cried out: "Vlady, I'll get you a kitten or something! Don't worry!" I smiled as Vlad smacked his face. Then I continued happily to the oak tree.

I transformed and sat down. Worried thoughts consumed me. What if she dosen't like it? What if she hates me? What if-


"SAM?" I cried out. She smiled as she sat down next to me.

"You invited me, didn't you?" Sam said softly. " Now, what's so important?"

"Um…" I stuttered," Well, uh, you see, um, well-" I sighed. " I got you this."

She opened up the package and gasped.

"Danny-it's beautiful!" Then she read the lettering. "Be- mine?" Sam looked at me. "You don't mean-"

"Yes, Sam." I gained courage as I continued," I- uh- want you to be mine. I realized this after the Nocturne incident, and I want to be your- " I gulped. "boyfriend… But please don't hate me! We can just be friends!"

"Why would I hate you?" asked Sam. "I- um- also, want you to.." she got closer," be mine." With that, she kissed me. SHE KISSED ME! I was in heaven.

Sam smiled when she said, "So boyfriend, what do you want to do?"

I smiled even bigger. "Pick out a nice little kitten for a friend, girlfriend. Want a ride there?" She gave me a kiss, and we headed of into an early, early sunset.


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