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This one "occurs" in September 2010 and was actually the first one written. It feels odd writing that since nothing else has been written yet.

Okay, now I'm posting them in the order they were written rather than their 'proper order'. Oh boy...

It was a wet autumn afternoon in Minnesota once again. Linkara and Spoony were slouched over at the kitchen table at Linkara's house, staring out at the rain. For the past week it had been raining steadily. By nature Linkara and Spoony were indoor people, but even they had been infected with the glitch that people experienced when the rain went on too long.

At length Spoony made it official. "I'm bored."

"Me too," Linkara sighed, fiddling with his magic gun. They had read dozens of comic books, played over a score of video games, watched multiple movies, made three blanket forts, and done endless games of Pokémon as well as several Dungeon and Dragons games. At length they had run out of ideas, and currently their girlfriends were off at a weekend spa retreat in sunny Arizona. But the pair didn't dare go to Spoony's house with Dr. Insano trying to stitch together another plan to conquer the world.

"So, any ideas?" Spoony asked his best friend. Linkara frowned thoughtfully. "I think Marzgurl left a basic Japanese chart around here. Let me go see if I can find it."

A few minutes later he returned with the multiple-paged chart in hand, informing Spoony, "Pollo was using it as bathroom reading material."

"But Pollo is a robot," blinked Spoony. The other man just shrugged as he sat back down. "Come on, we could just try it out. There aren't any pronunciations though."

Intrigued Spoony leaned over to study the chart. "I think we'll manage. Hey, food names! Tori would be Pollo's name in Japanese."

"Very funny. Pollo's name is Pollo. Hey, the Blue Ninja Ranger was named Tori."

Spoony just raised an eyebrow at Linkara before he could begin a ramble on Power Rangers. Sheepishly Linkara looked over the other food names only to find another link to Power Rangers. "Weird- mackerel is saba in Japanese. That's the name of Tommy's talking sword as the White Power Ranger."

"Uh-huh. How on earth do you say chocolate in Japanese? Choke-o-re-toe?"

"I have no idea. Ham is hamu though, while cod is tara."

"Like that place in Ireland?"

"I guess…"

"Okay then. Heh. Wine is whine."



Linkara did a face-palm as Spoony continued to scan the chart. "That's just awesome- apple is ringo. And peach is ichigo, like from Tokyo Mew Mew. I wonder if I can find the other Mew Mews on this… nope."

"Whoa. Bread is pan not just in Spanish but in Japanese as well. That's so cool," Linkara beamed. Meanwhile Spoony's interest had shifted to something else.

"Look at this, Linkara. Bra in Japanese is buraja." And the black-haired man laughed until he had a stitch in his side while his best friend watched on.

"How is it that I am seven years younger than you and yet I'm the more mature one?"

With a glower at the bespectacled young man Spoony shifted the focus to the names of colors in Japanese. "The primary colors are ki-iro, aka, and ao."

"The secondary colors are midori, orenji, and murasaki," Linkara carefully enunciated. "But it says pink is pinku. I don't think that's right according to what I know of Super Sentai."

Spoony looked over at Linkara. "Oh?"

"I'm pretty sure they use momo for pink. But on this chart that means peach."

"Um… maybe there are multiple words for pink?"


In the distance thunder could be heard. Spoony raised his eyebrows. "Looks like the rain has decided to mix things up a bit at last."

"Lovely," Linkara replied sourly.

Spoony poked himself in the stomach. "I'm getting hungry. I think it was all that food we were talking about a few minutes ago."

Standing up Linkara adjusted his trilby hat. "Two grilled cheese sandwiches then?"
"That sounds great. Want any help?" Spoony grinned. Linkara gave him a dour look. "I remember the last time you tried to cook here, so thanks but no thanks."

While Linkara cooked Spoony continued to pour over the chart, occasionally informing Linkara of a particularly interesting translation while the rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightening grew more frequent and clear. Less than ten minutes later Linkara returned to the table, bearing a plate with a grilled cheese sandwich on it in each hand. Nodding his thanks Spoony bit into his sandwich.

With a chuckle and a nonchalant shrug Linkara began eating his own sandwich. Both tried not to flinch when a particularly loud rumble of thunder was heard. A few minutes later Pollo's distinctive metallic voice was heard from the kitchen doorway.


"Yes, Pollo?" he inquired, turning to look at the boxy blue robot.

"I have unplugged all major electric appliances in case of a power outage. Do you require anything else?"

"No, and good thinking Pollo. Thank you."

"It was no difficulty, Linkara."

"Do you need any help with anything?"

Pollo started to shake its head but then paused. "I am attempting to write a limerick but have so far conceived of no rhymes for kilo."

"Silo?" Spoony eventually offered and a heartbeat later Linkara added, "Or Lilo. But I can't think of any other rhymes."

"Me neither," nodded Spoony. Pollo observed, "Those two are enough. Thank you Linkara and the Spoony One."

"No trouble," the two men chorused as the robot departed for Linkara's room upstairs. Once he had finished his sandwich Spoony stood up plate in hand. Waiting until Linkara finished his own sandwich Spoony requested, "Want me to put your plate in the sink?"

"Sure, thanks," Linkara nodded, putting his plate on top of Spoony's. With a smirk Spoony retorted as he walked over to the sink, "It's least I can do after you cooked."

Leaning back in his chair Linkara wondered, "Why would Pollo want to write a limerick?"

"Who knows," Spoony shrugged as he slipped the plates into the soapy dishwater. Tapping his fingers on the table, Linkara frowned, "Do you think he met a female robot?"

Spoony snorted as he retook his seat at the kitchen table. "Yeah right."

"Okay, okay. It was just a thought."

Spoony studied the Japanese chart, then glanced out at the pouring rain. "Hey, maybe we could follow Pollo's lead."

"What do you mean?" Linkara questioned, interested. Spoony grinned. "We could write haikus about the rain."

"It's better than nothing," Linkara agreed, scanning the kitchen for a pad of paper to use in writing haikus. Spotting a sketchpad of his he got up and grabbed it so he and his best friend could continue whiling away the rainy days until the sun returned.