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Warnings- Rape, Abuse (mental/emotionless/physical), Swearing, Murder, Senseless murder, Fear, Pain, Suffering, Character deaths (Major and Minor characters and yes I said deaths as in plural), Graphic themes, Self-Harm (In many ways), boy on boy sex and affection, girl on girl sex and affection, boy on girl sex and affection. This is a dark fic that will not have anything close to a happy ending, though there will be happy parts. Things will get worse then better then oh so much worse as time goes on.

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Divided they fall - A new beginning

Kurt stood outside the Glee classroom taking slow breathes trying to calm himself down. Nerves and panic were barely being able to be control and Kurt's new boyfriend wasn't helping matters very much.

"Babe. Relax. Everything will be fine. Glee is our family. They are going to be shocked, asked a lot of questions, then be happy for us." Puck smiled down at the smaller boy and Kurt felt his stress ease up. Slightly. Kurt would never have guessed that out of the two of them it would be Puck who be forcing the issue of coming out to the friends and family.

Telling his father Burt that Kurt was now dating Noah Puckerman was easy and simple. In Pucks case it was also fearful. "So Mohawk? Treat him right or one day you'll wake up with my shotgun pointed between your eyes. Understand?"

Puck later played off that he was only appeasing Burt but Kurt had been there and seen the sweat dripping down the neck of the then trembling jock or strammed out a "Yes sir." Trying not to laugh to loudly and Puck, Kurt had grabbed his boyfriends hand and lead him down to his basement room to help ease his tension.

Meeting Mrs. Puckerman was a shock to Kurt though. It seemed Puck had wasted no time in telling his mother about them. Not 3 seconds after Kurt walked into the house he was embraced by a smiling women. Mrs. Puckerman was the kind of women to age gracefully. Lines of care and wisdom were etched around her eyes, eyes that sparkled as if everything would always work out so take joy in the moment. Pucks sister was a mini bad-ass/drama queen in the making. Hauling Kurt upstairs to her room to help her pick out a few items for school next week she regaled Kurt with stories of her bother often leading to Kurt laughing.

Kurt was snapped out of his musing by Puck asking "So you ready to go in there and watch shit hit the fan or should be just go to your place and fuck?" Kurt blushed while Puck smirked and leered.

Reaching for the door Kurt said "Lets do this." and yanked the door open seeing the familiar faces waiting for Glee to begin. Walking in hand in hand did not have the reaction either boy expected. All they got was a "Finally." From both Santana and Mercedes.

"Wait," Kurt said in complete disbelief "Are you telling me that no one here is surprised or shocked about me being with Puck?"

"Boo," Said Mercedes "we've all seen the way you two have been looking at each other. And don't think that you're little interaction, like brushing hands; have gone unnoticed by us all. We all knew that if you weren't together then you would be soon." Smiling Mercedes hugged Kurt and said "I'm happy for you Kurt. We just wanted to wait until you two were ready to tell us." Her voice losing all its warmth Mercedes turned to Puck and poked a finger in his chest. "Hurt my boy and Burt won't have a chance to shoot you. Clear?" Puck nervously swallowed then nodded to Mercedes.

Santana stood up, looked Kurt up and down and said "Not that I care or anything but hurt Puck and suffer." Kurt edged a bit closer to his boyfriend, seeing this move Santana merely smiled, which for some strange reason was more foreboding, before she took her seat and had Brittany leaning against her smiling.

Kurt and Puck stood there for a minute before shacking their heads and taking seats next to each other. Though out the rehearsal everyone found time to congralute them on their new found relationship. Even Rachael offered to set up a meeting with her two gay dads if they ever had question. Which Kurt and Puck quickly turned down before fleeing the room.

No one ever noticed the eyes burning with hatred.