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Chapter 6 - Promise's

Kurt sat in the choir room at the piano plucking random notes and listening to them as the faded away before picking up a slow mournful tune. As the notes drifted around the room like lost soul's searching for some kind of warmth the tears began to fall again.

It had been 3 weeks since the death of Rachael Berry and her dads and still Kurt felt the loss like a fresh wound on his soul right next to the scar left by Mike's murder. The police and investigators determined that the cause of the fire was negligence. There was no evidence of foul play involved. Only a small cheery fire in the fireplace left unattended for too long that caught the rest of the house on fire while the Berry's had been sleeping. It had spread quickly; so quickly that nobody had a chance to escape. The bodies had been recovered and what remained of them showed no signs other then massive fire damage.

Without Rachael and Mike Glee club was a different place. For Kurt it used to always be a place of comfort. A place were he could be himself and not have to worry about what anyone thought of him. But Mike was no longer here to break into dance at random moments or talking about how the dance moves could be improved on. Rachael wasn't here to fight for all the solo's and talk for hours on end about how important certain things were. True she was annoying more often then not but Kurt missed it. No longer could he sneer and insult her cloths or steal a solo or two away from her and watch her storm out of the room.

Her funeral had been a wreck of emotions. What was left of the Glee club had attended and just like for Mike, they sang a song for her. Well all but Finn. For the last 3 weeks Finn had shifted between crying for hours on end to being almost catatonic. Nothing and no one was able to help him. Puck had spent many a nights at Finn's only to report that nothing he did seemed to even register with Finn.

Puck was affected as well. Not as strongly as Finn but it was there. Kurt had gotten use to holding Puck throughout the night. With the loss of his good friend Mike, Rachael who he had briefly dated and the state that Finn was in from all the above, Puck was withdrawing from the world. No one but Kurt was able to draw him out much. When he wasn't trying another vain attempt to try and pull Finn back into the world Puck drifted though school barely saying anything.

And then their were the nightmares. Every night Puck would wake up sobbing and almost screaming. When he did Kurt would be there to hold him and rock him. Trying his best to sooth and not seeming to do a good job of it. Of course Kurt wasn't holding up much better but it's always easier for him to focus on helping someone else then to deal with his own problems. Life was quickly turning into a series of never ending depressions for everyone.

Puck walked up to the front door of the Hudson-Hummel household and walked inside. Every since Mike's funeral Puck had taken to spending a lot of time their, to the point that Burt had told him to just treat the house like his own. Though Puck suspected Burt only said that because he didn't want to keep getting interrupted while watching Deadliest Catch.

"Hey Burt." Puck said as he walked into the living room on his way to the basement door to Kurt's room.

"Hey there Puck. What's up?" Burt asked never taking his eyes of the TV.

"Not much, just here to see Kurt," Puck gave a ghost of a smile "Again."

Burt chuckled a bit then said "Figured as much. Down in the basement."

"Thanks. Enjoy your show." Puck reached the basement door and walked down hearing the music from Kurt's room get louder with each step. Stopping at the bottom step Puck watched Kurt perform his nightly ritual in front of his vanity. It was a reassuring constant in his life now.

Puck knew that he hadn't been handling things all that well lately. Breaking down a lot and having nightmares that were intense and fearful. But though out it all there was Kurt. Puck had always thought of himself as a strong person but it was Kurt who was the strong one. If it wasn't for him Puck doubted he would have made it though the past month.

Rachael's death had hit him hard. Sure he only dated her for a short, very short, time but he had known her for a long time. While dating her he even got to know her dads a bit. They were nothing like he had expected two gay men to be. They were almost like regular dudes. They loved their little girl with a passion and loved each other just as much. Their house was always filled with a warmth and caring that Puck had never felt before. Even after him and Rachael were no more they still welcomed him and helped answer his question and find himself and his sexuality. They were like the cool uncles he never had before.

Kurt glanced up into his mirror and when he noticed Puck he smiled.

"See something you like Puck?" Kurt asked going back to rubbing some cream on his face.

"Always princess." Puck responded walking over to the vanity. Once he got close enough he leaned over and gave his boyfriend a quick kiss before standing up and going over to the dresser. Since he spent a good amount of time here now Kurt had empty a few drawers so that Puck wouldn't have to keep running home to get more clothes.

Puck quickly stripped down until he was completely naked. When he reached for some pajama pants he glanced over and saw Kurt watching him with barely concealed lust in his eyes. Just that look was enough to start his blood rushing south. Smirking, Puck turned around and asked mockingly "See something you like?"

Kurt blushed a bit but that didn't stop him from getting up and walking over to Puck. When he got close enough he Kurt reached out and placed his hands on Pucks chest. Leaning in Kurt whispered in his ear "Always." Then pulled away with a smirk of his own. Puck shrived at the seductive tone Kurt had used and wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist pulling him closer till their bodies were touching. Leaning down Puck began trailing soft. Feather light kiss's along Kurt's neck, up to his jaw until he reached his ear.

"Puck. . . "Kurt moaned when Puck starting playing with the lobe. When Kurt moaned his name, Puck felt fire flood though his body. Whispering into Kurt's ear "Baby, I think we should move this to the bed." Kurt just nodded and pulled Puck with him.

Kurt and Puck lay together wrapped around each other catching their breaths. Puck felt calmer within himself. He still had grieving to do but sometime during their love making Puck had reached a conclusion with in his mind. Life has to go on. It was time to start moving past the horror's had that had hit his life. He had Kurt and his family, his ma and sister. He needed to pull himself together to really try and help Finn and even the others in Glee that had been rocked by this past month.

"Kurt, you still awake babe?" Puck asked.

"Yes." Kurt sounded tired. "Not surprising," Puck thought "Takes a lot of energy to ride a guy that hard." Smiling at the fresh memory.

"I just wanted to thank you." Puck said.

"Thank me? For what?" Kurt sounded truly confused.

"For helping me get though everything. For . . . Taking care of me."

"Puck you don't need to thank me. I love you and that is what you do for people you love. I'll always be there to hold you up when you need it."

"Thanks Kurt. I promise I will always take care of you. I'll do anything to keep you safe."

Kurt's arms tightened around his body and Puck nestled himself closer to laid his head on top of Kurt's. While drifting off to sleep Puck felt an slight feeling of unease twist in his gut and tightened his hold on Kurt. His last thought before falling asleep repeated in his head "I promise. . . "

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