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Hi, this is my first fic. I hope you guys like it, but I get it if you don't. It's a one-shot about Silena Beauregard's trial in the underworld. Rated K for all audiences.

As she stood in the vast hall, Silena thought about her life at Camp Half-Blood. She had done many great things, and one thing that she would never forget.

She had betrayed her friends.

But she had also befriended Clarisse, rode Pegasus' from her first day at camp, forced people into countless makeovers, fought in the Titan war, and the most important of all.

She had met Charles Beckendorf.

She pictured his face in her mind. What were his thoughts when he had heard of her betrayal? Would he still love her? Miss her? Mourn her? What about her other friends? Her siblings? Her mother? Silena wished she could put things right. But she had died a hero in the end, hadn't she?

The double doors slammed open, and three men walked in. They wore dark robes, had trimmed beards and one carried a small hot pink file. They had an almighty aura, and as they made their way to a long table, Silena's transparent knees trembled.

"Silena Beauregard. You stand before three judges today, as we attempt to decide where you shall go. Elysium? Or perhaps Tartarus. We will give you an answer." The tallest man boomed. The judge next to him slapped the hot pink file down onto the table. There was a picture of a dove printed onto the cover.

"This file contains every single detail of your life. As you can see, it is not very long." He continued. Silena did not bother to listen to the rest. She was too caught up in her thoughts. The good times, sitting around the campfire singing songs, dressing up with her friend Dru when Clarisse had refused to wear anything but jeans and a t-shirt, watching the firework display with Beckendorf.

And the bad times. Betraying her friends, feeding information to Kronos, the excruciating pain of the Drakon's poison.

She had enjoyed life, until she became a spy for the Titan Lord. She wondered what her shroud would like. How many of her friends and siblings lay dead? Who had won the war? She was lucky she had some golden Drachma's in her pocket when she had died, or she would still be in that horrible waiting room.

Silena heard nothing of what the judges were saying, until they said the very last words.

"Silena Beauregard, daughter of Aphrodite. You will be sent to Elysium."