They sit at the clocktower, legs dangling off over the side as they stare into the twilight. Roxas looks at her, the girl with sapphire eyes and raven-dark hair. He smiles, leaning in close to whisper in her ear. His hand overlaps hers, and even through the black fabric of the gloves they can feel the warmth they each give off. It is just the two of them, this time, and nothing in all the worlds could ruin this eternal moment. His lips brush hers, and in the red light of sunset, a blush creeps across her faceā€”both from the kiss and the words that came before it.

"If I had a heart, it would be yours."

Author: Well, this here's my first attempt at writing anything like a 100-drabble fic. I'm not too finicky about keeping the word count at exactly 100, this one here is in fact at 118, because normally I write very long, drawn out pieces. As long as I'm in the 100-word range, I'm happy.

This is partly inspired by "One Hundred Suns" by Amatus. It's very good.

I plan to have this be about a bunch of random-ish KH related ideas I've had floating around for some time. If you have any ideas for themes I could use, however, ideas are much appreciated!

I'll try to update this frequently, but I do have other people waiting on my longer stories to be updated, too.