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Summary: A new captive is brought in front of the king; he has such magnificent blue eyes that forced the crown prince to make him his slave.

"My lord a new one has been captured," said one of the tall guards that carry the limping figure, as they walked through the main hall that led to the Judge.

"That is the fourth one today. What is this, an all out invasion?" asked the receptionist at the entrance to the courtroom.

Humans and angels lived in neighboring countries. Although peace agreements were signed between the two countries, there wasn't any real peace there.

Needless to say, the two sides were not too fond of each other. Humans saw the angels as heartless bastards, who would kill anyone without pity or compassion at the smallest sign of disobedience, even their own children.

As for the angles, for them the human were invaders, who by manipulation and cunning had deceived the previous king into granting them rights on some of his lands and so, with the rising of the new king, had to be eliminated.

The two sides fought for many years but the fighting led to nowhere and many had already died for nothing, so the peace agreements were signed.

But it wasn't a real peace. Every once in a while someone from one side would go into the neighboring country to gather information, but they never got far, for humans and angels were very different from one another. First and foremost in their physical appearance-absence or existence of wings was a pretty obvious sign. There were other signs, too of course, but that was the main thing.

The humans soon realized that it was useless to try to send spies and stopped sending people in but the angels, it seemed were not so perceptive and they kept on sending more men across the border, though it was not clear why.

The angels that were caught were not killed. It was pointless, there was already enough death. At the beginning some were tortured but that too seemed pointless, for the angels that crossed the border were apparently commoners, who knew nothing of importance, so the humans stopped asking questions and instead enslaved the intruding angels.

The guard smirked. He and his partner held the prisoner with one hand under each of his arms, barely stopping him from falling to the floor, he was so exhausted. He was apparently wounded in his right leg but that had not stopped him from being chased for most of the previous night.

The receptionist grabbed the angel by his hair and pulled his head up so he could take a better look at his face.

The angel had thick black hair and bright blue eyes. All angels had amazing eyes. The colors were the same as those of human eyes but those of the angels looked like they were glowing. And this angel's eyes seemed to be even more bright.

The receptionist wrinkled his nose as he took a better look at the angel. He was filthy, which was not surprising but still repulsing nonetheless.

"He seems fit," said the receptionist, and released the angel's hair. "Take him in."

The two guards that held the angel, dragged him through the large wooden door, which stood open behind the receptionist. They walked him through the room that was the courtroom, and dropped him in front of a large wooden table at which sat 5 people with severe expression on their faces. The one that sat in the middle of the table spoke first; he questioned the guards about where they found the angel, where he was captured, what was the distance from the border, how he was injured and all sorts of questions like that. The angel did not seem to react at all to what was going on in front of him. He just sat there with his head bowed and his eyes locked on the floor, waiting for his verdict.

Finally, the court reached a decision; there were too many angels in this part of the country, so he was to be sent to the palace, where his fate would be decided.

The angel was thrown into a wagon along with three more of his people for the four-day journey to the palace. They didn't speak to one another and they did not crowd together, not even as a protection from the cold. They did not even show any awareness at the others' presence.

When they finally reached the palace, they were allowed to clean up a bit. Then they were brought before the king, who was engaged in a casual conversation with Dean, the crown prince.

"What have we got here?" asked the king with a serious but calm expression on his face.

He wasn't very old. He had a short brown beard that matched his brown hair and small eyes that radiated power and authority. In fact his entire appearance said that he was not someone to mess with.

Next to him, on his right, stood the crown prince, who was now looking at the angels. They were filthy, each with different wings and hair color, but all of them with huge wings that were tied to their backs to prevent them from flying or using them in any other way. At first all four angels had their eyes on the floor but then one of them lifted his head and made unintentional eye contact with the crown prince. When their eyes met, the prince's breathing stopped. The angel's eyes shine in a bright and intense shade of blue. He has never seen this kind of blue ever before and for those few seconds that they held eye contact, he couldn't breathe. But it was soon over when the angel realized what he was doing and the danger that he was in and quickly lowered his gaze to the floor. The prince lowered his eyes as well but lifted them back up immediately.

"These angels were caught at the border, your majesty. We brought them here because the town where they were caught, could not keep them because there was no more room," the guard explained. "All four of them were caught on the same day, your majesty."

"Four in one day?" said the king in mocking wonder. "You seem to be eager to become slaves," he laughed.

"Your highness, if I may," piped one of the king's advisers that stood about a meter or two from the throne.

"Yes Chuck," said the kind, gesturing for him to get closer. The small and trembling young man walked a bit closer to the king. He was very smart but not the bravest or the most self-confident. In fact if he wasn't one of the crown prince's friends and an excellent scholar, he probably would not be where he was today.

"I have heard that the kitchens require more slaves. I believe they could be sent there, if there are no objections, your majesty," Chuck suggested. Because he was not all that good in battles and he had no practical experience in the field, despite his wisdom, his consulting domain had been limited to the internal affairs of the kingdom and stirrings of the palace. But he was also a good and honest man, so the palace people did not fear to approach him on any matter, especially those that would probably require the king's intervention.

"I have none," said the king. "Dean?" he asked the crown prince.

The crown prince bowed his head to his father in respect and said, "I would like to have one as my personal slave, if that is okay with you father."

The king nodded. "Very well my son. It's about time you take yourself a personal slave, so which one do you want?"

Dean approached the bound angels. "Look at me!" he commanded.

The first to lift his gaze was the one with the blue eyes. Again he met the crown prince's eyes, only this time he didn't avert his eyes. He kept on looking, staring, as if he was gazing into the prince's soul. A small and unnoticeable smile appeared on the prince's nice face. 'Interesting,' he thought.

The next was a female with red hair and gray eyes. She was very beautiful with a slim and elegant body. He could very well have a good time with her, there was no doubt about that, but the blue eyed one was more interesting.

The next was a sandy-haired male, who was slightly bigger than the one with the blue eyes and had green eyes and dark skin, followed by a young male, not yet a man, that had black hair and black eyes.

The last one was the only one that looked utterly afraid. The other two just looked exhausted and the one with the blue eyes looked opposing. With that the prince's decision was made. He smirked to himself, lifted his finger and pointed at the one with the blue eyes. Then he turned around, bowed to his father, who nodded in approval and left to stand on his father right side.

With that the decision was officially made and the angel with the blue eyes lowered his head in sorrow. Now he was truly lost.