Along Came A Symbiote

Author's Note: For those of you reading my other fanfic, Way of the Samurai don't worry I'm not quiting it. I'm simply writing two stories so that I don't get bored with one story, a problem I had while working on Whirlpool's rebirth.

Chapter 1: Extra Terrestrial

The night in Konoha had been calm, quiet, and peaceful. Young Naruto, a six year old spiky haired blonde boy slept peacefully in his apartment, his pajamas and night cap as his choice of clothing.

His slumber had been uninterrupted…..That was till a foreign object slammed through his roof, destroying the floor below his bed, and killing his neighbors below.

During the chaos of the whole event Naruto had fallen to the first floor and practically kissed the uninviting ground. Groggily looking around Naruto couldn't believe the destruction surrounding him as his bedroom no longer existed and the debris from his room mostly covering the current room he was in.

Too dazed to truly be aware of his surrounding, Naruto did not see the black slime crawling out of a crater and continuing towards him.

The parasite… no, the symbiote, it could no longer be called such a thing as it had made the decision to help its host instead of slowly feeding off them, only to throw them away for another. Odd how it's noble believe had angered it's race to the point that they had imprisoned it and sent it off in the hopes it would not spread it's believe.

The symbiote knew not what deity it should thank as it could only be by the hand of some God that its prison had not only been thrown off course from the barren planet that was its original destination, but broken upon impact.

The black life form didn't want to think of the hell it could have spent in for the next several millennia if not for its new predicament. As happy as it was to be free it was faced with a problem. It had already been some time since it had been attached to a host and without one it would surely die.

Unfortunately the closest living being was the small child a few feet away, and experience had shown the symbiote that most kids were either too curious for their own good or easily scared. Right now it did not want to take any chances. So instead of rushing and scaring the child away, the symbiote chose to silently crawl towards the small boy and attach itself to him.

When it had made contact, a thought of success and much more coursed through it as it began to sense the strong emotions inside of the kid. It hadn't long to delve on this new sensation as it had begun to sense several life forms converging on its and the kids position.

Covering the pajama pants of its new host, it blended itself so to not be seen.

Unaware of his new passenger, Naruto had begun trying to find a way out of the wreckage that surrounded him. Luckily several Anbu along with the Hokage had arrived and helped him out.

The white robed old man carefully studied Naruto. "Naruto are you hurt any where? Do you remember anything?" he asked with genuine concern lacing his old voice.

The young blonde simply smiled. "Yeah I'm ok old man! Ummmm what did happen?"

Tension left his shoulders as the Hokage verified that Naruto was fine.

"I'm not sure." stated the aged Kage.

Naruto looked over the remains of his apartment. "I'm going to need a new place to live in."

The Hokage chuckled. "Well Naruto that can be easily fixed. In the mean time you can stay with me till I find you another apartment."

The young boy jumped for joy at the idea of living at the Hokage's house for a short time.

Unknown to either individual, the symbiote was beginning a long and slow process of bonding with Naruto.

Six years later

Naruto laughed as he bounce off yet another wall as he ran from the several Konoha nins. Why was he being chased? Well that had something to do with a few buckets of paints and a few statues.

Naruto let loose another laugh at the thought of his prank. Some would think that Naruto had done it for attention, but no, he did it due to a bet he made and he planned to collect on it.

"You'll never catch us alive!" howled Naruto as he ran across the side of a yellow building.

The odd way Naruto referred to himself as being more than one person didn't quirk anyone as it had been a habit he'd picked up long ago. It had worried the Hokage at first, but after a while he simply accepted it as a strange tick.

But unknown to all but Naruto, it was thanks to the symbiote that shared his body. After nearly a year of bonding with Naruto, the symbiote had decided to make its presence known to it's host. At first it had provided Naruto with hints of its existence in order to not spook him before truly revealing itself.

Naruto had taken the news better than most would and was actually excited about the idea of being bonded with the alien life form. He even welcomed the side effects that came along with it.

Referring to himself as we and us had only been the beginning. Naruto had learned that he would no longer tolerate being treated less than any normal person would. A nasty temper and a smart mouth seemed to be the only bad side effects so far and were easy to ignore over the positive effects.

The symbiote had gifted Naruto with a new sense of awareness and had given his body a whole new sense of balance and superiority. Now Naruto could flip through the air with such ease that some would wonder how he had gained his acrobatic skills along with how he never seemed to trip or slip.

Increased strength along with, what Naruto claimed to be perfect chakra was an added bonus. It had been a simple task for the symbiote to give its host the chakra control he desired once it had learned enough about the new energy that was chakra.

As cool as all these things were, Naruto's favorite ability was his symbiotes ability to transform into any clothing needed and even blend into his surroundings when used right.

Speaking of clothes, Naruto had his symbiote take on the form of a full black wardrobe. Midnight black boots helped propel him forward and loose leather pants gave off a small, dark, blue, sheen off it's black surface and a tight turtle framed his body well enough as to allow his muscles to show while a leather jacket matched his pants was worn unzipped.

A pair of black gloves and a mask that covered his mouth was the last piece of clothing on him. There were only two places on his clothing that held any other color than black. The first spot was his mask where a set of razor sharp teeth crisscrossed over his mouth as if it had been painted there. And the second was a large white spider emblem that took up much of his chest and torso as its large head and body had been centered on his torso while it's eight legs curved under and around his arm pits only to copy the spider onto his back as well.

Oddly enough it had been one of his classmates that had given him his fondness to the spider symbol he wore.

Flash Back: One year ago

Naruto had been running late to class again. Instead of walking in, admitting he woke up late, and take a scolding from his teacher Iruka, He opted to sneak into the class. Crawling up the wall of the school on all four, Naruto used his chakra control to climb towards a window quickly and silently.

A quick look inside showed that Iruka was busy writing on the board while his other sensei, Mizuki and the class had their attention on him.

Opening the window quickly, Naruto used the same skill crawling up the building, to crawl along the wall and ceiling unnoticed. An empty seat next to his fellow classmate Shino was his destination.

The poor Aburame nearly had a heart attack when Naruto had simply dropped down next to him and had visibly flinched.

A few seconds was all it took for him to regain his composure.

"I swear Naruto, you remind me far too much of one of my insects most hated enemies." said Shino in his usual stoic voice.

Naruto blinked a few times before giving Shino a questioning look.

"Oh and what would that be?"

"Arachnids." was Shino's simple answer.

A quick "Huh?" was Naruto's reply.

Shino let out a sigh before pointing to a corner in the room. "Spiders."

Following the direction Shino pointed to, Naruto spotted a web in the corner of the room and sure enough in the middle of the web was a large spider.

"Why do we remind you of spiders?" Naruto asked, being sincerely curious.

"You crawl along walls with all your limbs and by the time anyone notices you….. It's too late." said Shino, a slight shudder running through his body.

Naruto pondered on what Shino told him before a feral grin crossed his face. "Maybe your right. Hey seeing as you're the bug enthusiast, how about you tell us more about spiders?"

Before Shino could answer a chalk board eraser bounced off Naruto's head, which lead to Naruto turning towards his assailant, Iruka and begin a heated argument on whether he was truly late or not.

End of Flash back

Having grown tired of his game of cat and mouse, Naruto decided to pick things up. Ricocheting off a nearby wall, Naruto let out a small thread of his symbiote from his glove to latch onto another wall and swing around to the other side of the building, an idea he had come up with when Shino had begun explaining the anatomy of a spider and their many abilities.

The two Chunins following behind him had jumped around the corner only to be greeted by Naruto's once again miraculous disappearance.

As soon as the Chunins left, a small section of the side of a building began to shimmer before Naruto appeared as plain as day.

"Hehehehe, works every time!" he stated proudly before making his way towards his class.

The class buzzed with gossip thanks to the absence of both of their sensei's. So much that few even realized that Naruto had opened a window and entered the class. It wasn't until Naruto landed harshly on a desk in front of Kiba in a squat that the whole class knew he was there.

"We win our little bet, Kiba."

Kiba for his part had only jumped a little while the dog on his head, Akamaru, gave an angry bark from being awakened.

"Hah as if you actually out ran all of them, you're probably just getting back from the Hokage's office!"

Naruto used his eyes to give Kiba a threatening sneer, one that Kiba returned instantly.

"The fact that neither Iruka nor Mizuki is here proves that they still haven't caught us."

Once finished with his sentence, Naruto held out his hand, palm up. Kiba allowed a defiant look to stay on his face for a few seconds more before letting out a huff and slipping his hands into his pocket to retrieve a roll of money.

Kiba slapped the money into Naruto's hand before sitting done while mumbling curses.

Naruto didn't even bother counting it before heading to his preferred seat next to Shino. Kiba was loyal and honest to a fault. He may not have liked losing a bet, and he and Naruto had gotten into several fist fights over the role of alpha male, but that didn't mean he would cheat Naruto.

Hinata gave Naruto a shy smile before looking away. Her crush had become rather frightening, but his confidence had still drawn her towards him. Her seat next to Shino was her way of trying to get to know him, but her shyness prevented her from talking to him. Instead she had only been able to give him hopeful glances every now and then.

"What have you done?" Shino accused Naruto as he took his seat.

The teeth on Naruto's mask seemed to grown into a menacing smile. "Oh nothing much, just redecorating the four Kage faces."

Hinata openly gasped while Shino slowly turned to Naruto.

Shino's voice had been unusually loud and held the annoyance that few doubted Shino could feel.


Before Naruto could reply, the classroom door burst open to reveal Iruka among several other Konoha nins, all of which were leveling a collective glare towards Naruto.

"NARUTO! You're to come to the Hokage office NOW!"

Said blonde began snickering uncontrollably. "We guess we have no choice."

An impatient Chunin gave a quick command before launching himself at Naruto. "Get him!"

Naruto laughed as he simply jumped over the lone Chunin and then out the still open window. Once outside he made a bee line for the Hokage tower.

Scrubbing off the paint he put on the four Kage faces was Naruto's punishment.

'Thank God we had the foresight to use water colors. Regular paint would have taken hours to remove.'

Iruka had been the one to watch over Naruto as he cleaned the faces.

"Naruto why do you pull these pranks? You have the potential to be at the top of your class, in fact the only thing stopping you is your lazy attitude when it comes to studying."

Naruto who had just finished wiping off the last face dropped his sponge into a bucket before giving Iruka a bored look.

"What good are those grades you write down in that booklet? Today we've proven that we can outrun and even hide from Chunin, the only reason we haven't proven that we can out fight a Chunin is the fact that an assault charge could actually land us in jail. Especially since that would be assaulting a ninja."

Iruka shook his head before responding. "While that may be true, you should apply yourself."

"A little too late for that, don't you think. The graduation test is tomorrow and we've proven to you time and time again that we can perform any and all of the necessary ninjutsu, and we now just enough to pass the written portion." Naruto stated confidently.

"At least give it your all during the tests." Iruka said with a little hope in his voice.

The chuckle Naruto let out bothered him. "But Iruka! If we actually tried, Sasuke wouldn't be top Shinobi, and if that happened, his entire group of fan girls would commit mass suicide. Now we wouldn't want that, now would we?" he said with much sarcasm.

It was no secret to Iruka that Naruto despised Sasuke. It all started when Naruto and Sasuke had a spar together at school. Sasuke not only beat Naruto in one swift move, but insulted him as well. A few months later Naruto had started going through his changes and the two were once again selected to spar with one another. Sasuke still thought Naruto was nothing to worry about and had turned his back on him at the start of the match to anger Naruto and make him rush in like a fool.

He angered him alright, but things went completely south for Sasuke the second Naruto destroyed the gap between them within a blink of the eye and proceeded to beat on him like a drum.

Much to the horrors of Sasuke's fan club, by the time Iruka had been able to restrain Naruto, Sasuke had a broken nose, several bruises and five broken ribs. From that day forward Iruka had to be ready to interfere in a moments notice whenever Naruto and Sasuke were pitted against one another, as Naruto made it a hobby to tear the self righteous Uchiha apart whenever he could get away with it.

That was another thing that bothered Iruka. Naruto knew how to dance on the fine line that bordered on the difference of him being arrested or just given some small chore like punishment.

"We're done Iruka." stated Naruto before proceeding to climb done the mountain on all fours and head home."

Iruka said a good bye to Naruto before heading to his own home.

A week later

As Naruto had promised he passed the test easily, though he didn't give it his all as Iruka had hoped. Still a Konoha head band was wrapped around his head in the form of a bandana that covered the top portion of his head, giving his mask an even more terrifying look as his eye's were now the only visible feature of his face.

"Hey Shino, think we'll be on the same team, or will we be your predator?" Naruto asked

A small shudder went through Shino. "I don't know Naruto, although I'm in favor of being on your team." said Shino, whispering the last part.

Shino didn't know why, but he felt some kind of connection to Naruto, as if he were kin. Hinata who was listening to the two let out a small giggle as she heard Shino's whisper.

The classroom door opened and Iruka entered the class alone, causing many of the students to give questioning looks.

"Alright class as you know this will be our last day together so quiet down."

One student raised a hand and Iruka nodded to him.

"Iruka sensei, where's Mizuki sensei?"

The disappointed look on Iruka's face wasn't missed by Naruto and a few others.

"Something came up and Mizuki couldn't be here. If there aren't any more questions I'd like to start the day off by telling you how proud I am of you and….."

Naruto had stopped paying attention after that as he was sure he knew that Iruka was going to tell them what was expected of them and how they were being given an honor, and blah blah blah.

After his speech, Iruka pull out a piece of paper and began informing the students of which team they would be apart of. Once again Naruto didn't pay much attention till he heard his name.

"Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and." Iruka's face paled slightly before stating the last part. "Sasuke Uchiha will be Team Seven."

Looking up towards Naruto, Iruka couldn't help but sweat when Naruto's mask looked as if it were smiling and Naruto let out a bone chilling laughter.

"Oh this. Is going to be lots of fun!"

Author's Note: There have been plenty of times where people have written about Naruto getting the venom symbiote, but no one has ever done it like this. Most have chosen to have the suit have memories from both Eddie Brock and Peter Parker. I decided to go in a different direction by giving the suit a clean slate. Naruto isn't insane, but the suit does make Naruto more aggressive. While I wanted to give the symbiote a clean slate, I wanted to incorporate much of its abilities and keep the (in my opinion) cool spider symbol. So I decided to give Naruto a fascination with spiders. Please review and let me know how you like this story so far.