So this is just a quick thing I made up just now (I got bored). It's at the end of Ocarina of Time, and it mainly focuses on Ganondorf (like after he disappears into that burst of Light you know) but there is ZeLink in there (of course). Yup, that's pretty much it. Enjoy! (Nintendo owns everything in the fic)

"Curse you Zelda! Curse you Sages! Curse you...Link!" Ganondorf's voice bellowed through the ruins of the once mighty Dark Castle of his own.

He slowly fell downwards, below him white nothingness.

Waving his arms back and forth desperately, he faught the feeling dragging him down into the darkness. He forced himself up to glimpse through the rip in reality, perhaps for the final time, that seperated the great land of Hyrule and the Evil Realm he had created.

His rage momentarily subsided his gaze rested on the Hero of Time and the Princess of Destiny. He could tell just by the way they were lost in each other's eyes that they were in love.

Link set his hand on the Princess' delicate cheek, and snaked his fingers of his other hand into hers. He could see their lips moving, but could hear nothing but the tortured screams of the damned souls forced into his next destination.

For but one moment, Ganondorf forgot the horrid situation he was in. He had forgotten all his anger and resentment. All he was wishing for at that moment was not for his freedom, revenge of even power. He longed for love like they had...the love of his Desert Princess, Naburoo.

Then his foul feelings came rushing back to him. He was the King of Evil, he could not be feeling this way, he desired revenge on the Hero and Princess. Not reletionship and contentment. He had lost those a long time ago.

He watched as Link nervously leaned closer to Zelda, before she intantly pressed her lips against his, suprising the hero. But it was not long before he shook away his nervousness and returned the kiss.

Ganondorf reached his hand at one last attempt to break free, but fell short of his goal and plummeted down into the void of darkness.

As he continued falling down towards more black nothing, a shimmering image of Naburoo appeared above him.

She wore a blank expression on her face and let a single tear fall from her eyes. And before Ganondorf could even try to do anything, she disappeared.

He closed his eyes and shook his head. No matter how wicked he was, how powerful...he would always feel love for the Sage of Spirit.