Title: Never Let Me Go
Genres: Friendship/Romance
Couple: Royai
Rating: K

She exclaimed from the sting. Her body was screaming at her to calm down. She was too fidgety, too nervous – calm down, calm down, calm down. . .

Accidentally, Hawkeye mistook those footsteps to be his. She shot to her feet, blushed and sheepishly smiled to a passing gentleman. She sat down, eyes wide, ears alert. Her heart was racing; going to burst any second. She couldn't handle this. She wanted information and now. Riza was on her feet again, receiving a concerned look. On second thought, she returned back to her chair.

The officer was drunk with fatigue and anticipation. She was surprised her mind was still conscious, but it wouldn't be for long if she kept this up. Riza gritted her teeth when her scar exploded in pain.

Someone spoke. Hawkeye jumped up.

The man smiled slightly at her, frowning. Riza didn't return it, reluctantly sitting back down.

She wrapped herself in her arms. Her stomach continued to flip; it felt like butterflies were fluttering inside her. She felt sick. A desperation swirled throughout her – she had never wanted to see him so much.

He had been standing a few metres away for a while now, watching her jump up and down. He smiled a little, flattered she had waited. He sighed.


She stiffened. Riza whipped her head around. She watched him for a while, eyes wide with sweet curiosity. She took a step.

'Can you see me?' Her voice cracked.

Mustang blinked. Smiled softly. 'Yes.' No more words needed to be spoken. No explanation.

A rush of excitement and happiness burst inside her. She wanted to cry; she wanted to scream like a little girl. She had never felt so happy in her pitiful life.

Riza ran and threw herself on him, smiling so damn wide. Roy stumbled, shocked by her action. She held him tightly – furiously. Gripping onto his coat, pressing herself against him as hard as possible, desperate to not ever let him go.

He stared ahead for a moment.

Roy wrapped his arms around her, closed his eyes and, for the first time in years, laughed.