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Vash: Moving forward now...

I always thought that my life was pretty boring… well average perhaps. Being the cautious, attention-avoiding person that I am, I've always strived to evade being in situations that made me uncomfortable or that could be potentially dangerous, which led me to become a socially awkward individual. Not that I didn't like hanging out with people, because I did enjoy it (as long as they weren't completely annoying and arrogant), but I was terribly awkward around others so… it just really made things more embarrassing than anything. So low and behold, here I was at the age of twenty, with good grades, a goal in my life for college, but with no real social life besides my roommate, who is also a bit of a shut-in (or perhaps she's just too lazy… like I can be) so I don't think that counts. About six months ago I finally got tired of the nothingness that happened in my life and decided to move four hours away from home in order to go to a nice university (that didn't just feel like an upgrade from high school like my other small town college), dragging the only friend I have (that's a girl at least) with me. Having the awesome parents we have (or grandma in my case) they decided to pay for our rent while we rented out my step-sister's basement, which is more like a mini-house. So at the moment, Vash and I, Nicky, are living out our shut-in lives together, which is more human interaction than I'm used to, so I believe it's a step in the right direction! Which leads up to the current situation of boredom.

"Blahhhhhh I should go to the store but I don't wanna go by myself. What if I got kidnapped or something? Or what if a hobo chased me?" I shuddered quietly under the blanket I had wrapped around me while I sat on my comfy leather sofa. Since we did live in a basement, it was notorious for remaining the same cool temperature all year round, even though it was ninety-two degrees outside, for which I was grateful for. I hate the heat.

A sigh escaped my lips, blowing some of my shoulder-length grayish-blonde hair away from my face. My bangs had gotten a little long and it was beginning to get annoying.

"'Spose I'll just play some Animal Crossing then. I do need to catch that damn dragonfly for my collection," I muttered crossly, flipping from AV2 to AV1 on the TV. If it wasn't obvious before, I'll let you know now that I have a thing with talking to myself, or other inanimate objects. I guess I get lonely in my own way.

The familiar calming music of the game played softly as I started up my save file. Being the slightly OCD person I am, I made a schedule for myself to get on this game at least once a day so I could maintain the weeds and make sure I didn't miss a chance at adding to my bug collection by catching the stupid insanely fast dragonfly I had to catch. It was really becoming irksome though.

Today I could only spend a half hour on the game, compared to other days where I spent five, before turning it off in frustration. Now I was back to being very bored, without a Vash to annoy with pointless things. At the moment, even though it's summer, she has been working six days a week doing things to prepare her for going into pharmaceutical sciences. Which is pretty awesome really, though I'm sad when she's gone and the boredom makes me really weird.

"I think it's iPod time!" I stood up and refolded the blanket I was using, setting it in its proper spot, and skipping over to my iHome. "What do I feel like… hm.. oh I know." I flipped to the song "Tonight Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae, which had been stuck in my head all day, and started singing and dancing to it. I'm not sure it could be consider dancing, though. Maybe it's better described as seizuring. But… that's not a word. Oh well, it is now.

While spinning and waving my arms like an idiot, I glanced at the clock, noticing that I had three hours until Vash got home. Too long for me. That means I'd have to find a more long term entertainment, or just eat food.

"I need some Kool Aid now." I walked over to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of Cherry Kool Aid, drinking most of it in one gulp, and setting down the remainder near my iHome, when suddenly I remembered my task I had for the next month: to retrieve Jen's (my step-sister's)mail and newspaper, and water her plants twice a week. I decided to go get the mail while I remembered, so I slipped on some shoes and opened my door to go upstairs and out to the backyard. The house was designed in a way that there was a separate door for both upstairs and downstairs that both converged into one area that housed the laundry room and back door. That way I didn't feel like I was invading personal space. I dashed out the back door and winced as the sunlight hit my face, making me squint horribly.

"I hate you sun. Why can't it be overcast today." Sunlight and me didn't get along, unless I was swimming. Then it was okay. Or if I had sunglasses.

Anyway, I retrieved the mail and newspaper from the front porch, making sure no one saw me in my t-shirt and sweat pants and ran into the backyard, closing the wood gate behind me. Thank goodness for a fence. Otherwise I probably would never go out in the backyard. Too self-conscious I guess, but with the fence being over six feet I felt more comfortable. And it was a decent sized backyard with a hammock so why not take advantage? But, not today. Today I had the task of getting the mail and that was it. It was far too sunny outside for me to actually enjoy being outside. Kinda off topic, but that's okay. While lost in thought, I felt my foot bump into something slightly heavy. I looked down and noticed a large cardboard box sitting in front of the back door. So much for feeling safe with a fence. I looked around and didn't see anyone, but was too nervous to actually open the box. It was sloppily folded together over the top and I wasn't expecting a package, making it more suspicious. I kneeled down next to box, debating whether or not to chance opening it and possibly setting off a giant explosion, when I heard a small mewing come from the box.

"Kitties?" I blinked, and ripped the top of the box open, seeing ten kittens staring back at me, looking equally confused. "Confused kitties? That's weird. Probably just seein' things…" I stood up and rubbed the back of my head, a frown covering my features as I searched the yard again with the same result. "Well… I can't just leave you out here. I guess Jen wouldn't mind… hopefully." A reluctant sigh escaped my lips while I ran a hand through my hair. I walked around the kittens and set the mail on a table near Jen's back entrance for her to see later and picked up the box, which was quite heavy by the way, maneuvering it carefully into my basement home.

"Sheesh kitties, you guys are heavy, no offense." I set them down near my couch and went back to close both doors before taking a seat near the box. The kittens were still staring at me, oddly silent, so I stared back. "Well… now what? Do I keep you or give you to the shelter, or give you to a homeless person for a midday snack? So many choices." I decided the best way to go about it would be to weigh the pros and cons. With the logical choices at least. "Okay then. I've always wanted kitties… but I'm a poor college student so… ten kitties is kinda a lot to take care of… but I really want kitties… but Jen isn't a big fan of cats… but Vash really likes cats and misses her cats so… it'll be like we're splitting five and five… ugh. What a bittersweet situation." My head fell into my palms as I tried to make a decision. A rather loud meowing sound brought my head back up and I looked into the box to see an orange kitty with gray spots on its face looking at me with an almost commanding expression. I narrowed my eyes at it.

"What do you want me to do? I barely have enough money to feed myself. And you guys aren't supposed to be smart enough to understand what I'm saying." I raised an eyebrow at the thought. "Are you guys like aliens or something weird like that? Or perhaps you're bioengineered smart kitties with super powers!" While I said this I got excited and grinned. "That would be pretty cool. Okay I decided I'll keep you guys 'cause you seem pretty awesome, and you kinda creep me out too." The orange one's expression softened a bit, as if understanding what I said. "Jesus, that's creepy. Don't do that, haha. I guess I should name you guys, let's start with orangey here." I reached in a picked up the one I had been staring at and he bit me suddenly, but not hard enough to draw blood.

"Owwie! You meany. I'm letting you guys into my home AND I'll be buying your food and such and this is the thanks I get? Rude." I pouted and brought his small body in front of me so I could look at him face to face. "I assume you're a guy, since you're such an asshole, but I won't hold it against you. Hmm… I'll name you Nonopherian because that'll make Vash happy, and you'll probably get along with her better than me. You should consider yourself lucky." I set him down on the floor so he could walk around and explore a bit, but instead of doing that he just sat there quietly and stared up at me.

"Okayy… I guess I'll keep going then." Next I picked up a white kitty with pinkish colored eyes. I smiled, and cheered, "Oh cool! You're like albino or something! You look awesome!" I checked to see he was a boy and then tapped my chin in thought. "Hm… well I'm not so good with manly names so… I'll just give you a name I like. You shall be dubbed Marshmallow! How about that?" I grinned again and his little kitty eyes almost seemed angry, but since he's a kitty, I didn't care that much, so I sat him down next to Orangey, who I decided to call Orangey since I declared his real name to be used by Vash. That and I was lazy.

I picked up a deep red kitten next and my grin just grew wider as I started to laugh excitedly. "Wow! You're beautiful! Or handsome I guess seeing as you're a boy but wow! So pretty!" I think the kitten was pleased, so I continued happily. "I'll name you Spirit, since you guys have the same colored hair." For those who don't know, Spirit is the red-headed dude from the Soul Eater anime. Anyways, I sat him down and grabbed two cats to make the process quicker. The first one I noticed was a yellowish-cream color with blue eyes.

"Ooooh you're pretty too! I'm so lucky to have such good looking kitties!" I laughed evilly while blue-eyes looked at me oddly. "I'll name you… Foofy because of how fluffy you are!" My green eyes moved over to catch Marshmallow's eyes. "Now you aren't the only one with a girly sounding name." When setting down Foofy, I noticed that the kittens seemed to be conversing with each other and almost seemed amused with the names the white and yellow one got. I giggled, "I see you're enjoying you're names. There are still more to go though." The kitten in my other hand meowed and I looked to it noticing it had a weird orange splotch over its face while the rest of its body was black.

"Looks like you got too close to an exploding pumpkin, little one." I tapped my chin with a thoughtful expression, when the thought hit me, making me snap my finger. "I got it! I shall name you Helghast, because you look just like them with those colors. I'll have to show you later since you're so smart and all." He meowed and I sat him down next to Foofy, who hissed at him. "Guess you two don't get along so well… I'll remember that." So I picked up Helghast and moved him next to Orangey who didn't seem bothered by him, though he didn't seem to be bothered by anything so far anyway. Except for me at least. I leaned over the box counting five kitties left. "Okay let's see I'll just get you all out and point to you with your name." With only one girl out of all of them, it was relatively easy to remember genders when I put them all in a group.

"Now then," I pointed to a dark brown kitty with darker brown lines that almost resembled stiches, and the most amazing green eyes, "You will be Professor Layton!" I patted him on the head and he looked bewildered. "You, my good sir, have a very distinguished name. You should be proud. And you," I pointed to a pure black one, "will be Izaya because he's awesome! I'll show you him later too." Izaya is a character from the anime Durarara who reminds me of the black kitty in a way. Except I don't think that the black kitty is psycho… or is he? Only two greyish-blue ones remained and one that was black and white split down the middle. I picked him up first.

"Well aren't you an interesting one. I've never seen such strange markings on kitties before you guys. Hm… you shall be Calcifer because... I just thought of that name and he's my favorite character from Howl's Moving Castle! Besides Howl of course… hehehe." Cal jumped out of my hands and the two left moved up towards me. I wagged a finger at them and "tsked".

"You guys are too smart for your own good. The bigger one with the black face marks will be Fishy and the smaller blue one will be Lila because that's a cute girl name." I smiled at them all and stood up, feeling accomplished. "Well then kitties, you have all been officially named by moi, so now I have to go get you some food and stuff. Hm... since you're smart kitties, I don't want you getting bored while I'm gone." I walked over and grabbed the box, flipping it over and setting it on the ground near the couch as a kind of step. Some of the cats got the hint and used it to get onto the couch, then looked at me expectantly. I grabbed the remote and turned the TV on, turning it to a random movie, which happened to be Transformers. The cats seemed surprised at first by the sound and picture, but after watching for a moment they relaxed into it. I laughed lightly.

"You guys are silly. Well… does anyone want to come with me? That way you could help me choose the right things for the rest of you. I have a feeling you won't like normal kitty things..." The cats looked to Orangey and he seemed to give the "okay" for some of them to go with me. I blinked and waited to see if any would step forward. Spirit, Izaya and Helghast moved closer to me, looking up to my face. "I'll assume you guys want to go." They seemed to nod. "Okay then, let me get dressed real fast. I'll be right back." Excitement started to move through my body, causing me to skip to my room, closing the door behind me, since they are smart kitties, you never know. I finally had cats and they were pretty and awesomely smart, how cool is that?

Deciding on something simple, I put on a pair of black shorts and a bright blue Pokémon shirt with Pikachu on the front. I walked out only to bump into Calcifer, causing him to flop over onto his side, making me giggle.

"Sorry Cal, didn't mean to scare ya'. You must have been spying on me, eh?" I picked him up and held him close to me, petting his head, hoping that was a good enough apology. "What a cutie you are." He started to purr quietly and almost seemed surprised by the action, making me laugh more. These cats were just too much. It's almost like they just realized they were cats.

I carried him out to the others and set him down next to Lila. "All right kiddies, as in children, since you are kittens and all, I'll take Spirit, Ghast and Izaya to the store and I should be back in an hour or so. I believe this movie is two hours or so long so hopefully you don't get too bored. I'll make sure to bring back some good food, for you guys at least." Thinking about it, I'd probably be living off of macaroni for the next while or so, which was fine with me really, until I wanted steak. Which is always. Sigh. I stopped moping and grabbed a medium tote bag that housed my wallet, keys, etc. and set Ghast inside, sensing him to be a trouble making kitty with that eager expression. He popped his little head out of the side while I sat the other two on each of my shoulders.

"Okay I think we're ready then. Hold on kitties, I'm not sure how steady my shoulders are. Feel free to use claws if necessary." I waved to the other cats goodbye, feeling like a weirdo for talking to cats and thinking they're responding to me, and locked both doors behind me as I made my way out. Izaya looked at me curiously. I blinked back at him, unsure of what he was thinking. "I just locked to make sure no one would come steal my stuff… or your friends." He seemed to relax a bit, so I guess that's what he was wondering. I made my way around the house and grabbed my bike that was leaning against the side. Luckily for me, my bike had a basket, so I set my tote, with Ghast in it, into the basket along with Izaya and Spirit.

"I don't want you guys falling off my shoulders while I ride this. I'm not coordinated enough, I'd probably tip the whole bike if you sat on my shoulders." My face fell realizing how true that statement was as I made my journey to Petco and possibly Smith's, for my interesting new kitties. Boy, would Vash be surprised when she got home.

Foosha: Let me know what you think of the characters, I hope it didn't suck too bad! Also, here are the names of the cats and who they really are. I'll post another one at the beginning of the second chapter.

Pein = Nonopherian/Orangey

Konan = Lila

Zetsu = Calcifer

Tobi = Helghast

Deidara = Foofy

Sasori = Spirit

Hidan = Marshmallow

Kakuzu = Professor Layton

Kisame = Fishy

Itachi = Izaya