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Chapter Seven

The eminent arrival of Alice certainly stirred things up in Volterra. I'd never seen such a flurry of action in the palace. It unnerved me, whilst still having fluttering of excitement in my stomach at the prospects of seeing Alice. She'd been my true friend since we'd first met and despite the change of circumstances, I couldn't ignore the foundations of our relationship; we were best friends.

Deep inside me I hurt at what Alice had done, but know the dynamic had changes. I was no longer Alice's bait, I was my own person; I was Jane's mate. For the first time in a very long time, I feel like I truly belong.

"Baby." Jane's arms wrap around my middle as she snuggles her face into the curve of my neck, skimming her nose up the column of my throat. I shiver at the delicious sensation that runs through my body and tilt my neck to give Jane better access. Finally her nose settles at the juncture of my throat and shoulder and her teeth settle over the skin, holding me firmly before releasing.

A sigh slips from my lips. "Not fair."

Jane is smiling smugly when I turn around I pout petulantly in return. She holds up a hand.

"Don't you dare!"

I stick my tongue out in defiance and before I can blink, Jane has dragged me backwards and bent me over so my ass is high in the air. WHACK.

Her palm collides with the firm, round cheeks of my ass and the sound reverberates around the hallway. I gasp in embarrassment and I know if I was human my cheeks would have burned bright red. The vampires surrounding me avert their eyes and I allow Jane to spank my behind several more times.

The punishment ends as quickly as it began and I draw myself up whilst Jane pets my behind, soothing the soreness left. "Don't push my dominance in front of others," she whispers against my ear before biting gently on the love.

I know Alice will be arriving shortly so I have to prepare. I leave Jane behind knowing we will dissolve the sexual tension later when we are very much naked and wrapped around each other in our bed. The thought sends shivers down my spine. We are very much a team and whilst Jane my command my body, I am not the abused partner.

The bell tolls in a distant part of the palace indicating the arrival of our guest, Alice. I take a calming breath before quickly dashing back to my shared apartment with Jane to change into my jeans and blouse. I skip wearing my panties because I know Jane will only demolish them later, but I put on my sheer lace black bra because I know Jane would not be pleased if I were before other vampires in such a state of undress.

I slip on my collar and firmly secure the clasp at the back before rushing off to the throne room to stand with Jane before Alice enters. At the moment one of the Volturi guards will most likely be escorting her through the maze of corridors that I am just beginning to learn with my new extensive memory thanks to the vampire genes making it so much easier. However, for those that have never entered the palace before it appears to be a labyrinth of cream marbled walls and floors.

The back door to the throne room is slightly ajar and before I can slip in, I'm dragged aside my Jane and pushed against a wall. Her hand slides beneath the waistband of my jeans and she cups my naked flesh making me gasp. Her lips attack mine in a furious kiss and I know any vampire in the near vicinity will sense how heightened my sexual desire is. Jane's hand rubs against my clit making me squirm and her other hand moves to settle against my collar. She pulls away, her eyes black with desire and growls.

"Naughty, Isabella, no panties."

I grin in return and she licks my cheek.

"Remember, as soon as you enter that room everybody will know you are mine. That collar represents you belong to me, you will do as I say before our superiors and you represent me. Now be a good girl." Her fingers deftly stroke me a few more times before withdrawing, leaving me a sodden, shivering mess.

I practically whimper at her denial, but grasp her hand and allow her to lead me into the throne room.

Aro, Marcus and Caius are already seated and their smiles are wide as they take in us two. I walk a couple of steps behind Jane and allow her to direct us to where we are to sit. She has a plush red chair prepared and a large, overt red cushion beside the chair for me. She helps me settle on the cushion stroking my head before she takes a seat.

There is a knock on the door that signifies Alice is just outside the door. Only an ornate wooden door stands between our reunion now and I'm unsure of what to feel. My brain is still transferring between human limitations and the vampire boundaries and my emotions are somewhere split in the middle. Meanwhile Jane continues to touch and soothe me and I relax under her touch.

Eventually one of the guards opens the door and allows Alec and Alice to enter. Alec quickly glides over to settle himself in the black chair beside Jane whilst Alice slowly makes her way into the room looking rather unsure. Next to the mass of grey hoods that represent the Volturi guard she looks rather lost and forlorn. I don't move though, knowing I have to wait for Aro, Caius and Marcus to make their introductions as well as Jane's assent.

"Alice, dearest!" Aro exclaims. "How wonderful to see you." He stands up and his arms are extended as he waits for Alice to come to him.

She shoots a furitive glance my way before making her way over to Aro and his awaiting arms, where she allows herself to be folded into his embrace and for one of his pasty hands to grasp the pale skin visible on her neck. He closes his eyes and leans back with a smile full of delight on his face as he absorbs her memories.

It always sends shivers through me when he does that because it doesn't feel quite right. It's such an invasion of privacy. Even though I'm still so torn about Alice, I can't say I blame her for her rigid stance and frown as she feels her very experiences being drawn for her.

After a few more moments Aro eventually breaks his hold on Alice and allows her to step away from him. "Excellent, dearest. Jane." He motions his hand to my mate and she removes her hand that was petting me to grasp my chin. She takes a moment to look into my eyes and assess me before she plants one firm, swift kiss on my lips and nodding her head in assent to talk to Alice.

I don't like that everything is so exposed and that our reunion must come before the eyes of all the Volturi but there are no secrets between the loyal guards. Everything must be known, that is Aro's very power.

"Bella." She smiles when I begin to stand and approach her and she seems to become a little stronger and more confident in her surroundings.


Slowly we make our way together and I stop a few inches from us, whilst Alice bounces on the balls of her feet looking like she wants to throw herself at me. I see her eyes darting towards Jane and back to me and then the collar. It symbolises that no other vampire is allowed to touch me without permission and Jane and even a simple hug between friends is forbidden. It's stupid, but without these rules in the vampire world, some males descend into crazed jealously and I'd hate Jane to attack somebody unnecessarily.

"I'm so sorry about everything, Bella. You have always been my friend, I promise you. It's just I realised that you could help me; I never meant to hurt you."

I nod and I twist my head to look at Jane who slowly nods her head. Rather begrudgingly if you ask me, because it looks like she doesn't want Alice to be near me. Then I hug Alice.

When I wrap my arms around her and her little body shivers I realise that no matter what Alice has done she'll always be my friend and I cannot ignore that. Not only did she hurt me, but she's hurting too.

"We'll talk later," I murmur against her temple before drawing away.

Alice steps back and then a group of guards turn to escort her away. I look frantically to Jane who comes and drags me back, this time to sit on my lap where she immediately slips her hand beneath the waistband of my jeans making me jump with her public display of affection and nuzzles her face against my neck.

"They're taking her to quarters next to ours, don't worry."

I try not to show the emotions that are taking over me, especially with Jane acting with so much possession of me before other. She begins to vibrate as she growls softly and I scan the crowd watching the guards slipping from the room. I eye Alec who is watching us with an odd expression before he too leaves.

Even Aro, Marcus and Caius leave the room, to leave the throne room entirely empty except for Jane and me.

"That was so hard watching her touch you. You are mine, Isabella, only mine!" She sounds so despondant that I wrap my arms around her and murmur in assent.

Her body quickly pushes me up and onto the big cushion with her above me. She tears down my jeans leaving them shredded and rips off my blouse and slices my bra before spearing me with her fingers.

I cry out in bliss. "Mistress!"

She works my body into fervour before withdrawing. "Promise me you only want me."

At this point my brain is lost in a haze of need and desire for her.

"Promise me." Her eyes are crazed and her fangs are elongated.

"I promise you. I love you, Jane!"

Then again she attacks me and her hands and mouth are everywhere. Her fangs scoring my neck, her tongue swirling around my nipple, her thumb pushing against my clit and when he fingers spear me again, I shatter apart in an mind-blowing orgasm.

I slump back against the cushion and smile happily at Jane.

"What was that for?"

Jane's lips turn down slightly before she mutters, "Alice is to be our new foreseer."


"I don't want to lose you."

Then it clicks in my brain that Jane feels threatened by my best friend. I rise up and take Jane into my arms.

"You are my life; love and mistress who I just let sexually claim me before practically the whole guard. I don't do that for anybody, silly." She growls at that, but I ignore her. "I'm glad Alice is back so I can straighten things out with her, but she will never be my Mistress."

Jane smiles slowly, rather sheepishly. "I love you too, baby." She kisses my nose and I realise that Jane has a sweet, vulnerable spot despite her scary exterior.

"You ruined my clothes." I pout.

"Guess I'll just have to keep you locked away in here, and you deserve punishment for calling me silly." She grins wickedly and I slide out from under her with a challenging smile. I'm acutely of how she is entirely clothed whilst I am naked, but I prance about.

"Bring it, baby." She winks and I begin to run to the thrones.

I'm tackled before I even get there. Jane holding me down before she leans and bites my ass cheek. I shriek in delight.

"We have only just begun." She giggles and I know that things are only just beginning between us.

The future looks very bright indeed.

Well guys, this is the end, of Jane and Bella. It has been a lot of ups and downs and long waits on your part.

Thank you everyone for sticking with me. I know it's been so long and I never intended it, but hopefully you'll be happy with this conclusion since I didn't know where to take Jane and Bella anymore. They were only ever meant to be a short trip, but they ended up being so much more.

Thank you for all your wonderful support. I love you guys, and maybe see you in the future!