Won't Get Fooled Again Keeperoliver Chapter 1

A/N: Hello my friends. Just thought I would let you Know that this is the sequel to Door To The Past. It will start off right after the passing of Harry and Tom. Future Harry will pass on something to the present young Harry that will direct his future. Hope you like it. It will be sad in places, and happy or even funny in most. Harry will grow up with a sibling and an adopted sister. As always, Ollie the Keeper.


As Harry's spirit left his body, it made a sidetrack, before leaving this plain of existence. It entered the house in Godric Hollow that is the residence of James and Lily Potter. It made it's way to the small frame of his other self, and passed through it, leaving behind memories and knowledge. It then made it's way to it's final destination. Harry Potter of 1998 no longer existed.

Lily and James made their way back into the house after talking to Dumbledore. lily felt like she just lost her son, and had to talk about it to James, Alice and Frank. "You all know what happened out there, and how Voldemort was finally defeated. Yes it was a miracle, and yes it is a great burden off our minds, but do any of you feel sorry for the person who gave up his life so willingly for our freedom. I have to tell you all something, and you will probably think me crazy. I believe I know who he was." Before she continued, she reached down and picked up her son Harry. She hugged him close as tears formed in her eyes. "OH Harry, I know it was you. What happened to cause you to make such a sacrifice? Why weren't your father and I there to stop it? Will it still occur, and will I lose you once again? NO, It will not happen again. James do you feel it as well?"

James looked to Lily with a tear in his eyes. He knew what Lily just said rang true. Was he willing to admit it? "Lils, I have to agree it felt like I knew him. Whether it was Harry or not I can't say. I do believe that his looking like me with your eyes was a bit unnerving. If I were to go by that, then yes, I could believe that he was our Harry. But for that to happen, there would have to be time travel involved, and we know that that is not a likely hood. Time travel that far back is unheard of. A time turner only allows you to go back 24 hours. That man was at least 18. How was it possible?"

Alice broke into the couples conversation, "James, just because we don't know how, doesn't make it impossible. Anything is possible given the right circumstances, and the knowledge. With Lily and I being in the Dept. of Mysteries, we see things on a continual basis that should not be possible, don't we Lils. Look at Selena. Just the other day she was able to produce food with magic According to Gumps Law, that should not be possible, yet she did it just the same. With that being the case, it just shows that just because we have never heard of it before, doesn't mean it is not possible."

James acknowledged Alice's statement with a nod. Yes, if the need arises, then anything could be possible. But if what Lily said were true, then why did this future Harry give up his life so easily?

Lily was still crying, holding her Harry a little tighter, making it a bit uncomfortable for the child, and he started to squirm in her arms. Lily put him back down when he started this, and watched as he went back over to Neville to continue to play.

Very little was said after this, and soon Alice, Frank and Neville left for the home of Frank's mum, planning to spend the evening, until Frank could assess the damage to their own home.

Harry was asleep, and Lily put him in his bed for the evening, then joined James in their bedroom.

Lily checked on her daughter Amelia, who was two months old. She was a surprise but it was a pleasant one. How three girls came into the world on the same day, with the three mothers being friends. It would be a shame if the girls did not become close as they grew up. Lily thought back on the day she and her friends all delivered their darling daughters.


Lily was due around Harry's birthday, and when that came and went, she became worried. It was now 10 days after Harry's birthday, and finally she went into labor. On August 11, 1981, Amelia LeAnn Potter was born. Four hours later, Ginevra Molly Weasley was born. Six hours after this, Luna Selena Lovegood was born. Three girls and all the families were friends with each other. The three fathers were all sharing their pride in the waiting room with their friends. This was when Xenophelius was told that there were complications with Selena's delivery, and they had to take the baby. Selena recovered, but it would be the only child her and Xeno would ever have. Though he was saddened by this, he was happy to have both still with him.

Lily and James had asked Remus to come in so that they could talk. Remus entered the room seeing Lily holding the baby to her breast and feeding her. He turned around to leave when Lilly stopped him with a laugh. "Does this embarrass you Remus? Come in and sit down for goodness sake. You might as well get used to it, as you will be seeing it again. It is natural for a woman to feed her baby from her own body. Now, James and I have a request. Go ahead James ask him."

James smiled at Remus, "Rem, you know how we made Sirius Harry's godfather. Lily really wanted you to be it, but, you were not available. You are now, so will you be Amelia's godfather?"

Remus thought his heart would burst. James and Lils actually wanted him to be so close to their daughter. He knew they loved him, but not to this extent. He became choked up. It was hard for him to speak. He just nodded his head in acceptence. He was an uncle to Harry and a godfather to Amelia. Just the opposite to Sirius. James then had Sirius come in, and Sirius went into one of his childish fits when hearing Remus was made Amelia's godfather. He wanted to swap places with Remus, and let him take Harry, and Sirius would become Amelia's godfather. He loved the idea of scaring all the boys away who wished to court her. Remus just told him that it was his responsability, and he would perform it to the best he could threatening any one with Moony. Anyone that knew him to be a werewolf would know what he meant.

Amy, as that was what she was called, Luna and Ginny grew up to be best friends. They were celebrating their fifth birthday together. Harry got along good with Luna, and Loved Amy. Ginny however was a different matter. He avoided her like she was evil. He never talked to her, even when she tried to talk to him. He was never mean to her, at least not in his opinion. He didn't know that ignoring someone was a form of hurt, when the other one truly wanted to get to know him.

On October 18, 1988, Lily was at work when the undersecretary approached her with some bad news. "Mrs. Potter, would you please join me in the supervisor's office, I have something to tell you that will be very upsetting."

Lily joined the undersecretary, and took a seat at his request. "Mrs. Potter, I know you and Mrs. Lovegood were very good friends, and it is with a hardened heart that I have to tell you this. Late last night while working on a project for the ministry, A terrible thing happened. One of her spells went hossibly wrong, causing an explosion. Sadly, she didn't survive. Her husband didn't take this well at all. He is at St. Mungo's in the permenently unable to cure ward. Luna is at the moment staying with the Weasleys, but, it is not a permenent location. They are not financially secure enough to take her in. With you being her godmother, we were hoping you could provide her with a home?"

Lily was devastated by the news. Her friend was gone. Her husband mentally gone. Her daughter was with out parents. How could this be? Of course she would take Luna in. There was no way she was going to another family. Or an orphanage. Lily cried as she told him she would talk with James, but, she was sure he would agree to taking Luna in.

James did agree, and soon Luna joined the family, but it was a different Luna then the one Harry and Amy grew up with. This Luna had a far away look in her eyes. She talked of creatures she made up in her mind, as if they were her friends. She would break down and cry, while in the middle of a conversation. It took Harry, Amy and Ginny six months to get her over her loss. Ron kept off to the side, afraid he might catch whatever it was Luna had. Even though he was eight, Ron still acted like he was four.

Even with the help that they were providing for Luna, Harry and Ginny never spoke to each other. Ginny and Amy talked about this on many occasions and my could never give Ginny an answer. Harry would never talk to her about Ginny. Many times he would walk out when Amy brought up her name.

With Ginny, Amy, James and Lily not able to find out what Harry's problem was, Lune finally did. "Harry, we have known each other all of our lives. All seven years of it. Boy does that sound stupid or what?" Causing Harry to laugh. "Now we are brother and sister, and closer than ever before. In all that time, we have been close to Amy, but you have never been close, tried to get close, or even start a conversation with Ginny. Harry, Ginny is a sweet girl, and she is trying to be your friend, why won't you let her in?"

Harry started to get up and leave. Luna didn't even try to stop him. He stopped him self. He didn't know why, but he felt Luna could understand him, where Mum, dad, Amy or Ginny would not. He walked back to the bed and sat down next to her.

"Luna, I feel you will understand why I feel the way I do about Ginny. For some reason I can't explain, I feel like I was hurt by Ginny. Don't ask me when, or how. It was I really liked her, but she didn't feel the same way, and she hurt me. I don't want that to happen to me, so I avoid her so it will not. How could she hurt me if I don't show her I care. I will not let her close to me until I know she really does wish to be friends. I know you are going to tell Amy, and then she will tell Ginny this. I just didn't think Amy would understand what I was feeling. And I certainly could not tell Ginny. I was afraid to tell mum and dad. So you see where my dilemma lies. Maybe later I will learn to trust her, but it feels like I fooled myself into thinking she liked me. I will not be fooled again. I hope this doesn't change your opinion of me. I really do care for you, and Amy, and I don't want to lose your friendship and definitely don't want to lose you or Amy as my sisters."

Luna stared at Harry for a few seconds then answered he brother "Harry you could never lose Amy or I as sisters or as friends. I think you should tell mum and dad though. They might have an answer for you. They may know something we don't know. Give it a try and see what they say. Please do this Harry. Ginny is really trying to understand you, but, you refuse to let her close, and it hurts her. She doesn't know what she has done to cause you to hate her."

"I don't hate Ginny, Luna. I just don't know what it is about her that I don't trust. She has never said anything mean to me. She has never tried to hurt me. I don't know what it is? I just feel like somewhere, somehow she did hurt me very much. I suppose I should talk to mum and dad about it though. You're right, they may know something I don't know."

Harry got up and went down stairs to find his parents. He found them in the kitchen drinking tea and just talking. "Mum, dad can I talk to you for a bit. I have something to ask you, and to explain what is going on between Ginny and me. I just talked to Luna. Now before you get on to me about why Luna and not the rest of you, just let me say, I felt she was the most likely to understand what the problem was. Amy I know wouldn't, and you might find it hard to accept." and Harry told them the same thing he told Luna. Harry was taken back by his mum's reply. "So that was the cause."

James just nodded his head. He seemed to agree with what ever his mum meant. "The cause of what mum? Do you know something about why I feel this way? I don't hate Ginny, and I don't know why I don't trust her. I hate that I feel this way, and want to try and be friends with Ginny but I can't as long as I feel this way. Please tell me what you know."

"Harry, I don't know if what I tell you is true. It is just conjecture on my part. On October 31, 1981, there was an incident that took place that saved the magical word. A terrible evil was defeated that night but at a cost. A young wizard gave his life that night, willingly. I think you know him as the Hero. This is the part that we are just taking a guess at. This hero we believe was a time traveler. He came from somewhere in the future because of something that happened to him. Now this is where it gets confusing. He was maybe 18 and had dark unmanagable hair, and emerald green eyes. He looked just like your father only with my eyes. He looked just like you Harry. We believe he was you Harry from the future. Now from what you just told us, we can now form a picture of why he came here, and that he may have left something behind. I would say that this man had strong feelings for Ginny, and for some reason she did not return those feelings. Perhaps they were even lovers or in love. Now that you have these feelings, I think he may have passed on to you some knowledge of this future, both good and bad, to try and either protect you, guide you or encourage you. What ever you do Harry, don't ignore Ginny anymore. Try and get to know her. Understand her even. She is your sister's best friend and will always be around you. Now that you have two sisters and they both are friends with Ginny it will be even harder to keep away from her. Perhaps this future Harry, If that is who he was, is trying to tell you to get to like her and not lose her."

"But how do I do that mum? How do I just change direction and start to like Ginny after all this time ignoring her. Won't she be suspicious of my actions?"

"Maybe, or she could just take it as a change of heart, thinking it was because of your sisters that you were afraid to get too close to her. Or maybe it was her brothers you were afraid of. What ever the case may be, you need to try and get to know her and find out what it is that you are feeling about her. It is hurting her not knowing what it is she has done to cause you to ignore her like you do. And Harry you have never hurt any one and I doubt you wish to hurt anyone."

"I don't wish to hurt any one mum, dad. I just don't know why I am like this with her. It is very confusing. I like the Weasley's, and want to be friends with Ron and the twins. Bill and Charlie will be gone from Hogwarts when I start there so I want to be able to talk with them when I do start. I don't know about Percy, he is kind of a snob if you ask me. He is alright, but way too intellectual."

James laughed at Harry's description of Percy. He had to agree with him though, he was a bit of a ponce. "Harry, what ever your problem is, you can not solve it by ignoring it. Ginny is always going to be there whether you like it or not. She is Amy and Luna's friend and that is reason enough to try and get along. No one is telling you to fall in love with her, just try and get along with her."

"I'll try dad. I really will. Now that Mum has told me about the hero, and who she thinks he may have been, maybe there was something between me and Ginny. What ever it was, I will do my best to avoid it. Thanks mum and dad. I really do appreciate your talking with me, and letting me know what your thoughts are. This hero probably wasn't me, but to know how you felt about his brave act and how he affected your lives was a great story. The girls will love it." and Harry left the two parents with a look of mild amusement. Just like Harry to pass it off as a whim by his mother. Something like out of those cheap romance novels that Amy and mum always read. If he is lucky Luna won't be that way. When he walked back into his room, disappointment hit him right away.

Both Amy and Luna were reading one of those novels. Maybe he will wait to tell them of mum's thoughts. Another disappointment, as the girls put their books down, "Well, what did they say?" They both asked together.

Harry told them what mum's thoughts were. This had them both crying. "What are you two crying about?"

"It's so sad." Coming from Amy.

"Unbelievably sad." Coming from Luna.

"Just like the books." Coming from them both.

"Why didn't I know this was coming? It was just a thought. There is no real proof that this is what happened. Come on, you think he was from the future like in the movies? This is real life here. Things like that don't happen. But, mum and dad did get me to realise that I am hurting Ginny by ignoring her. Please see if she can come over this weekend. Don't tell her why, just for a visit. I think I really need to talk to her. And don't say anything about the time travel, you'll scare her away."

Luna jumped up and ran out of the room and down the stairs. She was back three minutes later and said, "Ginny said she will be here."

Harry had mixed feelings about the upcoming weekend. He wanted to talk to Ginny, but was afraid about what she might think. Well, at least he has time to think about what he wanted to tell her.