Won't Get Fooled Again Keeperoliver Chapter 15

Albus buried Gellert in a very private ceremony in his home town in Germany. Albus was the only person there. After the ceremony Albus conjured a comfortable chair for himself to sit and big farewell to his friend.

"Where did we go wrong Gellert? Why did we take separate paths? When we started out, we wanted what was best for the Magical world, and took it as challenge to complete this task. I agreed with your idea of pure blood rule. Then when you changed it to pure blood supremacy I had to put my foot down. All of the people needed a say in how they would be governed, not told what was to be done. Not told how they would live their life. Choice, Gellert. That was the reason I agreed to your idea. When you took that out of the equation, and tried to force your will upon the people, you went too far. Then when Ariana died because of our argument, I became lost. It took Aberforth many a night to get me out of my remorse. That was when I decided it had to end.

Hitler and Hirohito had become too strong, and Hitler was trying to commit genocide with the Jews. How could you allow that? Did you become so callous in your feelings that an entire culture became meaningless? What changed in you?"

Albus lowered his head in reflection. He looked down at his hands, wondering why his friend became so distant. That was the way he ended his little talk with his once friend. Albus banished the chair, and said his goodbyes to Gellert. He then turned and Apparated away from the grave site, never to return. Gellert's grave was never visited again. A sad ending to a once proud man.


With the end of term gone, and Harry, Amy and Luna settling in for the summer, James decided he would take this summer off to be with his family. Lily Quit her job with the ministry to be with her family. Money was not a problem, and when Minerva asked her to join the staff to teach Potions due to Horace Slughorn wishing to retire, she accepted. This way she would be with the children year round.

The summer was spent on the beach, or at amusement parks. James had quite a few events he called barbecue's which he learned from an American friend working in the Ministry. They were so comical when Sirius tried to help. Lily wondered how he still had hair. It had been burned off twice already. And still he tried to help by starting the charcoals. This third time showed her how Sirius was getting burned. He was getting a little help from Remus.

Ginny, Draco and Neville became live in guests, as they were getting to know their mates quite well. Draco and Amy would sit in the swing that was situated in the back yard. Neville and Luna were often found in the garden area tending the colorful array that bloomed there. Harry and Ginny just walked the grounds, holding hands and watching the squirrels playing in the trees.

Life for Harry and Ginny was at it's best after Harry finally figured out that Luna and Ginny were right. He was meant to keep Ginny close, and not let her go. His memory had been pointing to that from the start. He was just to stubborn to see it or admit it.

Now that he saw the light, he glowed when he was around Ginny. Not literally mind you. He just felt that way.

The one thing that annoyed him was the song her and his sisters sang at the celebration. He couldn't get it out of his head. He was upset that Ginny had given George his CD player back.

However, on his birthday, he received one from James and Lily. Luna and Amy got him some CDs of some local groups. Ginny got him a copy of the Pointer Sisters greatest hits which included I'm So Excited. Sirius and Remus got him and the rest of the family, to include the Weasleys, tickets to the World Cup match that was being played in England this year.

Sirius had been riding Remus' case due to his infatuation he had for his cousin Tonks. He even locked the two in a closet for four hours, and became irate when instead of being pissed, Remus thanked him while wearing a huge smile. It didn't help the matter when he saw Tonks wearing one just as big.

The day of the travel arrived and every one was to go to a certain location where a portkey was to take them to the site of the match. Once arrived, James Sirius and Remus went to work setting up tents. They made their reservations for three days prior to the match, to enjoy the atmosphere. Arthur wished to help, but Molly managed to steer him away. She knew that the tents would never be put up if he were to help. James thanked her by blowing her a kiss which she caught, and then with an evil glint in her eye, she patted it to her butt. Sirius and Remus lost it when they saw that. It took near ten minutes for them to calm down. Who knew Molly had such a spirited mind.

The minute they arrived, Fred, George and Hermione were gone. They went in search for Daphne who they knew she would be there. Once they found her they went in search for some one else. Ludo Bagman was the event superintendent and the legal betting agent. Fred and George used money they had been saving, along with money they got from Harry, Neville and Draco to place a bet of a 100 to 1 long shot. They bet the Irish would win, while Krum, the top rookie Seeker for the Bulgarians would catch the Snitch. If they one, they would receive 20,200 Galleons for the bet. A nice start for their dream of opening a magical joke shop.

For three days Harry and Ginny were visiting friends from school that were there for the game. Ginny was pleased to see that Dean had started dating Padma, and Seamus was dating Parvatti. They also saw Susan and Hannah there with their boyfriends Colin and Justin.

Once the day of the game arrived, the families made their way to their seats in the stadium. The view of the pitch from their seat was great, and to Ron's enjoyment it was right next to the refreshment stand. Him and Lavender would miss much of the game when they left for refills.

The start of the ceremonies had the two teams announced by their mascots. The Leprachauns preceded the Irish out, and the Veela preceded the Bulgarians. They almost lost Sirius when they showed up. James and Remus had to grab hold of him to keep him from jumping out of their box. Others were not so lucky to have friends there to stop them.

The game was a long one, with the Bulgarians being beaten to a pulp by the Irish Chasers. The score was 300 to 40 when Krum finally caught the snitch making the final score 300 to 190. The twins were given a draft to take to the Minister of finance to collect their payoff.

The party that evening went far into the night. Dancing, drinking and singing taking place all over the grounds.

It brought an end to a wonderful summer.


When the students were settled into their seats, the Sorting began, and when it was over, the Headmaster started the meal. The talk for the most part by everyone was the Results of the World Cup.

Once the meal was complete, then the Headmaster stood to make his start of term announcements.

He introduced his new Potions Professor, which brought about wolf whistles and cheers from the students. Lily stood and curtsied to the students, thanking them for their warm reception.

Then they were told of the bad news that there would be no Quidditch this year, but instead, Hogwarts would be hosting the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Durmstrang and Beauxbaton would be joining the school in mid October for the event. The age restriction brought about many boos but they soon died down. Albus knew there would be many attempts by under age students to enter.

Finally, on October 20th, the two other schools made there appearance. Beauxbaton was the first, and the aisle was filled by beautiful young ladies as they made their way to the Professor's table led by their Headmaster Madame Maxime. Once they were seated with the Ravenclaws, the Durmstrang students made their way down the aisle led by their Headmaster Ivan Karkaroff. Ron began to panic when he saw that Viktor Krum was with the students.

The Durmstrang students took seats among the Slytherin students. And then, much to the delight of Ron, another feast was brought out. Not the normal meal served. He was looking forward to this year if they were going to eat like this every meal.

The ten days leading up to the name drawing kept the students amused. Three different time Fred and George tried to put their name in the cup and all three failed, with the last time ending up with them going to see Madam Pomfrey to de age them. Others had tried as well, but none with the funny results the twins had.

Finally the feast before the drawing arrived and Ron seemed to be putting more food away than usual. Hermione looked disgusted, and Luna asked him where he was putting it and why he wasn't fat.

Ron was ready to answer with a mouthful of food, when Ginny spelled his mouth shut, not wishing to be sprayed with a shower of half eaten food. Ron finally swallowed what was in his mouth and said, "I have an over active digestive system that needs to be satisfied with more than the usual amount of food. That is why I eat so much, and stay thin."

Ginny snorted at this, "Funny how that has never been discovered in all of the exams you have received from Healers. In fact you always get normal check ups when you see them, Nothing out of the ordinary."

"A lot they know. I should know my own body better than they do, don't you think?"

"Not unless you have a degree in Healing? From what the family has seen, you barely get by your courses you are taking. How do you stay so thin?"

"You know how. Just like I always have."

"OH come on Ron. You don't run like you did when we were young, chasing the twins after they pulled a prank on you. Or playing tag or Hide and find. In fact you don't do anything that even comes close to exercise, unless you consider chess to be exercise?"

Ron refused to answer, and continued to eat. Nothing could come between him and his meal.

Once the meal was complete, much to the dismay of Ron, the students made their way to the room where the names would be drawn.

Albus made his way to the cup, and with Madame Maxime, and Karkaroff he drew the first name. "From Durmstrang, our first champion is Viktor Krum."

Viktor made his way to the back of the room where he was told to wait.

"Next, from Beauxbaton Fleur Delacour."

Fleur stood up, and appeared to float to the back of the room to stand withViktor.

"Finally, from Hogwarts Cedric Diggory."

Cedric stood up and purposely went past the twins to rough their hair as he made his way to the back to stand with the other two Champions.

The flames that were burning in the Goblet died and it went dark. No more names would be drawn from it.

As the champions were led from the room with a round of applause following them, the rest of the students left the hall.

It was the end of November when the first task was to be given. Harry and Ginny were walking along the edge of the forest when they heard a roar. Harry pulled out his father's cloak and threw it over him and Ginny to investigate where the sound came from, and from what made it.

They made their way to a clearing about 100 meters in the middle of the woods and paled at what they saw. Three Dragons were being handled by Charlie and two other handlers. They didn't want to get Charlie or the others in trouble, so they left. However, they felt that the champions had to know so that they would be prepared.

The first champion they found was Fleur. She was walking back to her carriage when they stopped her. "Miss Delacour, may we talk to you for a minute?" Harry asked?

"What is eet you wish to see mee about?"

"Ginny and I just came from the forest, and we saw what was to be your first challenge. We thought you might like to know what you will be facing."

"I would indeed. But why would you tell me, and not the other champions?"

"You were the first one we found. We will be telling the others as well."

"Thank you for not giving me an unfair advantage. Not what is eet you saw?"


Fleur paled when Ginny said that. "We have to face and defeat Dragons? How?"

Harry quickly stated, "I don't know if you have to defeat a dragon, We just know they will be a part of the challenge. I know it's not much, but at least you have time to learn something about them. Maybe you just have to try and keep away from them. You aren't a dragon handler, so they will not make you face a dragon to defeat it. Don't over think the problem Fleur. Learn what you can about them then use what you know when you know what it is you have to do."

"Thank you Harry and Geenny, You are right. I at least know what part of the challenge is."

Harry and Ginny bid her good bye and moved on to find the last two champions. Cedric was the next one found, and Ginny was the one to get his attention. "Cedric, a moment of your time please."

"Certainly Ginny. Hi Harry."

"Cedric, do you know what your first challenge will consist of?"

"Haven't a clue, and it is bothering me. What if it is something I can't handle, like a dragon or something?"

Ginny almost threw up with Cedric's last statement.

"Ginny, are you all right?" Cedric asked.

Harry answered for her, "Ced, Ginny is just sick over what you said. The fact that one of you biggest worries is in fact what the challenge is. Dragons."

Now it was Cedric who was feeling sick, "Are you sure Harry? We have to face a dragon?"

"We don't know if you have to face it Cedric, we just know it is a part of the challenge. Maybe you just have to keep away from it for a certain amount of time? The big thing is, at least now, you know what a part of the challenge is, and you could learn about it to help you get through the challenge."

"True, and that helps out quite a bit, now that I think of it. Thanks Ginny, Harry."

The two went off to find the last champion. They found him on the Quidditch pitch with his broom.

They waited for him to land, then approached him, "Mr. Krum, may we speak to you please?"

"Only if you call me Viktor."

"OK Viktor, do you know what the first challenge will be?"

"No. It would help if I did, but they will not tell us, just that it concerns being brave, and that we can only go in with our wands."

"Well then Viktor, I believe we can help you. We don't know exactly what the challenge is, but we do know dragons have something to do with it. We are both of the opinion that you don't have to defeat one. We think you have to avoid it. With you, it should be quite easy, being as good a flyer as you are."

"We are not allowed to bring anything but our wand into the arena."

"That may be true, but once you are there, can't you call on it using your wand?"

Viktor thought on it for a minute then broke out laughing. "You two would have made fine Durmstrang students. Of course I could do that. It is so simple. Thank you both. I must practice calling for my broom now, so if you will excuse me. OH, do the other champions know this?"

Ginny answered, "They know what they are facing, but you are the only one we helped figure out their course of action. Because of this, now we must assist them."

"You are right. I could never take advantage of this knowing you helped me and not them."

Ginny and Harry left to get help from Amy, Luna, Hermione, Draco, Neville, Fred and George. Together they made plans for the last two champions. When they approached Fleur and Cedric with what they prepared they both hugged and thanked them for their help. Now all of the champions had a course of action to follow.

The day of the first challenge arrived, and Viktor was the first to go. He entered the stadium and as soon as he was in there, he Accioed his broom and dodged the flames coming from the dragon, and retrieved the golden egg that was in the nest.

Next was Fleur. Fleur's strength was Charms she used this to turn herself into a young dragon to get close to the nest. The dragon guarding the nest ignored the young dragon, and thus allowed Fleur to get in and take the golden egg with out being seen. She was glad that Ginny had talked to her brother and got some items that carried the scent of the dragon. She rubbed these all over her to hide her real scent. Being a dragon from the reserve, it was used to the human scent on the young dragons, so the mixed scent on Fleur was nothing strange or new.

Finally, it was Cedric's turn. His strength was Transfiguration. Before he entered the stadium, he transfigured two large boulders into dragons of other breeds. When the one protecting the nest saw the other two, it charged the others taking them out. This gave Cedric time to slip in and take the Golden egg and make his escape.

Because of their help, not a single scratch was made on the champions. All three received perfect scores.

When the announcement about the Yule Ball was made, Fleur asked Ginny if her brother who supplied the items for her scent to be hidden was going to the ball, Ginny said she would ask. Unfortunately, Charlie wouldn't be able to make it, but, Bill could go in his place. Ginny told Fleur that her brother Bill would be pleased to be her date. She just never said that Bill was not the brother that provided the items. Sneaky, yes, but it all turned out well in the end.

Harry had asked Ginny to go to the ball with him, and she accepted. Then she was asked by Viktor, and she hated to turn hi,m down, but she had to. However, she knew someone that he could take, and she told him to stay there for just a moment while she went in search of her friend. She returned with a beautiful dark haired beauty with a creamy light complexion. Ginny introduced them. "Viktor, I would like you to meet Tracy Davis, Tracy this is Viktor Krum. Now if you will excuse me I have to go see if my boyfriend is going into shock with me not being there."

Viktor got to know Tracy, and after about 30 minutes asked her if she would go to the dance with him and she accepted.

The ball itself was excellent, and they all had a good time. Harry danced with Ginny, Luna, Amy, Luna, Hermione. Luna, Fleur, Luna, and Ginny. Neville was thankful, as his feet were killing him. Draco also got his share of dancing with Amy and Luna. They were not able to keep Luna off the dance floor. To her she was a Princess, and she wanted to be able to dance with all the princes that were there. When she got Viktor to dance with her, he could not believe the energy that was coming from the young lady. She kept him on the dance floor for three dances. He wanted to wrap her up and take her home with him. Neville kind of balked at that understandably.

Time went on, and the second task was on them. They knew what was expected, but not who was to be used. Cedric had to save Cho, Fleur had to save Bill, and Viktor was surprised when he found out he had to save Luna. Harry almost went crazy when he learned that. He went to the twins before the start of the second task, and got something from them he may need if the situation arose. They gave it to him but hoped he didn't have to use it.

Once the challenge was started, Harry knew from the start he would be using the item. Viktor was the best person on brooms there was. In water, he floundered. He tried to use the shark head charm to complete the task, but it didn't last long. He was in the water for ten minutes when he surfaced, gasping for air. Harry took the item given him by the twins and dived into the water. Once he hit the water, Gills formed on his neck and webbing formed between his fingers and toes. He saved Viktor, and then went back in the water and went after his sister. He found Fleur in trouble with the Grindylows and helped her. She thanked him and then went after Bill. Harry saw that Cedric was already heading toward the surface with Cho and that Fleur was releasing Bill. He went to Luna to free her when a sharp pain hit him in the side. He looked down to see blood seeping into the water. A merman was prodding him with a spear telling him to leave. Harry fought with him for a second, then using his wand sent him flying twenty feet away. He released Luna and grabbed her about the waist. He then put her on his back, and using the rope that bound her, tied her hands around his neck. He then swam for the surface leaving the merpeople behind.

He got the twins to help him get Luna to someplace to warm her. Then he turned to the Headmaster to take his punishment for interfering with the tournament. Albus was smiling at Hary with a bright twinkle in his eyes. "Harry my boy, where did you come up with that marvelous potion to change like you did?"

"I'm sorry Headmaster, but I don't want to get anyone else in trouble."

"Harry, you are not in trouble. In fact you deserve a Letter of Achievement for your act. You did not do anything wrong. Although Miss Potter was safe, you acted out of instinct to save her. Mr. Krum was disqualified from the challenge the minute he broke surface. Helping Miss Delacour further helped your act. It seems you could have performed in this tournament and done quite well. Now why don't you go join your sister and see if she has come back to us, while I try to figure out what we can do to straighten out what we have here."

Harry ran to the tent to see how Luna was and almost laughed when he saw her and Viktor joking with each other. Luna looked up to see Harry enter the tent and got up and ran to him. She pulled him into a hug peppering his face with kisses. He just picked her up and spun her around. Viktor came to them and Harry put Luna down and Took the hand that Viktor offered him. "Thank you Harry. I am not too good in charms as you saw. I can do them, but they last just a moment. Luna was just telling me that she was perfectly safe, because she knew you would save her if anything happened. I see she was correct."

"She is my sister Viktor, and I would let nothing happen to her if I can help it."

"Are you going to get punished for your participation? If you are, I will fight it with you. You should not suffer because of your love for Luna."

"No, in fact Albus said I may receive a letter for doing what I did."

"Good. Now how about a cup of hot chocolate, it is quite good?" and the three sat and drank a cup of the sweet beverage.

Harry went to the twins as soon as he was able and gave them a thousand Galleons for their help. They tried to refuse it, but Harry wouldn't hear of it. What they did by providing him with the Gillyweed pellets they used for their prank potions were the key to his success.

Time passed on and finally the last challenge was about to start. It seemed they were to try and get through a Maze and find the cup. The first to find it would be declared the winner. It took two hours, but the winner was announced. Fleur was the first to the cup, and claimed the 1000 galleon prize as the winner of the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

The three champions promised to stay friends and write each other. They also included Harry and his family along with the Weasleys and Hermione. To the shock of them all, Fleur and Bill got together and started dating. Two years later, there was a double ceremony. Fleur and Bill along with Remus and Tonks had a double marriage. They also carried children at the same time, although Tonks beat her by a couple of months.

Harry and Ginny married a year after, along with Draco and Amy. Neville and Luna broke up during sixth year as He found someone else. This left the door open for Viktor, and he was there right away. He followed Harry in marriage by one month. Luna became pregnant on their wedding night and had a boy nine months later. They named him Harold LaMont Krum. Harry was his godfather. Ginny his godmother.

Harry and Ginny worked their career choices for five years. Ginny as a Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies. Harry the general manager of the WWW Hogsmeade extension. Him and Draco were partners in that one.

Harry and Draco made an enemy when they opened it. Mr. Filch dreaded the letter W until he retired from Hogwarts.

Yes, life was as it should be for one Harry James Potter, and his wife Ginevra Molly Potter.


A/N: Well my friends that's it. I know it's not much, but I just wantyed to show that life had become routine for Harry. No more to say. I hope you enjoyed it. See you soon with the continuation of Donny Potter, then my new stroy which I have finally got a title. Look for it soon. It's titled {Simply Irresistible}. As always, Ollie the Keeper.