As Harry Potter left the Hogwarts Express with Fred and George, the sense of dread was beginning to set in.

"It'll be okay, Harry" Fred whispered.

The twins were the only people who had known about Harry's home life. Even though Ron and Hermione were his best friends Harry felt safer with the twins.

"Just write if you need us" George said, "And we'll see you soon enough."

"Alright, thanks guys" Harry muttered and gave them quick hugs before being led away from his world by his uncle.

The car ride to Privet Drive was a silent and very uncomfortable ride.

When they pulled up Harry automatically went to retrieve his trunk, but Uncle Vernon stopped him.

"Under the stairs, boy" Uncle Vernon growled "Then strait to your room. And give me that stick."

Harry fought the urge to smile. He had thought of this and made sure all of his most prized and special items were left with Fred and George, including his wand.

Harry handed over a fake wand, one of Fred and George's making.

However, Harry still flinched when it was snapped between his uncle's fingers.

"Now go!" Uncle Vernon bellowed.

Harry quickly took his trunk in the house and went directly to his room, after leaving his trunk downstairs in the cupboard. He took a book out of his pocket, which George had charmed so that muggles couldn't see it and opened it upon seeing a blue light glowing. He read the note:


Write to us as soon as you read this. Dumbledore stopped by the Burrow this afternoon and said some things about your Gringotts accounts to Mum. He and Mum were saying something about your inheritance and properties and something about Ron and Hermione receiving their money. How are the Muggles? Just say the word and you will be with us before you can say 'Weasley'.


Harry quickly searched his room for a quill, finding one in his loose floor board, Harry wrote"

Fred and George,

The Muggles haven't done anything YET. The wand trick worked, sorry about your fake wand. What do you mean inheritance? I don't own any properties either. Paid for what? Guys, I don't know what you are talking about. Let me know.


Harry sighed, "What the bloody hell are those two on about now?"

He had gotten his inheritance, hadn't he? The vault he had been using since his first year.

Harry quickly put away his two-way under his pillow as Vernon came thundering up the stairs.

"BOY!" he thundered "Why the bloody hell am I already getting letters about you?"

"I don't know Uncle Vernon," Harry muttered, glancing at the blue light peeking out from under his pillow.

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Dursley," He started reciting the letter, "I just wanted to inform you of a few events that occurred here at school concerning Harry. I am certain Harry will feel better when he has someone to talk to. Your nephew witnessed another student being murdered, by a man aiming to kill Harry." Vernon stopped and smirked. "So you're a murderer."

Harry's eyes widened, "You did get Cedric killed" Harry thought. "Don't think that. Fred and George said so themselves, it's not my fault."

As Harry came back to the reality of the situation, he was blind-sided by Uncle Vernon's fist colliding with his face and then another in his stomach. As the toe of his boot connected with the side of Harry's head he slipped into darkness.