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Delia Ketchum she married a man who did not want children and so she chose to divorce him and keep the child

she loves her son ash Ketchum the Pokemon master Delia looks back to before ash began his journey

Connor Ketchum ash's dad who left at the start

wolf Delia's Growlithe

looking back to the beginning

Connor Ketchum was outside training Plusle and Minun

when Delia came out of the bathroom and ran outside shouting "Connor!" "Connor! "

Connor sighed and said what honey?

Delia embraced him in an gracefully happy hug and replied" i am pregnant! "

Connor"s answer was brisk and cold " you either get rid of the child or loose me "

Delia choose to keep the child and he left

after the birth

Delia held her baby boy in her arms and said ash welcome to this wonderful world

with a beautiful smile gracing her lips

learning how to eat

"ash stop playing with your food " Delia says as ash throws his plate at wolf

ash "giggles " as his mommy picks him up

"ash what am i going to do with you ?" Delia asks as she goes to give him a bath

toddler days getting lost walking

"ash!" " where are you honey where did you go" Delia calls out

as his mommy searches frantically for him as walks him self back home for a nap

Delia rushes home to call officer jenny to help her search for her son since wolf was adopted by said jenny only to find ash napping on the couch

terrible twos

every time Delia turns her back ash gets into some thing and breaks stuff

ash rushes to Delia and hid behind her as an angry neighbor tell Delia to keep a closer eye on her tot

meeting Gary oak play date

Delia and professor oak bring their kid/grandson to the the park to meet and play

the boys played and got along well and when it was time to go the both threw a fit

having both adults promising to make another play date for the future


"mom?" a six year old ash asks kindly

"yes ash?' Delia asks

why doesn't dad visit me? ash asks

because Connor and i don't get along anymore Delia replies

oh k ash responds


ash and Gary were best friends but then they saw a butterfree and they both had different opinions on the Pokemon

ash said isnt butterfree a great pokemon ?

Gary says no beedrill is so much better and then began the rivalry

''is not better !''

''is too better !''

''is not''

''is too'' and so on the became swore enemies

ash"s ninth birthday


''yes ash? ''

''was dad a Pokemon trainer?''

''yes in fact he was a electric Pokemon master''

''then mom i will become the Pokemon master !''

''oh ash you would have to beat the Pokemon league''

"i will ma and maybe i even battle dad one day "

the day before his journey

"ash did you pack your you know whats"

"yes ma "

ash and his mom stay home this and and talk about the past and future and Delia finally told ash why his dad

was not here with them and ash being ash was just glad that his mom was happy with her choice

extended ending

ash walks into his moms room in his Pokemon master mansion and

asks" ma are you happy how i grew up ?"

"yes ash"

"don't worry then ma go and enjoy your date with dad "

after ash became Pokemon master he challenged his dad to a battle

after the battle he asked his son if his mom ever moved on and he said no i don't think so

so he asked Delia out to dinner

and they became a happy family

a/n i have finally posted this story after trying to piece it together for awhile