Shades of Blue and Yellow

By Ladybug

Disclaimer: I do not own any of J.K Rowlings wonderful characters. Although quite frankly like every other person in the world with I did!

Summary: After all that's happened nothings changed right? Wrong, everyone's beginning to notice the new Harry. Can Remus and Sirius bring the old Harry back?

Chapter One: Kicked Out

Sitting on the same small bed he had for the last four years, things felt different this summer for Harry. It had only been days since he'd gotten home and already he wished he were with his friends. The dread of the upcoming summer wasn't what was on his mind though. As every other day since he'd gotten home, all he could think about was Cedric. Everyone had told him what happened to Cedric wasn't his fault, but he still felt it was. He wondered who was writing him when a small fuzzy owl came flying into his room through the tiny window. The window that relieved Harry from the heat on the days the Dursley's went away and locked him in his room.

He smiled slightly at the small owl and grabbed the letter from him. He read it softly to himself:

Dear Harry,

Do you see that pathetic owl mum got Ginny? Ginny convinced me to use her new owl saying it was faster then mine. Well, it might be but I still think it's pathetically small. Anyway, everyday I beg mum and dad to ask Dumbeldore if you can come. I'm wearing them down I swear! If I don't get myself grounded in the process. How are you doing? Dudley get fatter again? Fred and George say hi, I'm not sure what there up to these days but it cannot be good knowing them right? I promise I'll have you here by the end of summer. I'm trying my hardest.


Harry laughed thinking of the argument Ron probably had with his little sister about her new owl. He grabbed a piece of paper to write Ron back, but heard his uncle yelling from downstairs so knew he'd have to write back later.

"Where are you boy?", he heard his Uncle yell.

"Right here", Harry said walking out of his room to the top of the stairs.

"What is this?", his uncle yelled holding up a small envelope addressed to Harry.

"It looks to me like an envelope", Harry said sarcastically.

"That it is, but it's addressed to YOU", Uncle Vernon bellowed.

"Well, then why don't you just give it to me", Harry suggested knowing that would never happen.

"You've only been here a few days boy and already the attitude comes out", Uncle Vernon snapped at Harry, "and this family doesn't intend to put up with it this summer"

"Sorry Uncle Vernon", Harry muttered.

"No your not, I want you out of here in five minutes", Uncle Vernon glared.

"Whaaaat?", Harry panicked.

"4 and a half minutes", Uncle Vernon reminded Harry.

"I'll be good, I promise!", Harry pleaded.

"Your wasting time", Uncle Vernon added.

Not knowing what else to do Harry ran upstairs. Quickly he began tossing his things into his truck. Books, quills, and parchment went flying across the room as he frantically packed his things. After making sure he had everything, he ran down the stairs past Dudley who was laughing hard. He burst out the house, and didn't stop until he was at least a block away.

"Don't panic", Harry thought to himself, "think what are you going to do"

Suddenly his eyes turned quickly to where he had heard a rustling in the bushes. He began to half run again when he felt something tugging him on his pants leg. He looked down to see what it could be and sighed with relief.

"Sirius…it's just you", Harry said stopping to catch his breath.

Once again he felt a tugging on his pant, out of breath he ignored it. Sirius continued to pull on his, irritated Harry looked into the dog's eyes. He could read them as if they were a book. They were saying follow me, so he did. Harry followed Sirius until they came to a small forest. He saw Sirius look around before he transformed back into his normal self. Only he looked quite angry.

"What are you doing out here and night all by yourself!", Sirius whispered.

"Uncle Vernon kicked me out", Harry whispered back.

"And why would he do that?", Sirius asked.

"Someone sent me a letter in the mail, it made him mad", Harry explained as he felt himself began to shiver. It was late, and it was a little cool out then the average temperatures they usually had.

Sirius seemed to noticed and placed his arm around Harry, "We've got to get you someplace safe"

"You've gotta get out of here Sirius…if you got caught", Harry panicked.

"I'm no going anywhere until I know your safe", Sirius tightened his arm around Harry, "were going to Hogwarts"

"Sirius no…I don't want to go back there already", Harry pleaded.

"What's wrong? Why not?", Sirius asked worried.

"I just don't okay!", Harry snapped.

"I really don't have much of a choice…the longer I keep you out here the more danger you're in", Sirius turned Harry around so he was forced to look at Sirius.

"Ron's…can't I go to Ron's?", Harry asked.

"For now, until I talk to Dumbeldore", Sirius explained to Harry, "Now Harry, do you know what a portkey is? I'm going to use one to get you the Weasley's house"

"Get that thing away from me!", Harry jumped back.

"You want the whole neighborhood to find me Harry? What's wrong?", Sirius said worriedly.

"I'm sorry….I just don't do portkeys", Harry said staring at the ground.

"Well today, your going to have to", Sirius said grabbing Harry arm.

Suddenly Harry felt the familiar feeling of the portkey pulling him. He felt sick by the time they hit the ground. He wasn't sure if it was from the fear, or the rocky ride. But when he got the borrow, he was as white as a ghost.

"Go on Harry", Sirius whispered in Harry's ear.

"I wish I could stay with you", Harry said hugging his godfather tightly.

"I've gotta go before somebody sees me Harry…I'll talk to you soon I promise", Sirius smiled before apparating away as if he was never there.

Slowly Harry walked up the door. It was beginning to rain, which went along fine with Harry's mood. He sat down on the Weasley's steps thinking about everything that had happened in the last few weeks. As rain dripped down on his face, he looked up at the sky. Why can't you be here? Then everything would be fine. Harry sighed brushing a small tear away that had fallen down his face. He heard the door creak open behind him, and quickly he stood up. He turned around and was face to face with his best friend, who had a look of surprise on his face.

"Harry? What are you doing here!", Ron asked startled.

"Right now? Just thinking", Harry said once again staring at the ground.

"Come inside, your soaked", Ron said guiding Harry inside.

"I'm fine really", Harry assured Ron.

"Harry did you run away from the Dursley's", Ron suddenly stopped to ask.

"No, they kicked me out. Sirius brought me here", Harry said suddenly feeling tired.

"Mum? Dad?", Ron suddenly yelled.

"Ron what are you yelling abo…Harry!", Mr. Weasley said staring at Harry from halfway down the steps.

"Does that mean Harry can stay Dad?", Ron said smiling.

"Harry…your suppose to be at the Dursley's", Mr. Weasley said.

"They kicked him out Dad!", Ron exclaimed.

"Why don't you go upstairs and dry off, then we'll talk", Mr. Weasley commanded staring at Harry very carefully.

"Come on Harry", Ron said dragging him upstairs.

"Ron have you seen Ginger!", came Ginny Weasley's voice.

"Yeah, Fred and George flushed her down the toilet", Ron joked.

"They did not!", Ginny screamed back poking her head out of her room, "Harry!"

"Hey Ginny", Harry half smiled.

"Harry?", came another voice, "George get out here Harry's here"

"Ron", Harry whispered, "I'm kinda tired"

"You can talk to Harry tomorrow", Ron said pushing his brothers out of Harry's way.

"It's only nine", George laughed as if Ron were joking.

" Come on just keep walking", Ron whispered to Harry.

When Ron's room came into view Harry immediately recognized it. It was full of quidditch posters. He had stayed here last summer, he remembered everything about the room.

"You can take your normal bed, I'm so glad your going to be here", Ron said looking at Harry.

"I wouldn't bet on it. Once Dumbeldore finds out, I'll be spending my summer at Hogwarts", Harry frowned.

"Oh", Ron sighed.

"Believe me I wish I was staying", Harry assured Ron, "but then like I'd ever stay someplace I like when I could stay someplace I don't want to?"

"Are you alright?", Ron asked.

"Not really", Harry said grabbing some dry clothes.

"Hermione always was better at talking about this stuff….", Ron started.

"Don't worry about it", Harry said getting ready to go into the bathroom to change.

After changing, he came back to find Ron was already asleep. So he decided to go to sleep to, hoping for a nightmareless dream.

"Not even Weasley and Granger care that he's dead. Really a relief for them don't you think"

"Yeah, everyone always hated him"

"I heard on his tombstone they're going to put The Boy Who Lived to Long"

Harry gasped as he woke up from yet another nightmare. They kept getting worse and worse each night. They were always different dreams, but they were never good. Knowing he wouldn't sleep he decided to go downstairs to get glass of water.

He walked down the stairs trying to remember which ones creaked. Suddenly he stopped hearing several voices coming from the Weasley's living room.

"I don't understand why Harry can't just stay here Albus", Mr. Weasley said.

"He needs to be somewhere where someone can look after him. You've got enough going on here, Harry needs someone who won't be distracted", came Albus Dumbeldore's voice.

"And where are you suggesting that place is?", Mrs. Weasley interrupted.

"I'm sure you both know about Sirius by now correct?", Dumbeldore asked.

"Yes…but he's on the run yet isn't he?", Mr. Weasley asked.

"Not exactly…you see Re", Professor Dumbeldore said before turning his head toward the steps where Harry was, "ah Harry do come down this concerns you"

A little embarrassed that he'd been caught spying, Harry slowly made his way into the living room. He quietly sat down in a chair furthest away from where the three adults were.

"Harry, why don't you come sit over here", Mrs. Weasley said making room on the couch between her and Mr. Weasley.

"That's okay I'm fine", Harry said from the corner of the room.

"I think it would be easier for us to talk if you were over here Harry", Mr. Weasley added.

Reluctantly, Harry stood up and sat between Ron's parents. "Now as I was saying, Harry you remember Professor Lupin correct?"

" Sure I do", Harry smiled thinking about his favorite Professor.

"How would you feel about staying with him and Sirius this summer?", Dumbeldore asked.

Harry's eyes lit up in excitement as he asked, "You mean…I could?"

"I thought you'd like that idea", Dumbeldore smiled.

"Very much sir!", Harry exclaimed, "But…"

"But what?", Mr. Weasley asked.

"But Ron might get mad…he wanted me to stay here", Harry frowned.

"Don't worry about Ron, he'll get over it", Mrs. Weasley assured Harry.

"I talked to Remus earlier today, he said he'd be happy to come and get from Hogwarts tomorrow morning", Dumbeldore said looking directly at Harry.

"Wait a minute…Hogwarts?", Harry asked confused.

"I'd feel much more comfortable if you came back just for the night", Dumbeldore explained.

"What's the difference?", Harry snapped.

"The difference is your not protected here Harry", Dumbeldore continued.

"Go get your things Harry", Mr. Weasley commanded.

"This is stupid", Harry frowned.

"Get your things Harry", Mr. Weasley repeated again.

"Fine", Harry said storming upstairs.

"He's going to wake all the kids up", Mrs. Weasley frowned.

"I think that was the point", Mr. Weasley laughed.

"Remus and Sirius will fix things. He'll be back to himself in no time", Dumbeldore explained.

"So that's the point of this set up?", Mr. Weasley asked.

"Don't tell Harry, but yes. I'm afraid he's not going to get through this if someone doesn't help him", Dumbeldore said quietly seeing Harry coming down the stairs.

"Well I'm ready to be locked up for the night", Harry snapped.

"I'll be in touch with you tomorrow Arthur"

The next morning when Harry awoke, it seemed weird to wake up in his dormitory with nobody else in it. He looked around seeing every single bed was empty. Except for Neville's, he laughed to himself. The boy was always forgetting things, and he'd forgotten to bring one of his books home for the summer. Harry quickly dressed and walked out into the common room, where he was stunned to see someone waiting for him.

"Okay I think I can find the dang great hall by myself without getting hurt", Harry said rudely as he walked down the stairs.

"Trust me Potter this isn't exactly my picnic being in the gryffindor common room", Professor Snape stared at the boy coming down the stairs.

"So leave, we'll both be happy. Don't you have a life anyway, what are you still doing here?", Harry smiled.

"I've had enough of your attitude Potter", Snape snapped, "now come on so I can get on with my day. I thought when school was out you could manage to keep yourself out of trouble"

"I'd rather not talk to you anymore", Harry said following Snape down the corridor.

Halfway into his breakfast, Harry was irritated to see Snape was still in the great hall.

"You can go now!", Harry said to Snape who was sitting at the table next to him reading the Daily Prophet.

"Nope, not until Lupin comes to get you", Snape said not looking up from his newspaper.

"I'm here to save you two from your misery", came a familiar voice.

"Professor Lupin!", Harry said running over the door and hugging him.

Caught by surprise Remus smiled and said, "Nice to see you two Harry"

"Hate to break up the reunion but I don't believe you're a Professor anymore", Snape glared at Remus.

"Actually Severus, you'll be happy to learn I've been asked to come back", Remus smiled.

"Really?", Harry asked hopefully.

"Really", Remus said looking down at the boy who'd been a lot shorter the last time he saw him, "Well Harry, you've sure grown"

"Well, I haven't exactly seen you in a while", Harry reminded Remus.

"Yeah, sorry about that, I've been err rather busy", Remus explained.

"Bla bla bla, would you two carry this on elsewhere so I can enjoy my breakfast", Snape said.

"Come on Harry, were not welcome. There's a certain someone who can't wait to see you back at home", Remus said.

"Sirius!", Harry remembered.

"Yep so you ready to go?", Remus asked.

"He appears to be way ahead of you", Snape said sarcastically watching Harry happily run out of the great hall, "Don't worry that happiness won't last long"

"Excuse me?", Remus asked.

"The attitude he's developed will come out sooner or later", Snape explained.

"Harry doesn't have an attitude", Remus said.

"You said it yourself, you haven't seen Harry in a long time. Good luck Remus"

Bewildered, Remus quickly walked out the doors to find Harry. He didn't have to look to hard to find the boy smiling at him waiting at the entrance doors. Snape doesn't know what he's talking about, Remus thought to himself. This is still the same old Harry I always knew.

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