Shades of Blue and Yellow

By AngelDusterBuster

Disclaimer: I do not own any of J.K Rowling's wonderful characters. Although quite frankly like every other person in the world with I did!

Summary: After all that's happened nothings changed right? Wrong, everyone's beginning to notice the new Harry. Can Remus and Sirius bring the old Harry back?

Chapter Twenty-One: Going Home

When Harry reached the Gryffindor common room he scanned the room for Ron. Finally he caught Ron's eyes halfway across the room.

"Ron!", Harry called out.

Ron looked amazed. He looked around for another person Harry could be talking to, "Your talking to me?"

"I'm not going to let a girl come between us Ron. You're my best friend", Harry started.

"Even if the girl's Hermione?", Ron asked.

"Even if the girl's Hermione", Harry repeated, "I know you never meant for what happened to happen. You'd never intentionally hurt me"

"I'm so sorry was Hermione's idea I never should've went along with it", Ron replied.

"Do you have feelings for Hermione?", Harry suddenly asked.

"Harry that's not the point, I feel horrible that I hurt you", Ron continued.

"I just need to know Ron. Do you have feelings for Hermione", Harry asked a second time.

"I admit that I did. Before I thought through what she suggested we do. Before I heard her talking about what happened. But now...I don't think I do", Ron added.

"Good, she might've done the same thing to you", Harry reminded Ron.

"So were still friend then?", Ron asked gently.

"No", Harry laughed seeing the look on Ron's face, "Were not friends, were best friends"

"Let's not let girls come between us anymore Harry", Ron suggested laughing.

"I'm just glad were friends again", Harry added.

"What made you decide to not hate me?", Ron suddenly asked.

"I never hated you Ron, I was just confused. Professor Lupin and Fred both helped me. Their advice brought me to a decision", Harry explained.

"So are you ready to move your stuff back to the dormitory?", Ron asked.

"Yeah", Harry nodded, "I am"

The next few weeks rolled by as a blur to both Harry and to Ron. Before they knew it they were spending there last moments at Hogwarts for their fifth year. It wasn't until then that they each were confronted by Hermione until then.

"Ron we've gotta get going", Harry reminded his friend as the two of them pulled their trunks down the stairs.

"I'm coming", Ron yelled from behind Harry.

"Could I talk to you two?", came a small voice.

"Hermione?", Ron asked seeing Harry stop dead in his tracks, "Harry could you keep moving before I drop this on you"

"Sorry", Harry muttered softly as he reached the last step directly in front of Hermione.

"We have to get going", Ron looked at Hermione.

"I need to talk to you guys", Hermione pleaded.

"What could you possibly have to talk to us about? Haven't you messed things up enough? Back for more? Well Harry and me are still friends and nothing you can do will stop that", Ron stated.

"I wanted to apologize to both of you", Hermione ignored Ron, "I'm truly sorry that I hurt you Harry. And Ron...I should've never even thought about kissing you"

"Apology unaccepted", Ron half shouted as he passed by Harry.

"Ron please", Hermione turned to Harry, "your sensible Harry, you have to forgive me"

"Hermione...I...I", Harry had been waiting for this moment to come. He'd rehearsed in his head exactly what he intended to say at least a million times. But not that Hermione was standing in front of him and the moment had come, his mind went blank.

"Hermione...I want to believe you're sorry. And I want to find it in my heart to forgive you Professor Lupin put it you're the first girl who ever broke my heart, "I'm not over it, and I don't know when I'll be"

"So neither of you can forgive me?", Hermione finally got out.

"What you did was wrong", Ron told her, "I went along with it which was just as wrong. And when it came time to apologize you were selfish. You waited weeks to confront Harry"

"I was scared!", Hermione exclaimed, "Scared that this would happen. That Harry would hate me"

"He has every right to hate you", Ron explained, "Just like he had every right to hate me"

"Ron didn't wait weeks to come talk to me Hermione. And I don't know how to explain it to you but...well I just can't forgive you. I can't go back to being friends like we used to knowing what you did", Harry explained.

"But you can with Ron?", Hermione grew angry.

"From my understanding it was your idea. And your apology though you meant to seem sorry you just...didn't", Harry tried to explain, "we have to go"

"Yeah", Ron glared at Hermione, "See you in September"

"Harry...I'm sorry", Hermione called out but Ron and Harry were already out of sight.

"Do you think we did the wrong thing?", Harry asked.

"Nah, you may feel guilty now but you won't in a few days", Ron explained.

"This was quite the year", Harry sighed, "This year I almost died only how many times?"

Ron laughed, "Let's keep it at almost Harry, let's keep it at almost"

As Ron and Harry boarded the Hogwarts Express together Harry felt amazed that he had made it through the year. This had been one of the toughest years he's faced at Hogwarts and he was happy it was over. He was ready to return home, to the open arms of his godfather, and his favorite professor.

Author's Final Note:

This was the final chapter of this story. After almost 50 days of work this story I am happy to say this story is complete. Yes, I said complete. There will not be a sequel for this story. I've come to find that sequels are long and dragged out, and ruin the first story.

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