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A few days ago, I was thinking up two possible brand new Yi San stories including this one. The first one should be my own version of either "The swan princess" or "Beauty and the beast" but I'm still deciding. The second one took place in episode 46 or 45 when Jeong Hu-Gyeom sends a assassin to kill Lee San when he becomes the king. The assassin became wounded during his battle with Lee San and fled from battle without revealing to Lee San the people who sends him. He saw Song Yeon was calling out for soldiers for help and he decides to put an end to her life to prevent her for calling out for soldiers and not being able to tell everyone that she has saw the assassin. Luckily, Lee San follows him even though he's hurt but he felt determined to protect Song Yeon by finishing off his battle with his enemy because he doesn't want to see his true love get killed. There'll might also be a third new Yi San story from my own version of "The little mermaid".

As crown prince Lee San finds the chest that his father hid underneath a turtle rock, he felt happy 'Yes! The chest that my father hides! Now I can be able to avenge his unjustly death!'. He then turns around and tells a few of the soldiers who was in light blue uniform and were 'guarding' him to make sure that no one comes to hurt him "I've found my father's chest! Now let's find the others and head back to the palace".

The guards hesitates. They then look at each other for a few moments without saying any word. Suddenly, they pointed their swords at Lee San who gasped when he realized that he himself was in a trap planned out by his stepgrandmother and he was about to pay a horrible devastating price. He then made up his mind and face his enemies with a strict face of bravery. He knows that his goal was to stay alive and avenge his father's death by bringing in a lot of evidence to his grandfather and reveal that there's a evil plot to end crown prince Sado's and Lee San's life.

One of his enemies gives a order to Lee San "Put that down your highness". Lee San was silent but cautious for a few seconds as he placed the chest down. But just as the guards were about to kill him with their swords, Lee San springs to action as he kicks and punches his enemies to defend himself. At the end there's two enemies left, Lee San crossed swords with one of them but his eyes laid on another guard who was holding a gun straight at him.

Lee San was alarmed when he saw the guard pointing his gun straight at him but he remains calm. Just as the guard fired his gun, Lee San quickly tricks his opponent in a swordfight by making him goes to the other side and gets killed by the gun instead, not Lee San.

The gunman felt upset and drops his gun. He then unsheathes his sword and fight the crown prince who was ready to fight him too. It takes a while for the two opponents to finish their fight. Just as things were going smoothly, the enemy slashes his sword at Lee San's arm which causes a few blood strains coming from the bleeding wound. (Don't worry, his arm wasn't cut off. Only slashes like in the movies when a person got hurt from a slash wound on their bodies like a bleeding wound). Lee San felt deep pain on his arm and he winced his eyes which gave his enemy enough time to finish him off with his sword.

Suddenly, fireworks shot out in the woods which was caused by Dae Su who lights up his firework to let his friends know that Lee San is in danger. The guard was surprised in shock as he stared at the fireworks.

Unfortunately, the guard didn't realize that the fireworks has distracted him from his target which gave Lee San enough time to finish him off by slashing his sword at his enemy and kills him at last.

After that, he felt relaxed as he sheathes his sword and picks up his father's chest but then he winced and panting with pain as he felt his wound begins to take affect and he felt weak from the blood on his arm from a sword of his enemy.

Just then, his friends and the other soldiers came by. Hong Guk Young runs up to him "Your highness! What happened?". Lee San begins to reply "I was attacked by a few friends of the norons who sent their allies after me by disguising themselves as our soldiers but I've managed to kill them...and here's my father's chest". Then suddenly, he felt his wound acting up again which made him winced in pain and he holds on to his bleeding arm.

His friends all gasped in shock and they run to the crown prince's aid with worried faces. "Y-Your highness! A-Are you alright? You're bleeding!". Despite being in pain from his bleeding arm, Lee San desperately tries to speak but he felt weak "I...I'm...I am alright...let's". But before he can finish talking, he saw his blurs in his eyes. He then staggers backwards for a few moments and he felt faint '...What's...what's happening to me?...I...'. All the sudden he closes his eyes and fainted to unconsciousness as he quickly falls to the ground...and remain still as a fainted person who couldn't move.

He couldn't hear his friends calling out his name nor feels himself being picked up from the ground by both Dae Su and Official Nam.

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