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Some parts of this chapter may remind you of probably episode 36, 46, and 77.

The next morning as the sun rises up, Song Yeon is currently rinsing the water from a white cloth on top of a bowl full of water. She is feeling very tired but she is too much worried to be even sleeping. Lee San remains the same, still unconscious. Both Dae Su and Dal Ho are still asleep in their rooms. The room is still very quiet...but all the sudden...

"Song Yeon..."

Song Yeon stops rinsing the water when she hears her name being called out. She then looks at Lee San who remains the same 'Ok, I could've sworn I heard his voice...maybe I was just imaginning things'. She then shrugs her shoulders and continues rinsing the wet white cloth.

"Song Yeon...Song Yeon"

Song Yeon gasped. This time she did hears Lee San's voice which causes her to stop rinsing the water and looks at him with surprise 'Huh? Now I'm not really imaginning things...I...I think it's San's voice...I know I did hear him...he mentions my name, is he dreaming about me?'.

Suddenly, she saw Lee San opened his mouth again without opening his eyes "Song Yeon". She then noticed his fingers moving which made her realize that he is no longer unconscious "*gasp* He's...he's conscious".

Song Yeon then held his hand with her own to let him know that he's not alone. She feels glad that he's going to be awake soon. Then she raised her voice to call out for Dae Su and Dal "DAE SU! DAL HO! COME QUICK! HE'S CONSCIOUS! HE IS GOING TO OPEN HIS EYS! DAE SU! DAL HO!".

The door was then open by Dae Su who was wearing his clothes "Song Yeon! What's going on? I could've sworn that you said that his highness is conscious! Are you imaginning things?". Song Yeon then turns her head to Dae Su and smiles at him "No! I did hear his voice! Please get sir Hong and the others!". Dal Ho then came by Dae Su's side while yawning "*yawn*...what's going on?".

Song Yeon then turns her head Dal Ho to explain to him along with Dae Su.

But while they're talking to each other, Lee San slowly opened his eyes after a very long sleep...and he gazed at Song Yeon who didn't notice him waking up, then he noticed that she has held his hand 'Song Yeon...'.

Dae Su then noticed that Lee San is now finally awake which surprised him "*gasp* He's...he's awake! Oh my gosh he's awake now! Song Yeon look!".

Song Yeon turns around and she too was surprised that Lee San is awake "*gasp*...your highness!...You're awake!".

Dal Ho feels very happy and raised his arms to the skies "Aigoo! This is a wonderful day! A truly blessed day! This is a miracle! Thank goodness!".

Dae Su smiles at Lee San "Your highness! How are you?". Lee San weakly answers him "Dae Su...".

Dal Ho then shakes Dae Su on the shoulder with happiness on his face "Come on Dae Su! Let's change our clothes and get the others including that doctor who helped us! They'll be very happy!". Dae Su nodded his head "Yes, let's go!". They then closed the door and went to their rooms to change their clothes.

Song Yeon however smiles at Lee San because she is relieved that he is now awake "San...how are you?...Are you alright?...Can you see me?".

Lee San weakly smiles at her "Yes...". Song Yeon smiles at him too as she held his hands 'Thank goodness...he's awake...I'm so glad...'. She then begins to talk to him "Your highness, does this remind you of the time when I got sick and you've taken care of me?...This time is me who is going to be taken care of you because you were unconscious for a few days and we find a doctor who told us that maybe that swordman probably quickly used some poison powder to slash your arm to make sure that you're dead a few days later...but thankfully, the doctor made us a antidote that have completely cleanse the poison from your body and I gave it to you but only one hour a drop of it...you were unconscious for a few days and I was so worried about you and I was wondering if you would open your eyes...and now you did, I'm so glad that you're".

Tears then welled up in her eyes as she weeps for a few seconds until she held his left hand against her left cheek "*sob*...you're awake and better now...*sob*...thank you".

Lee San smiles at her 'Song Yeon...it's me who should be thanking you...because you are returning the favor by taking care of me just like I did for you...thank you'.

In the end, Lee San's friends: Hong Guk Young, Dae Su, Dal Ho, Suh Jang Boh, Kang Suk Ki, and Official Nam Si Cho came inside the house with the same doctor who has made the antidote. They are very relieved that Lee San is now awake but he still needs to take a rest for a few more days and continue taking the antidote.

Then about a few days later, Lee San recovers and returns to the palace with his father's chest. His right arm is all better and he's no longer poisoned because Song Yeon takes care of him with all of the love she has for him. And that's all folks because you got to watch the episodes to find out what's coming up next.

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