Loose Ends

"So what do you think this surprise is?" Luna asked as they walked towards Sugarcube Corner. It was a beautiful night out. Celestia had taken care of raising the night sky as Luna was too preoccupied with Spike to do it herself. She told herself that she'd have to take care not to let it happen again.

"I don't know, but Pinkie made me promise not to tell you what it is." Spike said.

"If you don't know what it is, how could you tell me in the first place?" Luna asked.

"It's best if you don't think about it. Pinkie's just like that sometimes." Spike said as they reached the door of the bakery.

"I just hope it's not a party. I always have awful birthday parties." Luna said as she followed Spike into the bakery.

"SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Pinkie Pie shouted accompanied by a crowd of ponies. The entire bakery was decorated with colorful streamers as confetti rained down on the shocked couple.

"Maybe this time will be different. I mean a lot of bad stuff has already happened. I don't see how things could get any worse." Spike said shrugging his shoulders. He felt like he should have seen this coming. Pinkie Pie asked him to keep a secret from Luna on her birthday. The clues were there but Spike couldn't put it together until now.

"I guess you're right. Maybe the worst has already happened. As long I get to spend my birthday with you, nothing could ruin this evening." Luna said with newfound optimism.

As soon as she said that, a crowd of ponies rushed towards her pushing Spike out of the way. She quickly lost sight of him as the crowd of ponies kept wishing her a happy birthday. She tried to move but every time she avoided one pony, two more would pop up wishing her a happy birthday. She wanted to teleport to where Spike was, but she had no idea where he was. Suddenly, Pinkie Pie popped out of nowhere and wrapped a leg around the filly's neck.

"Hey, Luna! Were you surprised? I mean you looked surprise, but with everything that happened today I thought you might be immune to surprises. I mean there were like soooo many surprises today. Do you remember when you walked in on me hugging Spike in his bed? That was a surprise, and when you almost killed Rainbow Dash was a kind of a sad surprise, but the she lived so it turned out to be a really good surprise. Don't worry about that thought because we all forgive you. Isn't that great?" Pinkie Pie said.

"I'm glad that you forgive me, Pinkie Pie. I am really sorry for what happened, but do you know where Spike is? I think he got lost in the crowd and I can't find him anywhere." Luna said looking around anxiously through the throng of ponies for any sign of him.

"Don't worry about a thing, Luna. I'll try to find him. I promise this will be the bestest birthday party ever." Pinkie said running into the crowd in search of the dragon. Luna decided to leave it in Pinkie's hooves. Pinkie seemed pretty good at navigating this crowd, and she did set everything up. She'd just have to be patient and try to enjoy herself for now.

Spike found himself completely blocked off from Luna as the crowd gathered to see Luna. Every attempt to enter the gathering was futile as he was pushed back by other ponies trying to see the princess.

Hanging around Luna so much made it hard to see her as a celebrity. He decided to just wait it out until things died down a bit. Spike was beginning to realize that this sort of thing might be common for someone of her stature. Even though they were dating, there would be probably be times when he couldn't see her. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the voice of his friend Snails call out to him.

"Hey, Spike. You'll never guess who we found." He said. Spike turned to see Snips and Snails walking towards him with another colt in tow. His shaggy blonde mane obscured his eyes, but Spike knew that tail wag anywhere.

"Puppy Tails! How have you been, you old dog?" Spike said as he shook the yellow unicorn's hoof.

"Not as good as you, dude. I hear you're pretty popular with the ladies now." Puppy Tails said in his typical surfer style accent.

"Yeah, I do have a way with the ladies." Spike admitted.

"If you got Snips a girl, you must be a real miracle worker." Puppy said rubbing his hoof into Snips' mane.

"Hey, why don't you tell him what you told us?" Snips asked pushing his hoof away.

"Remember when I stopped hanging out with you guys?" Puppy Tails asked.

"Of course. You just disappeared all of a sudden for no reason." Spike said remembering Puppy Tails absence in the last month or so.

"I didn't just disappear, dude. I went on a journey to find my true self." Puppy Tails said. Spike looked at the colt in confusion. He never understood all that mumbo jumbo about mystical journey and stuff like that.

"I'm assuming you found your true self then." Spike guessed.

"Yep! As it turns out, my true self is into other dudes." Puppy Tails said. Spike wasn't exactly bowled over by this revelation as it was obvious to him a long time ago.

"You didn't need to go on a journey to find that out. I could have told you that." Spike said.

"Well, I didn't know." Snails said.

"Yeah, it was a complete surprise to me too." Snips said in agreement.

"Are you guys serious? Remember all those times we talked about girls. Didn't it seem the least bit odd to you that Puppy Tails didn't seem as interested at all. He always said he didn't understand why we were so interested in girls in the first place." Spike said trying to lay out the clues for his friends.

"I just thought he was being picky. You know like he was waiting for the right girl or something." Snips said.

"What about that time we caught him looking at Big Mac? He was practically drooling, remember?" Spike said hoping to reach them.

"I just thought he really looked up to him. Big Mac is awesome." Snails said. Spike just sighed and gave up. It wasn't like it mattered much. Puppy Tails had officially come out of the closet anyway so their was no reason to try to convince them.

"So how did you find your true self anyway? It must have taken a long time considering how long you've been gone." Spike said.

"I went to Canterlot where I met this really nice colt. We got to talking and he asked me if I wanted to try something new. Next thing I know were having sex back at his place." Puppy Tails said as his tail wagged noticeably faster. Something Spike learned early on about Puppy was that you could always tell how happy he was by how fast his tail moved.

"Wow! So that's how you found out you were gay." Spike said.

"What are you talking about? I didn't know I was gay at that point. I just had sex with that one particular colt and liked it. As far as I knew, I was only gay for him." Puppy Tails said correcting Spike.

"Umm, what?" Spike asked.

"Yeah, I get it." Snips said.

"That makes sense to me." Snails said nodding in agreement.

"No, it doesn't. If you had sex with someone of the same gender and liked it, why would you not come to immediate and obvious conclusion that you were gay? " Spike asked with a tone of exasperation.

"I guess I just had to be sure. That's why I slept with a ton of other colts after that." Puppy Tails said as his tail wagged at blurring speeds.

"If you wanted to be sure, why didn't you just sleep with a filly?" Spike asked. Puppy's tails stopped wagging as a thoughtful expression for a brief moment before responding.

"Huh… guess I never thought of that?" Puppy Tails said as Snips and Snails laughed. Spike couldn't help but join in as Puppy Tails started to laugh too.

"My friends may be idiots, but at least, they're not boring." Spike thought to himself as they all laughed together.

"So tell me, Spike. How did you become so popular? I never figured you for a lady killer." Puppy Tails said.

"It's not really a big deal. Besides I kind of have a girlfriend now so my days of sleeping around are kind of over." Spike told his friends. Snips and Snails looked at each other in shock.

"Really!" They shouted in disbelief. Spike was almost insulted. It was like Puppy Tails being gay was a less of a shock than him actually deciding to start a relationship.

"So who is the amazing filly who managed to tame you, buddy?" Puppy Tails asked. Spike suddenly got nervous about such a simple question. Would they even believe him if he said it was Luna?

"I…uhhh….can't tell you right now." Spike said to the disappointment of his friends.

"Aww, come on. You got to tell us." Snails complained.

"Yeah, what's the big deal? Is she ugly or something?" Snips guessed.

"No, she's the most… Listen, she's beautiful alright, and I promise to introduce guys. It's just complicated right now." Spike said. His friends were about to protest Spike's secrecy when somepony interrupted their conversation.

"Hey, guys. Could I talk to Spike for a second?" Rainbow Dash asked. Spike's friends looked at Rainbow Dash then back to Spike. Spike immediately knew they were going to say something stupid or embarrassing and decided to leave before they could respond.

"Sure thing, Rainbow Dash! Let's move over here. " Spike said already walking towards the kitchen.

"Hey, wait up!" Rainbow Dash said racing after him.

Snips, Snails, and Puppy Tails looked on as Spike disappeared into the party with Rainbow Dash on his tail. Their minds all reaching the same conclusion.

"Spike's new girlfriend is Rainbow Dash!" They all said aloud.

"But how'd he land her? Everypony in town knows she's only into mares." Snips said.

"Why don't we follow them? Maybe we can find out." Snails suggested.

"How are we supposed to find them? We have no idea where they went." Snips said.

"Leave it to me! I'll find them no problem." Puppy Tails said sniffing the floor.

"Oh yeah! Puppy's nose can find anything." Snails said.

"That way!" Puppy Tails said pointing his nose towards the kitchen. The trio rushed towards the kitchen entrance where Spike and Rainbow Dash were inside. They managed to open the door enough that they could spy on the two of them. From the looks of things, it looked like both of them were nervous about something as they stood there silently looking away from each other.

"Remember the last time we were in this kitchen?" Rainbow Dash asked trying to break the silence. It wasn't what she wanted to talk about but it was better than standing around quietly.

"Yeah, that was a pretty crazy night." Spike remarked. He was so anxious to escape his friends' question that he forgot all about his problem with Rainbow Dash. He wondered why she wanted to talk to him in the first place. She had gone through quite a bit in the last twenty four hours and Spike couldn't help but feel like he was responsible for all of it.

"Rainbow Dash, I just wanted to apologize for everything that happened to you lately. You shouldn't blame anyone else for-" Spike was interrupted as Rainbow dash put a hoof over his mouth.

"I'm the one who should be apologizing to you, Spike." Rainbow Dash said before removing her hoof from a bewildered Spike.

"Why would you want to apologize to me?" Spike asked.

"I assumed you were just taking advantage of me last night, and it made me forget that you were my friend. I don't know why last night happened, but you probably didn't do it to hurt me. I'm sorry I thought the worst of you." Rainbow Dash said. Spike was stunned by such an admission on Rainbow Dash's part.

"I-I don't know what to say, Rainbow." Spike said.

"How about we just forget the whole thing? All this mushy stuff is making me sick." Rainbow Dash said pulling Spik into a headlock.

"Okay, I'm just glad we can put all this behind us now." Spike said pulling himself free from her hold. He was happy to see Rainbow Dash smiling again.

"Yeah, but it's too bad that you got a girlfriend though. I kind of wanted to finish what we started last night." Rainbow Dash said causing Spike to blush.

"Really!" Spike said. He'd never cheat on Luna, but it surprised him that she would even make such an offer.

"Relax! I'm just kidding, Spike." Rainbow Dash joked but if Spike hadn't become Luna's boyfriend, she wouldn't have minded another go around with Spike.

The trio outside the kitchen had heard everything. While Spike and Rainbow Dash weren't a couple, it was at least confirmed that they slept together last night. A feat they wouldn't have believed unless they had heard it here.

"Oh no! They're coming. Act natural!" Snips said. They huddled together next to a group of ponies trying to blend in as they watched Rainbow Dash and Spike exit the kitchen.

"I better go find her. I told her I'd spend tonight with her." Spike said as they rejoined the party.

"Alright, I'll see you later, Spike!" Rainbow Dash said going off into another direction.

Snails, Snips, and Puppy Tails emerged from there cover with more questions than answers. At least they knew for sure that Spike and Rainbow Dash had been together sexually and some sort of drama occurred that required an apology from Rainbow Dash. The question of who was Spike's new girlfriend still remained a mystery.

"If Rainbow Dash isn't his new girlfriend, who do you think is?" Snails asked.

"If he could bed Rainbow Dash, I think pretty much everypony is town is a possibility." Puppy Tails said.

"We're not going to find out who is girlfriend is by sitting here talking about it. Let's keep following him. He's probably meeting her right now." Snips said.

"Where is he?" Snails asked looking around. Puppy Tails placed his nose on the ground and began sniffing which garnered some strange looks from some of the surrounding ponies.

"It's no use. I can't find him anymore. There are too many ponies around." Puppy Tails said. The crowd around the princess had dispersed and was now walking around increasing the number of scents around the room. Picking up Spike's scent was almost impossible as it mixed with other ponies now walking around.

"Hey, I think he's over there." Snails said spotting one of Spike's green scales walking through the crowd. Snails took off through the crowd with his friends in tow. By the time they got close enough to spot the dragon without being seen, they couldn't believe who he was talking to.

"It can't be." Snails said too shocked to raise his voice above a whisper.

Spike was talking to none other than Snails' girlfriend, Peppermint Twist. Puppy and Snips tried to smooth over the situation before Snails got too depressed.

"We don't know why they're talking. Maybe he just ran into her." Puppy Tails said.

"Yeah, that's probably it. I mean Spike would never be with Twist. He could have anypony in town. Why would he go after her?" Snips said. Puppy Tails punched Snips in the shoulder causing him to stop talking.

"Ow! What was that for?" Snips said rubbing his shoulder.

"They're heading outside." Snails said following them as they exited the bakery. His eyes never once letting Spike and Twist escape his sight. Puppy and Snips followed Snails as he moved with newfound determination.

The two walked outside and into an alley next to the bakery. Snails and his friends were around the corner close enough to listen in on them.

"Alright, you dragged me out here. What's the big idea?" Spike asked with a hint of annoyance. He was on his way to rejoin Luna when Twist showed up and said she wanted to talk to him in private. At first, he was put off by her request considering how well their last conversation went, but she insisted that it was important that they speak.

"I have a favor to ask you. It's about Snails." Twist said. Snails ears picked up his name and a frown crossed his face.

"What's wrong? You're not going to break up with him, are you?" Spike asked. He knew how much it would hurt Snails if such a thing happened. Peppermint Twist was the center of his entire life. If he lost her, Snails would spiral into a depression that could ultimately destroy him.

"Before I answer, I want to ask you something. Do you think I deserve to be with Snails?" Twist asked.

"Honestly, I don't, but Snails doesn't care what I think. Why should you?" Spike said. Despite his best efforts, Snails thought Twist was the best thing to ever happen to him.

"Because I don't think I deserve to be with Snails." Twist said to the shock of Spike. Snails was equally shocked as he listened in with Puppy Tails and Snips. The colt always thought he was the one who had to live up to her expectations. To hear her say she didn't feel worthy of being with him was almost too much to bear.

"Why do you say that?" Spike asked. He was surprised to hear this from Twist considering she always had Snails wrapped around her hooves. Anyone could tell from a glance that Twist was the one calling all the shots in their relationship.

"I don't think I can be as dedicated to Snails as he is to me. Yesterday, we got into a fight. It was about you." Twist said looking down. Spike wondered why they would be fighting about him when he remembered Snails' strange line of questions from the spa. At the time, Spike dismissed his concerns as nothing more than over thinking, but it seemed like more was there than he realized.

"Do you have a crush on me?" Spike asked. It sounded crazy coming out of his mouth that this filly who he had nothing but an ongoing animosity with might possibly have romantic feelings for him. He hoped that she would laugh and make fun of him for suggesting such a thing. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

"I don't know. That's why I asked you out here. Part of me wants to hate you, and yet there's a part of me that's always been attracted to you. I still think you're a disgusting jerk who sleeps around, but you're also like this wild, untamed sexual beast and that just makes me so….. " Twist said cutting herself off before she got too flustered. She took off her glasses and preceded to wipe the steam building over the lens.

"Wow! I'm insulted, flattered, and just a little freaked out." Spike said describing the unique range of emotions Twist's statement evoked.

"Anyway, the reason I asked you out here is to help me prove whether this is just some temporary infatuation or something more." Twist said putting her glasses back on.

"How am I going to do that?" Spike asked.

"It's quite simple actually. I want you to kiss me." Twist said adjusting her glasses.

"Let me get this straight. You want me to kiss you so you can decide whether or not you want to dump one of my best friends. I can't say I'm really want to go along with your plan. Besides, I have a girlfriend now so I can't really help you break Snails' heart." Spike said as he tried to walk away only to have Peppermint Twist block his path.

"You think I like going behind Snails back to do this. I didn't ask to have these feelings for you. If I could just make them go away, I would in a second but it's not that simple." Peppermint Twist said angry at Spike's response. It wasn't the fact that he rejected her, but that he insinuated that she was doing this for herself.

"What are you trying to prove by kissing me? Will that really make everything better?" Spike asked challenging her. Twist sighed as she let down her guard.

"Do you have any idea what it's like to be in a relationship with someone who's completely devoted to you knowing that your feelings will always pale in comparison? You can say whatever you want about me but the last thing I want to do is hurt Snails. I just want him to be with somepony who deserves him, and if that's not me, I don't want to hold him back from finding that pony." Twist said as she wiped the tears forming from under her glasses. Spike didn't have to look into her eyes to tell she was earnest about this being all for Snails' sake. Spike sighed and placed a claw on his forehead.

"I can't believe I'm even saying this, but Twist, I think you definitely belong with Snails." Spike said reluctantly.

"You do?" Twist said wiping her eyes.

"Yeah, I mean you're still a naggy, judgmental shrew, but if you're willing to put sacrifice your own happiness for Snails, I can't imagine any other pony more perfect for him. You don't need to kiss me to know that you and Snails were made for each other. If it'll help you see that, I'll do it." Spike said. He was starting to see what Snails saw in her. She wasn't the easiest pony to be around but she had a good heart and Snails' best intentions on her mind.

"You really mean all that?" Twist asked

"Every word of it, especially the first part." Spike joked.

"Coming from a degenerate, sex fiend such as yourself, I'll take your word for it. I'll pass on that kiss. Thanks for talking to me, Spike. I really appreciate it." Twist said as smile graced her face.

"Don't mention it. Let's get back to the party. I don't want to spend all night in an alley when there's a party inside." Spike said as he started to walk back.

"What's the matter? I thought you did all sorts of lewd things in alleys at night." Twist said following him back.

"Only once and it was the middle of the day." Spike said. Twist stopped and looked at Spike waiting for him to reveal that it was merely a joke. Unfortunately, he did no such thing.

"Did I ever tell you how disgusting you are?" Twist told him.

"Turns you on a little, doesn't it?" Spike asked turning towards her.

"Shut up." Twist said turning away to hide the redness coloring her cheeks. Suddenly, a noise emanated from the entrance of the alley that caught Spike's attention. It sounded like someone falling or tripping.

"Did you hear that?" Spike asked her.

"Hear what?"

"It sounds like there someone else out here. Who's there?" Spike called out. Whoever it was didn't answer as Spike heard the sound of hooves scrambling away. He ran to try to catch a glimpse of them, but they were already gone by the time he got out of the alley.

"That was a close one." Snips said as they rejoined the party once again.

"It wouldn't have been so close if somepony hadn't been pushing me." Puppy Tails said glaring at Snips.

"It was all Snails' fault. I could hardly see with him hogging the view." Snips said pointing towards Snails. Snails was facing away from his friends. He was holding his hoof over his eyes trying to hide his tears from his friends.

"Don't be sad, Snails. It must be a lot for you to handle knowing your girl has a crush on Spike." Puppy Tails said patting him on the back.

"I'm not sad. I'm actually happy." Snails said.

"You're happy that Peppermint Twist admitted she wanted to jump Spike in the worst way possible." Snips said.

"I thought she was in love with Spike, but she just wants to have sex with him. Isn't that great?" Snails said ecstatic at this revelation. It was probably the lesser of two evils for Snails, but it was still quite strange that he'd be happy about it. Snips and Puppy Tails looked at each other in confusion before shrugging it off.

"Yeah, that's really something." Puppy Tails said.

"I guess." Snips said.

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie approached them looking rather frazzled. She was looking around them trying to find something for a moment before addressing them.

"Have you guys seen Spike? I've been looking for him everywhere." Pinkie Pie asked. Her eyes still scanning the crowd for any sign of the dragon.

"Why are you looking for Spike?" Snips asked excitedly. He wondered if Pinkie Pie could be Spike's mystery crush.

"Princess Luna asked me to find him. She really, really wanted me to bring him to her. Have you guys seen him around?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"Sure, I saw him-"

"In the kitchen." Puppy Tails said finishing Snails' sentence. Snips and Snails knew Spike was outside the bakery.

"Thanks a lot! You guys enjoy the party and try the punch. It's delicious." Pinkie Pie said running off towards the kitchen.

"What's the big idea, Puppy? Spike's not in the kitchen." Snips said.

"I know, but if she brings Spike to Princess Luna, we won't be able to find out who Spike's girlfriend is until he's done talking to her and who knows how long that'll take. We'll find out who Spike's girlfriend is and then we'll make sure he's sees the princess. He's going to have to see her eventually. Every pony in town is here. Spike has to meet her sooner or later." Puppy Tails said determined to reveal the identity of this mystery filly.

"I guess that's true. Hey, there he is!" Snips said pointing to the door as Spike and Twist walked the bakery.

"Are you sure someone was spying on us? Maybe you were just hearing things." Twist said. She didn't hear any of these sounds that Spike had heard. She wondered if he was just hearing things when he ran to the end of the alley.

"I definitely heard somepony fall and run away back there." Spike retorted.

"Why would someone spy on us?" Twist asked.

"Well think about it. A guy and a girl leave a party early then duck into a nearby alley. They could have been following us expecting us to go at it." Spike hypothesized. Twist's imagination got the better of her head started to fill with all sorts of naughty ideas about what could have happened.

"You know, I don't have time for your dirty jokes! I have to go find Snails." Twist said rushing off before Spike could say anymore. He figured it wasn't important enough to keep trying to convince her anyway. He had to get back to Luna. It must have been over an hour since this party began and Luna would no doubt be concerned by his absence.

"There you are, Spike!" A familiar voice rang out behind him. Before he knew it, a pair of pink limbs had wrapped themselves around him from behind.

"Diamond Tiara?" Spike said surprised by the odd display of affection. Their relationship wasn't one where they expressed their feelings in public.

"I need to talk to you. It's kind of important." Diamond Tiara said practically pleading as he turned around to see her thoughtful expression.

"Are you sure it can't wait? I have to go meet someone." Spike said hoping they could do this after he went to go see Luna.

"Go ahead. I'm sorry I bothered you." Diamond Tiara said in a depressed tone. She walked away with her head down. Spike knew he'd hate himself for it later if he let her go like that.

"Wait! I'll hear you out!" Spike called out. Diamond Tiara turned around and gave a smiled weakly.

"Thanks, Spike. I appreciate it. Could we talk somewhere private?" She asked. Spike looked around to make sure no one was following him this time.

"Okay, follow me." Spike walked through the crowd with Diamond Tiara in tow. He made it to the staircase and looked back to see if someone was following him again. He wanted to make sure no one were no one spying on him this time. The crowd was filled with familiar faces but none of them seemed to be paying him any attention in particular.

"Is something wrong?" Diamond Tiara asked noticing Spike looking back at the crowd..

"No, it's nothing." Spike said as he shrugged his shoulders. He had just missed the three colts watching him as he scanned the crowd one final time. They had ducked into a huddle trying to inconspicuous. After Spike had stopped looking, the trio watched him make his up the steps.

"That was close. He almost saw us for sure." Snails said.

"Do you think we should follow him? He might catch us this time." Snips said.

"What are the chances that Diamond Tiara is his girlfriend?" Puppy Tails asked.

"They went on a double date with me and Silver Spoon, but Spike said it wasn't anything serious." Snips told him.

"That was awhile ago though. Maybe they decided to become a couple after all." Snails guessed.

"Only one way to find out." Puppy Tails said heading up the stairs. Snips and Snails started to follow till someone called out.

"Stop right there! What exactly are you doing?" The filly called out. Snips felt a chill roll up his spine. The voice and the tone it held was one he knew all too well..

"Silver Spoon! W-We were just looking for you. I-Isn't that right, fellas?" Snips said nervously. They nodded emphatically as she cast her cold stare on them.

"Really? It looked like you were following Diamond Tiara and Spike upstairs." Silver Spoon said fixing her gaze on Snips.

"The thing is… I-I was following her so I could ask where you were. Yeah, that's it. I'm so glad I found you. I've been looking for you everywhere." Snips said moving down the stairs. He tried to hug her, but she placed a hoof out stopping him before he could reach her. She placed the hoof under his chin and smiled in a way that made Snips paralyzed with fear.

"Snips, darling? Are you lying to me?" Silver Spoon said in voice that was sweet and threatening at the same time. Snips started to sweat as she looked him directly in the eyes. He knew it was pointless to do anything else at this point. He was already in trouble no matter what happened. His only hope was to tell the truth and pray for leniency.

"We were really going upstairs to spy on Spike and Diamond Tiara, but it was Puppy Tails' idea. I was just following him!" Snips confessed. Puppy Tails only had enough time to look shocked as his friend ratted him out.

"Why would you do that?" Silver Spoon asked losing the gentle tone she had used on Snips. She was now back to being just plain angry again.

"Listen, we just wanted to find out if Diamond Tiara was Spike's new girlfriend. We weren't trying to hurt anyone." Puppy Tails said to the shock of Silver Spoon.

"He has a girlfriend! Are you serious?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Yeah, he wouldn't tell us who she was so we were following him trying to figure it out. It's not Diamond Tiara then?" Puppy Tails asked. She looked up the staircase and feared for her friend.

"No, it's not." Silver Spoon told him.

Meanwhile in Pinkie Pie's room

Diamond Tiara had been acting strangely ever since she asked to speak to him. He wondered what could have been on her mind. It wasn't like her to act so shy.

"So what's up?" Spike asked breaking the silence. Diamond Tiara took a deep breath as she summoned all her courage.

"I think I love you!" She blurted out. The silence came back with vengeance as Spike was stunned by her confession. She looked at him with those blue eyes of hers waiting for a response. He placed a claw on the back of his head and looked down. Diamond Tiara didn't have to wait for a response. His nervous body language and silence told her everything.

"I have to go!" She said as her cheeks started to burn and tears streamed from her eyes. Spike quickly placed a claw on her shoulder stopping her from leaving.

"Wait! I'm sorry. This is all my fault. I didn't want things to end like this. It's just there someone else and I… I…"

"You love her." Diamond Tiara said finishing his statement.

"Yeah, I never meant to hurt you. I'm sorry." Spike said removing his arm from her shoulder. She turned around and faced him. She wiped her eyes but the tears wouldn't stop.

"It's okay. I thought I could get over you, but every time we had sex I found it harder and harder to let go until eventually I realized that I had grown attached to you. I couldn't bear to lose you completely so I thought if we just had a purely sexual relationship that I could eventually move on. Instead, I just fell deeper and deeper in love with you." Diamond Tiara revealed to him. Spike knew that if he wasn't already committed to Luna he might have jumped at the chance to be with Diamond Tiara again.

"If I hadn't made that stupid bet, this wouldn't have happened. I just feel terrible about this whole thing." Spike said becoming despondent. Diamond Tiara looked up at Spike with newfound resolve and stamped her hoof.

"No! Despite everything that happened between us, I'm glad you made that bet because it brought us together. Even if it had to end this way, I'm still happy I got to be with you. I don't want any regrets between us. You got that?" Diamond Tiara ordered looking rather fierce. Spike straightened up almost immediately.

"Okay, no regrets!" Spike said. She looked like a completely different pony from the one who asked to speak to him.

"I could sit here acting all pitiful with you, but there's a party downstairs and it suddenly reeks of loser in here." Diamond Tiara said turning her nose up and exiting the room. Spike watched as she walked out of the room in awe of the filly. Before she left, Spike called out to her.

"Hey, Diamond Tiara!" Spike shouted as she was at the door. She turned around and gave him an annoyed look.

"What is it, dork?" Diamond Tiara said sneering at him.

"You're really amazing." Spike said causing her to smile for a brief moment before returning to scowl.

"Hmph! Tell me something I don't know." Diamond Tiara said as she made her exit. Spike followed her downstairs where he saw Silver Spoon and his friends looking up at them. Silver Spoon immediately ran to her friend's side as she walked down the steps.

"Are you okay, Diamond?" She asked.

"I'm fine. Move it, idiots!" Diamond Tiara said causing Snips, Snails, and Puppy Tails to move to one side and let her pass. Spike rejoined his friends as they watched Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara leave together.

"What a bitch!" Puppy Tails exclaimed.

"You have no idea." Spike said.

"What were you guys doing with Silver Spoon anyway?" Spike asked. His friends quickly surrounded him and glared at him menacingly.

"We want to know who your girlfriend is right now." Snips said.

"No more secrets!" Puppy Tails said.

"Tell us or else!" Snails said.

"Or else what?" Spike asked crossing his arms.

"Ummm… I don't know." Snails said failing to think of a consequence..

"You guys don't have anything after 'or else'?" Spike asked.

"I got to admit. We didn't think this through, but when we think of something, it's going to be bad." Puppy Tails said trying to act threatening. Spike placed his palm on his face and sighed.

"How about you drop the tough guy act, and I'll introduce you, okay?" Spike suggested. The crowd around the princess should have thinned enough to where he could invite a few friends with him and Luna might not get too angry in front of his friends.

"Really?" Snips said. His friend dropped their guards as Spike finally agreed to give them the answer. Suddenly, Pinkie Pie appeared out of nowhere with a pot on her head.

"There you are, Spike! I've been looking for you everywhere. I need to take you to Luna." Pinkie Pie said relieved she had found him.

"Could I bring my friends? They really wanted to meet her." Spike said.

"The more, the merrier I always say. Let's go already!" Pinkie Pie said as she hopped up and down with the pot on her head.

"I thought we were going to meet your girlfriend." Snails said. Spike and Pinkie Pie looked at each other and laughed.

"It's on the way. Trust me." Spike said. Pinkie Pie and Spike started to make their way to the Luna with Snips, Snails, and Puppy Tails following close behind.

"Boy, I sure am glad I found you, Spike. Luna's been super anxious since you got separated." Pinkie Pie said as she moved through the crowd with ease. Everypony seemed to step aside for the pink mare as if by magic. Spike and his friends moved easily in the wake of Pinkie's path.

"She's not too mad about me being gone for so long, is she?" Spike asked. Pinkie Pie stopped and turned around.

"Her teeth were all clenched together and her eyes were glowing white, but I don't think she was too mad." Pinkie Pie said. Spike gulped in fear at that information, but Puppy Tails and the others were just confused.

"Why does the princess want to see Spike so badly?" Snips asked.

"I guess you could say their real close." Pinkie Pie giggled. Snips looked at his two friends for some sort of clarification but they were just as baffled as he was.

They approached an area separated by a red velvet rope guarded by two imposing royal guards. The two intimidating unicorns looked at the group before moving the rope and allowing them to pass. Pinkie Pie and Spike moved through easily, but the guards immediately stepped in front of Spike's friends as they tried to pass.

"Hold it! You three are not allowed to enter." The guard on the right said standing in their path.

"It's okay, guys. They're with me." Spike said. The guards stepped aside almost immediately.

"Very well, but I must warn you. Princess Luna's mood has been less than hospitable. She might not take kindly to unexpected visitors." The guard on the left warned. The trio rejoined Spike regardless of the warning. As they made their way through waves of famous ponies, Puppy Tails had to ask why the princess was on such a foul mood on her birthday.

"Why is she so mad anyway?" He asked as they walked towards where Luna was.

"It's complicated." Spike said as they approached the long table where the Princesses sat overlooking the party. Luna sat there with sullen look on her face as Celestia tried to cheer her up.

"There he is, sister. I told you he hadn't left." Princess Celestia said as Spike approached. She turned her head away ignoring his presence.

"Who's here? I haven't the slightest idea who you could be talking about." Luna said pouting. Spike approached her cautiously.

"H-Hey, Luna. How's your party going?" Spike asked more than a little nervous.

"Did someone say something, sister? I could have sworn I heard a voice." Luna said pretending Spike wasn't there.

"It was Spike. See? He's right here. You asked me to find him, remember? You were all anxious and sad because it took so long to find him." Pinkie Pie revealed causing Luna to blush.

"She's ignoring me, Pinkie Pie." Spike said. Pinkie Pie smacked the pot on top of her head as it finally dawned on her.

"Oh, I get it! She's mad at you, Spikey." Pinkie Pie said causing Spike to sigh.

"Thank you for telling me that, Pinkie." Spike said as his sarcastic remark went clear over Pinkie's pot.

"Who are these three?" Princess Celestia asked quickly changing topics. The three of them knelt before the princess as she addressed them.

"These are my friends. This is Snips, Snails, and Puppy Tails. They wanted to meet Luna so I brought them along." Spike said introducing them. They looked at Spike with bewildered expressions. Why was he introducing them to Luna?

"I thought you were going to introduce us to your girlfriend." Snips said.

"I am his girlfriend… for now anyway." Luna told him.

"Aww! Don't be like that Luna. I'm sorry, okay? I really wanted nothing more than to be at your side tonight. The only place I wanted to be all night was next to you." Spike admitted.

"Really?" Luna asked looking in his direction once again.

"Of course. I love you, Luna." Spike said. Before he knew it, Luna had practically flown out of her chair and over the table to hug him. A display that did not go unnoticed by some of the other partygoers who had been watching from a distance.

"I love you too." Luna said. She kissed Spike to shock of most of the party. The crowd was literally abuzz as party goers watched Princess Luna make out with a dragon. If Luna cared, she certainly didn't show it as they kissed each other in front of everyone gathered there.

"So you forgive me?" Spike asked as Luna tender lips left his.

"Not entirely. I expect you to stay near me all night." Luna said as a beautiful smile crossed her lovely face.

"All night?" Spike asked playfully.

"All night." Luna responded.

Snips, Snails, and Puppy Tails watched in stunned amazement as their friend flirted with the princess. It was almost too much to believe for the three of them. Snails managed to gather enough wits to ask a question though.

"Why didn't you tell us earlier?" The colt asked.

"Would you have believed me?" Spike asked. They had to admit that it was farfetched that Spike could land a princess for a girlfriend. They had just seen Spike kissing and flirting with her and they still had trouble believing it was real.

"How?" Puppy Tails asked.

"It's a really long story, but I just had to see what was right in front of my eyes." Spike said looking at Luna.

"So does that mean you get some sort of title?" Snips asked.

"I don't know. Does it?" Spike asked Luna.

"If you were to marry, you would become a prince." Princess Celestia said.

"Prince Spike? It has a nice ring to it." Luna said hugging a nervous Spike.

"Wait a minute! Isn't it a little soon to talk about marriage?" Spike said.

"Can I plan your wedding?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"I'll take care of your bachelor party." Puppy Tails said.

"No way! You'll probably hire a bunch of males." Snips said.

"Hold on a second! Can we wait till I propose to Luna before we start making plans?" Spike shouted loud enough for everypony at the party to hear. The entire room went silent for a moment before a loud furor overtook the entire room.

"That dragon is going to propose to Princess Luna!"

"Do you think they'll get married in Canterlot?"

"I hope I get invited. I love weddings."

"A princess marrying a dragon? It sounds like a fairy tale in reverse."

Spike groaned as he realized that everyone thought he was getting married. On the bright side, Luna seem to be happy for the first time since they got separated. It was nice to know that Luna was enjoying her birthday again.

Later that night

"I'm glad we straightened out that misunderstanding." Spike said as they walked back to his house.

"It seems like you're pretty popular now though since everyone found out about us." Luna remarked as she walked closely next to Spike. The party was over and it was almost morning as they strolled casually towards Spike's home.

"I'm kind of glad it happened. Next time you get swarmed, we can stay together next time." Spike joked. He couldn't help a feeling of overwhelming exhaustion overtaking his body. The dragon hadn't gotten much sleep yesterday and the effects were starting to show. He stretched as he made it to his door and stepped inside.

"I just remembered that we didn't finish your revolution. How are we going to save Ponyville now?" Luna asked as she followed Spike inside. She watched as Spike let out a huge yawn and began to feel a little tired herself. The party had taken more out of than she expected.

"If I keep my promise, everything will solve itself." Spike said dragging himself into bed.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Luna asked taking a place next to the dragon as he lay stretched out on his back. She curled up next to him letting the softness of the bed and the warmth of Spike's body lull her closer to sleep.

"It's a generational problem, right? If we start a family, we can have a son and he can pick up where I left off." Spike said drowsily as he closed his eyes.

"I guess that's true." Luna said as she fell asleep only to wake up a few seconds later when her fatigued mind fully understood his idea. She shook Spike awake just as he was starting to fall asleep.

"Not now, Luna. I'm way too tired." Spike mumbled as he turned away from her.

"No son of mine is going to sleep around!" Luna shouted.

"What? I did it. Besides isn't that his choice?" Spike said giving up on resting. No sleep would be allowed until this was settled. He also remembered something about never going to bed angry.

"He's going to find a nice mare and settle down. I've already decided." Luna said with authority.

"Don't you think you're being a bit controlling? Shouldn't our kids be allowed to make their own choices when it comes to romance?" Spike reasoned.

"Our children will be royalty, Spike! They'll be certain expectations of them. One of them being that they don't hop into bed with as many ponies as possible." Luna argued.

"Alright, I get it! We'll come up with something else. Can I please get some sleep now?" Spike said readjusting his body back into a more comfortable position.

"As long as you understand." Luna said laying back down. As Luna started to fall asleep, she felt a claw slide down her back.

"Since we're already awake, I was hoping we could-"

"Really? I thought you were tired." Luna said flatly.

"I have enough energy for one more time. That's it." Spike pleaded. Luna had to admit she was starting to find a second wind as Spike's claw ran down her back.

"Alright, just this once." Luna said as they hopped under the covers.

The End


25 years later

"Spike! Wake up!" The angry voice called out waking him from their marital bed. It was none other than Luna standing tall and as beautiful as ever. Each day she seemed to grow more and stunning to the dragon. Despite the scowl on her face, he couldn't deny that she had aged well since the old days.

"Come on, mom! Don't pull so hard." The male pony standing next cried out as Luna used her magic to pull him along by the ear. It was their first and only child, Prince Chronos. A dark blue winged pegasus who took after his mother with the exception of his short, purple mane and green eyes. Spike sighed as he could already guess why Luna was mad.

"Who was he in bed with this time?" Spike asked as he sat up. Despite Luna's best efforts, she could not seem to keep Chronos from sleeping with whomever he wished. It had become the bane of Luna's existence ever since Chronos became sexually active. To her credit, it was no easy task keeping the handsome young stallion in check. He was extremely intelligent and talented in magic. A fact that made him insufferably arrogant at times.

"The cook and the maid." Luna said pulling his ear a little harder.

"Really, kid? You're up to threesomes now." Spike said feeling a mixture of disappointment and pride in his son.

"In my defense, I was merely rewarding them for their service to the kingdom of Equestria." Chronos said earning another tug on the ear from his mother.

"I've had it with these shenanigans, Spike. Do something!" Luna ordered him.

"What am I supposed to do?" Spike asked. He had talked to Chronos all the time about stopping or at least being more discreet about his activities. Spike didn't really see it as a problem as much as Luna did. Chronos was almost eighteen years old and in Spike's opinion, old enough to make his decisions as to who he slept with.

Luna saw it differently however. She was far from ready to let Chronos do anything on his own. She was far more coddling when it came to her son. At one time, Chronos suggested moving out at one point and Luna almost had him locked away in his room. If not for Spike being there to stop her, things would have gotten rather ugly.

"This is your fault, Spike! He gets this from you." Luna said accusing him.

"Are you really blaming me?" The dragon asked.

"Chronos told me as much. The way you're always touching me in front of him gave him ideas. Isn't that right, my little baby boy?" Luna said patting him on the head. Spike looked at his son who was avoiding eye contact.

"Is that right, my little baby boy?" Spike stood up and loomed over his son with crossed arms. He had grown to him impressive size as he stood a little taller than Luna. His lean form made him look even more intimidating as he looked him straight in the eye.

"Y-yeah, I learned it from you." Chronos said causing Spike to shake his head. It was obvious to Spike what was going on. His own son was willing to sacrifice him to get out of trouble. Unfortunately for him, Spike was not going to take the fall for him without making him regret it.

"Come here." Spike said opening his arms outward beckoning him to come forward. Chronos wasn't expecting this. His father was supposed to get mad and accuse him of lying. He would continue to play innocent until his mother stepped in and they would be so busy fighting that they would forget about his transgressions. The last thing he expected was for his father to accept his claim.

"Awww! He wants to give you a hug as an apology. Go on." Luna said urging a hesitant Chronos to embrace his father. Chronos stepped forward and the dragon's arm came down around squeezing him in a tight grip.

"I'm so sorry, my little baby boy. I had no idea that showing affection towards my wife caused you to go out and have sex. If I had known you were so weak and impressionable, I'd have been so much more careful." Spike said as his grip around his neck grew tighter and stronger. The young stallion was practically being choked at this point.

"It's okay, really. It's not entirely your fault." Chronos said trying to get him to ease up.

"He's right, Spike. It's also my fault too. I encourage you all the time." Luna said hugging both of them. Chronos had no idea where this situation was heading. He didn't like it when he didn't know what was going to happen next. Something bad was going to happen. He could just tell.

"Hey, Luna. Do you remember that idea you had a few days? The one I was always against." Spike said placing an arm around his wife.

"You mean the competition?" Luna said recalling how adamantly Spike opposed her.

"I think I just changed my mind on it." Spike said shaking his one arm still around Chronos' neck.

"What competition?" Chronos asked.

"Well your father and I have been talking about setting you up with someone. I proposed a competition to find the fairest maiden in the land but your father disagreed until now. I thought if I chose for you that it would stop you sleeping around, but your father thought you would stop on your own once you found someone." Luna told him. Chronos' face dropped as he realized what they were proposing.

"Are you trying to set me up with a girlfriend?" Chronos asked.

"No, of course not. Your mother was thinking of something more permanent." Spike said deviously.

"Permanent! You don't mean a…." Chronos couldn't even say the dreaded word.

"Wife! I thinks it time you settled down and thought about your future. Now that Spike has given his blessing. We can go ahead as I planned." Luna said excitedly.

"You can't do this. I won't allow it." Chronos argued as he slipped free of his father's grasp.

"Actually, we can. You're royalty, and if your mother and I see fit that you are unable to rule alone, we can marry you to someone who will see that you rule properly." Spike said.

"I can't believe this. I'm perfectly capable of ruling on my own. I'm a genius. I graduated at the top of my class. I totally rewrote the book on Starswirl the Bearded's theory on time spells." Chronos stated.

"I suppose that's true, but if you're so impressionable that you can't see the difference between me hugging my wife and you having sex with random ponies, I just don't think you're emotionally mature enough to do the job." Spike said turning his own lie against him. Chronos had dug his own grave this time.

"We should start making preparations then." Luna said.

"Of course, give me a minute while I talk to Chronos." Spike said as he walked his son outside the room. As soon as they were away from his mother, Chronos started to plead for leniency from his father.

"Please, don't do this! I swear I'll never sleep around again, I promise." Chronos begged the dragon bur Spike was unmoved.

"We both know that's a lie, son. Besides, I'm sick of your mother complaining on the subject. Worst of all, it's affecting my sex life which you just tried to destroy completely, but I will give you one chance to redeem yourself." Spike said.

"What's that?" Chronos asked.

"If you can find someone you would want to marry before the competition starts, it might be enough to dissuade your mother completely." Spike told him.

"Either way I have to get married that's not fair." Chronos whined.

"I said someone you would want to marry. As long as it's someone, you truly love your mother won't have any choice but to accept it. Now if you'll excuse me, your mother was secretly rubbing my leg and I think she's in the mood. Just think about what I said." Spike said as he quickly ducked back into the room. Chronos stood outside the room for awhile before he started to hear his mother giggling from behind the door. He quickly walked away before he could hear anymore.

"Hmph!" The stallion said aloud. He walked to his room already thinking of ways to get out of this ridiculous predicament. He'd never accept those terms.

Author's Note: I hope you all enjoyed Spike's Sexual Revolution. It was a lot of hard work but your comments kept me going. I want to thank everyone who commented. Good or bad. I always appreciated it when someone took the time to tell me how I was doing.

The epilogue is a setup for another story, but I don't think I'll jump into that too soon.