Hello, everybody. This is a little one-shot for Ace/Heinie I thought up a while ago. Uh…here we go.

The young candy hunting girl known as Henrietta Von Marzipan relaxed peacefully on the beach as she lay on the hot, warm sand. The candy hunter was wearing a bikini with white and yellow horizontal stripes. While she normally enjoyed relaxing on the beach, something was on her mind that just couldn't let her be at peace. Something to do with her current boyfriend, Ace.

"Hey, Heinie!" At this, she sat up and looked beside her to see none other than Ace, who was wearing his usual sunglasses and black swim trunks and holding two orange popsicles. He sat next to Heinie and said, "How's my candy girl doing?"

She gave a small giggle at this.

"Here! I got you the popsicle you wanted!" he said, handing her one.

"Thanks!" She took it.

"Anyway, I was thinkin', maybe we can go catch a movie later?" he asked, wrapping an arm around her.

"Um, actually…zere is something I vanted to ask you first…"

"Uh, sure. What is it?"

"Ace…do you like me?"

He rose a brow and gave a confused look. "Of course I like you, Heinie. You're my candy girl, aren't ya?"

"No, vhat I meant vas, do you like the REAL me? Not just for my looks, but for myself?"

His eyes widened a little. "Oh! Uh…Come on, Babe! Can't we just sit back and relax on the nice, warm beach first?"

"I'm not in ze mood for that now, Antonio Fizzuras! Now, answer me!"

Ace knew right then that Henrietta was serious if she used his real name. He sighed and finally gave an answer. "Okay, Heinie, here's the truth: when I first laid eyes on you, I thought you were the HOTTEST girl in the universe! And I just wanted to date you SO bad because of your looks!" At this, she looked away in sadness. "But…" She looked back up. "After a while of hanging out with you, I realized…you were so much more. I mean, we like the same stuff, we have the same interests… and ever since we started dating…well, I've never really felt the same way with you as I did with other girls. I realized…" He took her hands. "I really do love you, Heinie. Not just for the girl on the outside, but the girl on the inside, too! And you made me feel so much happier dating you!"

After a few seconds of sinking in this information, she finally smiled. "Vell, you make me feel so much happier, too!"

He smiled. "I have just one question."


"Do YOU like me for me?" he smirked.

"Ace, ve both love candy and sugar, ve both love airplanes, ve're both adventurous, ve both like to look good, and ve both love to do ze flirting!"

"You are ONE sweet piece of candy!"

"And you are VONE tasty speck of sugar!" With that, the two lovers embraced in a make-out.

Well, there's some Ace/Heinie for ya! By the way, I know it seems a tad ironic, but I've been planning on making a Minor Characters Contest. So…expect that. Well, back to Monty. Later.