"ok they're is no more space in this cabinet for all the coffee u had me buy senpai." said Haruhi to Tamkai.

"Here let daddy take care of it those bags are to heavy for you"

"That's fine senpai I got it." said Haruhi rudely.

"Hmm whats got u in such a mood haruhi?" asked Kaoru.

"dad got fired from being drunk so often"

why did he do that? asked hunny.

"Because he did" said Haruhi before returning to gathering all the host clubs dishes.

"Haru-chan isn't in a very good mood," said honey sadly

"Yes so don't you guys mess with her emotions to much today ok Kaoru and...where's Hikaru?" asked Tamaki.

"With Suka," answered Kaoru.

"Then why aren't u with him u are a packaged deal to all our guests," said Kyoya.

"She's not a guest she's his girlfriend"

"WHAT he has a girlfriend and didn't bother to tell any of us?" screamed Tamaki.

"Well yeah we knew u guys would flip out," replied Kaoru.

"I'm happy for Hika-chan its good for him," said Hunny.

"So Kaoru," said Kyoya. "Make sure he's here tomorrow though."

"Ok replied Kaoru as he walks away with Kyoya.

"I want cake," shouted Hunny as he drags Mori to the snacks.

Leaving Tamaki alone to think

"How could he find someone before me I'm the king hmm well she must have no taste at all."

"Just because she doesn't like you senpai doesn't mean she has no taste," said Haruhi. "Let Hikaru have her you don't want her anyway"

"I guess your possibly right Haruhi"

"Thank you Tamaki-senpai," smirked Haruhi because she loves being right.

As her gaze lifts she sees Kaoru standing all alone as she feels something for him she never felt before.

"Haruhi," says one of the guests.

"Yes," says Haruhi as she turns and falls off of the piano stage.

"Ouch! screams Haruhi as she falls on her left arm.

Kaoru seems to be at her aid with Tamaki in an instant.

"It's probably broken," said Tamaki.

"Here I'll take u to the hospital," said Kaoru.

"Its fine you guys I don't want to be a bother."

"You're hurt its no bother," said Kaoru as he lifts Haruhi up and carries her to the car waiting for them outside.