About a week later Haruhi was is being released from the hospital.

"So do you want me to bring you home?" asked Hikaru carefully helping Haruhi into the car.

"Ummm can I go to your house?" her voice still hiding the truth.

"Why don't you want to go home?"

"Never mind I'll just go home but drop me off at the market please." He lies are so easy to see through.

"No if I'm bringing you home I'm bringing you to your apartment not the market. Kaoru would kill me if I did other wise"

"You can't do that!" she almost screamed.

"AND WHY NOT." replied Hikaru beginning to be full of anger.

"Just drop it I don't want to talk about it…."

Respecting her wishes they returned to the Hitachiin residence in an awkward silence.

"So have you found him?" Asked Kaour rather frazzled.

"Yes! They did hours ago they should be bringing him here to the headquarters any minute now." Replied Kyoya like Kaoru hasn't heard a word he's said.

"I'm sorry I just need to know who did this."

Through the door came officers with Suka and a man in cuffs.

"These are the two we were sent for." said one of the officers.

"Thank you men." Smirked Kyoya.

"So Kaoru how is your sweet Haruhi?" said Suka with a smirk. "Heard she got in a real mess."

Pulling Kyoya to the side "Senpai I can't do this I can't stand looking at the man that did this and I don't even know for sure it was him."

"Kaoru you can." Kyoya replied.

"So what was my day disrupted for?" replied the man.

"With all do respect men if there will be questioning that must be done by us." Said the officer. "I'll need to ask you to leave and we'll call you back when it is necessary."

Kyoya and Kaoru left the room. Waiting in painful silence for answers to arise was unbearable. The door finally swung open.

"Well this is the guy you were looking for….that's a fact considering he wasn't ashamed to admit it in the silence since he isn't afraid of prison I wouldn't be either with his record. Evidentially she will be facing charges to since she practically had him as a hit man. In her condition she's claiming we'll need Hikaru Hitachiin."

As Kyoya called Hikaru Kaoru felt a rush of relief in the fact that he had answers and things were being done. He began to worry for his brother in the fact that Suka said to the officers she was pregnant…..what if she's not lying? He thought over and over and over.

"Why do I need to answer to the crazy psycho?" asked Hikaru walking in."

"Ah Hikaru we'll just need to run a few tests between you and Suka." Replied the officer.


As they exit to the other room. "I think I'll be going." said Kyoya. "My work is done."

Now alone Kaoru waited. Wondering how his darling was adjusting to not being at the hospital anymore. As far as he knew though she wasn't at his house….he was at her's.