This is just a short one shot written about Carl and Denise after episode 24, Malone's your uncle. Denise thinks Carl is over her already... turns out she's wrong.

Not forgetting you

Carl walked out of Bennet High's main door, Principal Malone still following along behind him with a group of students, singing merrily about being a VP.

"Argh! Shut up!" Carl groaned and ran around to the other side of the school. He was in the lunch area... alone. "God, that was annoying..." he sighed. There was a sound behind him... sort of... Carl didn't know what noise it was... He turned. And saw Denise sitting on a bench, all by herself. Carl walked over and sat next to her

"Hey Denise." Carl grinned at her, Denise smiled weakly back.

"How's it going with Tinsley? I know you've been spending a lot of time with her lately?" The brunette asked

"Not so well. She thought I was evil and split up with me, damn I was so close too!" Carl placed his arm on the lunch table, sighing. Denise smiled at him.

"Well, you almost got a girlfriend. I still haven't had any luck finding an angel that I like like..." Denise muttered, Carl raised an eyebrow

"What're you suggesting?" The Bennet student asked, placing his hands on his lap. Denise shrugged

"You're over me. That's good..." She sighed and Carl shook his head

"Oh, yeah. I'm so over you." He chuckled and Denise smiled at him.

"Like I said. That's good." She said simply. Then she saw Carl's smile, his arms starting to turn blue... this wasn't good...

"You think I'm over someone as amazing as you already?" Carl was shaking his head, grinning "You are so impossible." He laughed. Denise was turning blue herself. Of course she still had feelings for Carl... how could she not have?

"You mean... you're not over me?" She blushed... well she would blush if her cheeks hadn't turned bright blue.

"Nope, and it seems your not over me, either." Carl chuckled, his cheeks turning blue also.

"I... I haven't stopped thinking about you... since we broke up... it's been so hard... to not have feelings for you, Carl..." Denise looked down at the floor, her face now almost completely blue. Carl was exactly the same, looking at the brunette wishing he could kiss her now... instead he stood and walked away...

So that was my first one shot. It may be a little on the short side, but... oh well :P. Hope you all enjoyed.