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Trails of pleasure, part I

Yuuri was taking his morning jog with Conrart. It was a particularly warm summer morning and Yuuri felt like he was about to faint in suffocation. But he couldn't unzip his sweatshirt because that would leave Wolfram's marks in plain sight. His godfather was looking at him worriedly as his breaths became pants and his face turned red from the heat. He thought he was going to die soon if he didn't do something.

"I'm sorry, Conrad. I just remembered I have to do something!" He ran out before Conrad could reply. He ran with all the strength he had left and reached his room. When he closed the door behind him, he let himself fall to the floor he felt relaxed, and along with the relief came the feeling of being really, really sick. He felt lightheaded and his stomach twisted. He didn't knew if he wanted to throw up or faint, as the need for the first one became bigger he stood up in a jump making the second take place. The room became dark, he thought he heard something hitting the floor, but sleep took him away from the sound.

In this darkness, his mind began to wonder, he couldn't really blame Wolfram for his actual state. He had told Wolfram to stop leaving marks in places people could easily see them. Wolfram agreed with him actually, but he would get just so carried away when they were together, in the heat of devouring one another the last thing that came to Wolfram's mind was other people and he would just let himself be.

To be completely honest with himself Yuuri didn't mind it, he actually liked it, he liked it a lot. Although he really didn't consider himself to be a masochist, even less he would consider Wolfram a sadist. He just loved the way Wolfram would scream out his name in pleasure not being able to stop himself from scratching down his back until it drew blood, or the lustful eyes that would stare at him while Wolfram licked away the blood on his lips after leaving a profound love bite.

He saw something golden that shined in front of his eyes, like the sunlight was hitting it. "Yuuri, wake up! What happened?".

Was it Wolfram? Yuuri couldn't tell for what he could see, everything was still a bit dark and the voice sounded like it was very far away.

"Wake up, you Wimp!"

Okay, it definitely was Wolfram, but where were they. He tried to focus his eyes and look around, it was their room, then he looked back at the person that was holding him. Wolfram was on his knees, they were both on the ground, and Wolfram was looking at him with relief. Yuuri tried blinking away the confusion and dizziness as he sat up. "I was running with Conrad and I began feeling bad, so I came here. I thought I was going to throw up and then... I don't know", he said with a goofy smile, Wolfram looked at him with a scold written all over his face.

"You should have gone to see Gisela! Come on, we're going", Wolfram practically screamed while he tried to stand them both up, but he was stopped by Yuuri's grip on his sleeve.

"I can't…We can't..."

Wolfram looked at him confused, why didn't the wimp want to be checked, he had just found him unconscious on the floor for Shinou's sake! But when Yuuri unzipped his sweatshirt Wolfram understood immediately why they couldn't.

Yuuri had two very distinctive and swollen red marks on the beginning of the left side of his neck, Wolfram blushed, not for being the cause of the marks, but for being the cause of Yuuri not being able to see a healer. He looked away, he had just achieved what he had wanted for so long, and he wasn't going to let something as stupid as his overprotective brothers and his hysterical mother rushing them into a wedding Yuuri didn't want, take it away. This advance in their relationship had to be kept a secret, that much they knew. And that's what they had been doing for over three months now.

"I'm not as good as Gisela with healing marioku, or you for that matter, but if you want I can try." Wolfram said looking with eyes that said I'm sorry.

Yuuri only nodded with a smile and they moved onto the bed, where Yuuri laid down with his fiancé by his side. Wolfram took Yuuri's hand between his and closed his eyes. Yuuri enjoyed the waves of calming energy running through his body as the last of the dizziness washed away and the color returned to his cheeks. Wolfram let go of Yuuri's hand and watched Yuuri stretch.

"Mmm! That felt so good Wolf, thanks!"

"You're welcome wimp." Yuuri only grinned at the loving insult. "Now, how do you want me to explain the fact of you being missing for the past two hours?"

Yuuri jumped a little when he heard that. He hadn't realized so much time had passed. He tried sitting up but his strength failed him and he fell into the arms of his fiancé.

"Yuuri, maybe you should go see Gisela after all." Wolfram said with a concerned expression while he helped Yuuri regain his balance.

"But Wolf, we are not ready for everyone to know yet..." By that we Wolfram knew Yuuri meant to say I. It was true, none of them was ready, but Yuuri was ten times more likely to freak out completely than him, if the truth were to get out.

"I think we can trust Gisela to keep it a secret. Even if she refuses, I can't just stand here and see you like this." Wolfram noticed he wasn't really getting through to Yuuri, so he switched tactics and assumed his little lord brat position standing next to the bed. "Come on, you are the king of this country you know? Your health doesn't only belong to you, it belongs to all of Shin Makoku. It's my duty as a soldier to protect you, even if you don't want me to. Now get up, before I drag you out myself you wimp!"




"So, what is it?" Wolfram impatiently asked the green haired woman who was examining Yuuri.

"It is probably just a slight heat stroke. Heika should be completely fine in a couple of days, just remember to take a lot of liquids and restrain yourself from heavy activities." She finished looking at the boy on the examining table, and then looking away from his bare chest, she took a deep breath, turning a slight shade of pink.

"I know what the two of you do in the privacy of the bedroom is nobody's business, but for your own..." she stopped, looking at the now bright red couple in front of her. "I would like to examine the both of you to make sure you haven't been too rough and left any damage, considering what I see so far..." Wolfram gave her a bratty look at which she responded by putting on her Sergeant posture and firmly saying, "Undress. No, wait."

Gisela was experiencing some strong mixed emotions with the whole thing. Although she was happy to find out that Wolfram's feelings had been returned at last, she was quite mad at the little royal couple for not turning to her for advice before getting so far. She didn't really know how well educated they were on the subject and they could really end up hurting each other, but the most overwhelming feeling she had at the moment was embarrassment. For not even her training as a military doctor had prepared her for the question she now had to ask to The King of her country and the proud Prince she knew since he was born. But she had to ask, examining them both was a waste of time, and frankly more than she could handle, if only one of them…

She took a deep breath and tried to remember herself that she was a trained soldier and a grown woman, standing firmly on the ground she said... "Which one of you is the "receiver"?"

Complete silence took over the room as the boys jaws practically hit the ground. Wolfram clenched his fists looking down, and began turning a deeper shade of red. While Yuuri put a hand behind his head and laughed nervously before looking at Wolfram from the corner of his eye, making the blond's blush rise up to his ears. Gisela, understanding the message, instructed Wolfram to finish undressing and lay on the stretcher next to the one Yuuri was on, once he did so, Gisela pulled a white curtain between them responding to a pleading look from Wolfram.

"Okay Wolfram, it seems to be that there's no internal damage. Although I need to check on Heika's... wounds to make sure they're not infected." Gisela said, noticing how Wolfram had only a few small love bites; the regular kind. Unlike the swollen purple ones his lover had. She giggled to herself thinking of how the couple's personality was reflected on their partner.

Wolfram had just finished putting on his jacket when Gisela remembered something. "That's right Wolfram, are you using any kind of birth control?" she asked as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

"B-Bi-Birth con-trol?" Yuuri managed to get the words out, receiving a confused look from Gisela.

"Heika, you didn't know?" the women asked at the now very dizzy Maou.

"Know what?" he said, starting to sweat quite profusely, one of the things he had told himself to ease his rejection to the idea of being gay was that at least now he didn't have to worry about knocking anyone up.

"Contrary to humans, males mazoku can bear children Yuuri, you think the ten nobles would have allowed a man to get engaged to the Maou if not? We are supposed to provide an heir to the throne eventually." Wolfram answered quite slowly, giving Yuuri the time to digest every word. "I didn't wanted to tell you because I knew you would freak out, but don't worry I have taken the necessary precautions..." he said and looked down before adding almost in an inaudible voice, "besides it's not suppose to work if the two people don't feel the same"

Yuuri didn't catch that last part but Gisela did, and gave a concerned look to the blond. They left the infirmary together, Yuuri hadn't completely understood the technical and biological explanations given by Gisela, but he had learned yet another amazing fact of this new world, and quite frankly, he was starting to lose his ability to get impressed. But Yuuri didn't knew he was about to find out that there's something that doesn't change either in Earth or in Shin Makoku, in large families, gossip travels fast.




Later that night, Gisela was walking around, not exactly knowing where she was going. She needed to think this out. She had promised the royal couple not to reveal the advance of their relationship, but she was worried for Wolfram's was true that the ancient mythology stated that, if a same sex couple were to procreate, the act had to be love making, not just sex. Although it had never been proved.

Quite frankly, she was also worried for the Maou's physical well being. Apparently the pair had no self control what so ever, really, she was stunned. Yuuri's body was literally covered with all sorts of markings. She sighed and remembered something she had once heard, "Trails of pleasure..." she said picking up a Yuuri's Innocence flower thinking the name might not be such a good fit anymore.

"Thinking out loud?"

She was distracted by the sound of her adoptive father's voice, she had somehow made her way to the center of the castle's courtyard where Lady Cheri's flowers were. "Father... I was just remembering something someone told me once."

"I see."

Gisela imagined her father's reaction to this news and quivered, she could practically see the man in front of her crying and whining. Then something snapped them both of their thoughts, it was really soft, barely audible but loud enough to be recognised, a short moan, the Maou's voice.

"You have to be kidding me..." she said to herself looking towards the source of the moan that was soon followed by a loud groan and the Maou calling Wolfram's name. Is wasn't odd. Wolfram had had to be stopped from frying the king's guts in the middle of the night before, so Günter's assumption was obvious.

"Is that Yuuri Heika's voice? Something is wrong, Gisela call Conrart immediately!" he shouted and started running to the royal chamber.

Gisela sighed, her mind started racing trying to figure out a way of saving her patients, "Control your hormones you two, for Shinou's sake!"




"I cannot believe you can have children... " Yuuri said while throwing himself on the bed bare chested, a sudden thought made him sit up in a jump. Wolfram, who was combing his hair in front of the mirror, looked at him guessing what his lover was thinking. "Wait... does that mean I..." he was cut short by the blond climbing into bed next to him.

"No, you are half human so you can't. Although you are the Maou and your marioku is very strong so we should check, just to be sure. I really don't think so though." Yuuri sighed in relief and Wolfram continued, "Besides, it's not like you would ever let me make love to you"

Yuuri's face turned completely red in about half a second. He had actually been thinking about it, and it hadn't seemed like such a bad , he didn't recognise himself at all. He had found sex to be quite an enlightening activity and had come to terms with it already. He hadn't had the courage to bring it up earlier, but now was as good a time as ever right? "Don't be so sure... I mean... you seem to enjoy it a lot... when you scream out my name." he said in a deliberately husky voice.

Wolfram had to repress a nervous laugh. He thought he must have misunderstood Yuuri, he would never allow himself to be on the receiving end. Yuuri was still half inside of the closet, if he understood the earthen metaphor correctly, so it was impossible, wasn't it?

"Don't tempt me Yuuri..."

"Don't do what, Wolf?" he said in a low voice, sliding down the pink nightgown to place a teasing peck on Wolfram's bare shoulder and collarbone. "This?" he bit Wolfram's neck. "Or maybe this?" he sucked on Wolfram's earlobe. Seriously, Yuuri had no idea what possessed him to be like that, but how much can you worry about it when your lover is throwing lusty glances at you, wearing nothing but a somewhat see-through nightgown?

"You're not gonna be able to take it... ah... back, wimp." Wolfram said, now with lust in his eyes and voice. Yuuri couldn't care less about backing out right now, or to keep talking for that matter.

"You talk too much, Wolf." he finally said, introducing a hand inside his lover's nightwear and sliding his finger up the inside of his thigh, slowly, painfully slow.

For Wolfram that was it, momentarily losing all self control whatsoever, with a flick of his fingers he extinguished the candles of their room, and then grabbed Yuuri by the shoulders and pushed him down, pinning him to the bed with his body and leaning down to kiss him on the just a teasing peck, to then claim Yuuri's mouth with fire and passion. "Is that quiet enough for you, Maou Heika?"

Yuuri just groaned in response. Wolfram started kissing his way down his lover's body, biting, sucking and licking on the bare skin, causing Yuuri's back to arch into his touch. He pulled on the elastic of Yuuri's pants and Yuuri lifted himself from the bed to help his lover take him out of his remaining clothing.

"Wolfram adjusted himself comfortably between Yuuri's opened legs and leaned down to kiss his hip bone. He licked and sucked on it, extracting the most beautiful sounds he had ever heard out of Yuuri, and then he lifted his mouth when he felt a hand squeezing on his shoulder "Just... Now!" an order from his King, he couldn't say no, could he?

"Wolfram lowered himself back down taking the entire extent of Yuuri's erection at once. Yuuri instinctively lifted his hips, making the tip of his length collide with the back of Wolfram's throat. Wolfram started to go up and down, gaining a slow rhythm that hastened quickly and in a few minutes he felt Yuuri shivering and reaching his climax. Wolfram buried his nails into Yuuri's side and descended all the way down to the middle of his thighs, drawing blood and loud moans out of his lover.

"I... I... gah! Wolfram!" Yuuri shouted in pleasure, feeling his body tensing in release, still inside of Wolfram's mouth.

"Wolfram swallowed as much as he could, letting the rest fall from the corner of his mouth, that he then cleaned off with his index finger and licked. It was Yuuri's taste, his essence, and for Wolfram, it was heaven.

"That was the third time it happened, the state of pleasure would bring the words to Yuuri's mouth without his permission, but when they were about to come out, that pleasure itself would stop him from speaking them out loud. It wasn't that he didn't love Wolfram, he did. He had suspected it from the beginning and was sure of it about a month after they started sleeping together, he just hadn't said it yet. For no particular reason actually, stupidly enough as it sounds. He did feel like it was something that shouldn't be said for the first time in the middle of an orgasm. He wanted it to be a sweet moment to make up to Wolfram for all the waiting around."Maybe tomorrow" he whispered to himself, trying to even his breathing.

The couple was about to continue onto the next step. Wolfram was controlling himself with all he had, to not take Yuuri right then. He had to prepare him first, so he brought a finger to his mouth to lubricate it, but a loud noise on their window broke his concentration. Another bump, someone was throwing little stones at the window. As a reflex, Yuuri covered himself up with the sheets and Wolfram, moving to the side, did the same. Just in time, because a quarter of a second later, the bedroom doors were thrown open by Günter, Conrart and about five or six guards.

"What the hell are you doing at this hour?" Wolfram said trying to look like he was upset for just being woken up. He was upset for being interrupted though.

"Günter said he heard Heika scream. We thought something was wrong." Conrart answered feeling something was odd in the reaction of his little brother, he couldn't quite put his finger on it, but something was definitely wrong with the whole scenario.

"I'm fine Conrad, just go to sleep." Yuuri said covering himself up to his ears with the sheets and turning around to face on the opposite direction of the door, his voice was trembling a little.

"But, Heika!" It was Günter. Wolfram thanked Shinou for not having taken his nightgown off yet, and sat up, "Would you please stop disturbing the Maou's sleep and get lost!" he said trying to sound as bratty as he could.

Once the rescue squad had reluctantly gone, the couple let out a long sigh of relief.

"Guess we have to be more careful from now on." Yuuri whispered while turning around to embrace the body next to his.

Wolfram gave his back to Yuuri and smiled feeling the warmth of the arm that was embracing his waist, "I wonder who threw the stones..." he said and quickly fell asleep, exhausted from the adrenaline rush of almost being caught.

Outside, next to the flowers, was sitting a relieved green haired woman with a couple of little pebbles still resting in her left hand. "May the Great One help them."




"Oh, but of course I will." Shinou's voice could be heard echoing in his temple.

"What are you planning now?" Murata asked the man by his side.

Shinou only smiled. After a few seconds of some sort of staring contest between the two of them, in which the Sage failed to read his former king's mind, he said, "I need you to go to Blood Pledge Castle tomorrow."

Murata just sighed, knowing he was going to be part of another one of Shinou little schemes. "And what for, if I may ask?" he said resting against the wall behind him.

"I need you to go check on Yuuri. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure you will have fun".

The next day, Murata was walking inside of the castle not fully aware of what he was supposed to do. Not long after, he found his friend playing catch with Conrart.

"Shibuya" he said, waving to get Yuuri's attention.

"Hi, Murata! What brings you here?" Yuuri ran toward his friend and, distracted by the sudden visitor, started to unzip his sweatshirt to ease his heat.

"Well actually I came..." something got Murata's attention, suddenly understanding the probable reason Shinou had sent him, and he made sure his tone was loud enough for everyone near them to hear.

"Shibuya... is that a hickey!?"




To be continued…

God... I've turned Yuuri onto a bit of a sexual yandere haven't I? Not that I mind, I'm sure Wolfram doesn't.