Inspired By: "She Ain't Heavy"
A collection of drabbles and shorts.

by pari106; ; Disclaimer: DA
is not mine; Rating (all): PG to PG-13

Contents of this chapter:

1) "I don't have to worry…" Drabble. Alec's POV. His thoughts at the beginning of
the ep.
2) "Full Circle" Drabble. Sam's , X5 453, POV.

**** ****

"I don't have to worry, 'cause she ain't heavy…"
a drabble and a quarter (exactly 125 words) by pari106

A/N: Did this turn out lame? I think I missed the mark of what I was trying to say with
this one. I don't know. Let me know what you think.

"If she's a witch, she'll float; if she's not, she'll drown. It's like, either way, she's

That's all I say and then I leave. To stop Max from coming in today, and to stop myself
from saying anything more. Anything I'd regret.

The thing is, I know I don't have to worry about Max. She knows how to keep her head
above the water. And the bullshit.

The problem is…I worry anyhow. And it's hard staying afloat with this new conscience
Max gave me, weighing me down.

But if given the choice – between the man I am now, and the one who would have gone
along with the crap Normal and Sketchy have been spouting, just to save his own ass…

I'd rather sink.

**** ****

"Full Circle"
a drabble (of exactly 100 words) by pari106

Looks like I've come full circle.

I was born into this world on 452's tail. Now I'm back. But this time for the sake of my family's lives, not
my own. And this time I can't afford to come in second place.

So do I feel guilty – hunting down my own "sister" for extermination? Hell no. The way I see it, "big sis"
doesn't deserve loyalty from me. She never gave me any. And if this White guy is telling the truth – about
his kid – then 452 deserves exactly what she's got: Me. On her tail.

Just like old times.