"No Harm Done'
by pari106

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Short, Sam Carr's POV.

A/N: Thanks for those of you reviewing these things. This is a sort of my "going away"
gift to Sam Carr – a character largely neglected in fanfic. It's probably a paltry offering.
What do y'all think?

No Harm Done
by pari106

I'm a doctor.

And doctors do no harm. Except… I think that maybe I have.

By helping Max.

Maybe if I'd just let the CDC find what they wanted to find…things would have turned
out differently. Maybe Eyes Only would have turned out differently. In his last hack,
Eyes Only said he would be back; that we just wouldn't be seeing him for "a while". But
I have no way of knowing that. Maybe the last hack was exactly that: the last.

Maybe if I hadn't helped Max, Logan wouldn't be out there – God knows where – while
his penthouse lies in shambles… And maybe I wouldn't be here, trying to explain to my
wife and daughters why we have to pack our bags and leave town. NOW.

The thing is, I know Max is a good person. No matter what those idiots on t.v. say about
transgenics, she doesn't deserve what the CDC would have done with her.

But Logan's a good person, too. And now I don't even know if he's alive. He doesn't
deserve that either. And my family…they're good people. They don't deserve to have
their lives turned upside down.

Maybe if I hadn't listened to Logan, if I hadn't involved myself with Max, their lives
wouldn't have to be.

And the man in me wishes I had done just that – not listened to Logan, not gotten myself
involved with Max. Because the man in me sees my wife's confusion, my daughters'
tears… He sees the newscasts covering the hit on Logan's place, and he knows what
they mean. Knows that my friend might very well be dead.

But the doctor in me only knows one thing: that I couldn't have done anything
differently. I couldn't have done anything that might have ended up harming Max.
Because she was my patient, and I was her doctor. And doctors can do no harm. To their

I only wish that were the case with myself. With my family, and Logan.

I only hope that by helping Max, I haven't damned us all.